Japan Sumo Association to hold first-aid lecture after wrestler's death


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Only windowdressing. A doctor must be present ringside at all tournaments.

no room for discussion, it is common sense.

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This death evidence a serious problem that is not going to be solved with a first-aid study group, this requires suspending the activities until a serious reform is made, in these days not having a doctor present at all times in a risky sport is unthinkable in other situations but for some reason it was normal in Sumo, the current standards of safety for athletes go much higher than this very elementary measure.

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A doctor must be present ringside at all tournaments.

Agreed and make that doctor a woman

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Sumo is a sport that is living in the dark ages.

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I don't think this response is intelligent on an international level. Oh. Right. This is Japan.

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Agreed and make that doctor a woman

@Lamilly, women cannot enter the sumo ring.

My question is why the Japanese Police have not arrested anyone yet. They are so quick to scoop up all sorts of other negligent actors for a wide variety of offenses in this country. Leaving the poor man to lie there for five minutes unattended has to be criminal negligence.

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