Toshiaki Endo, vice president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, speaks during the committee's executive board meeting in Tokyo on Thursday. Photo: Akio Kon/Pool via REUTERS

Hashimoto resigns from cabinet to become head of Tokyo Olympic committee

By Sakura Murakami

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So I guess she got the job on the basis she was a lady. That’s quite a precedent.

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Well done and good luck!

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She resigned? To take the job of a non event? Is she being set up to fail?

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While this is great news and a step forward in the current oldschool mentality, it is unfortunate that her role will probably not last long due to the Olympics not going ahead.

Should the Olympics actually go ahead there is no way Mori would resign, after what, 6 years on that role?

Hoping to see more women being appointed to top roles in Japan, and not due to “being women” but due to the skillset and capabilities.

Good luck Hashimoto san, should your appointment last 1 month or 6!!

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Not going to end well Covering for a man who has no idea Oh well it's a culture thing, women are set up to fail. Makes men feel empowered,

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"....his resignation inflicted indescribable damage to the preparation process for the Olympic Games"

i believe a much bigger factors causing "indescribable damage to the preparation process" was Abe's decision years ago to appoint an elderly man known for his bigoted views that run clearly counter to the Olympics' stated principles, and then the government's deliberate decision to delay the vaccine rollout.

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So how many women left in the cabinet?

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Congratulations, but I’m sure the damage has been done. Not much to do in this case, but resign. Had she been given the job in the beginning, I’m sure it would have been a completely different story. However, knowing Japan Inc. and the Showa jidai, she would have faced much more stress than the dinosaurs.

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*Hashimoto — who is also president of the Japan Skating Federation and a bronze medalist herself in speed skating at the 1992 Winter Games — forced Takahashi into letting her repeatedly kiss him during a party after the Sochi Olympics in February.

*Takahashi’s management team had also said on Wednesday that he was not harassed by Hashimoto.

*“Takahashi does not feel he was a victim of power or sexual harassment,” Takahashi’s representatives said.

*The JOC has spoken to both Hashimoto and Takahashi and concluded that the kiss was not forced. Hashimoto will continue in her current posts.

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She resigned? To take the job of a non event? Is she being set up to fail?

How is she supposed to do her job as a Cabinet Minister and head the Olympic committee here?

And I do not understand how you can think she is being set up to fail because of it! I guess you dont understand how things work here.

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So how many women left in the cabinet?

She IS being replaced by a woman, so, there are the same number as before. Read the article, you might learn that yourself without someone having to point it out to you!

Suga is likely to name Tamayo Marukawa, a former television announcer and ruling party lawmaker, to Hashimoto's post, NHK public television said. Marukawa, 50, previously held the job for about a year.

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"With only five months to go, his resignation inflicted indescribable damage to the preparation process for the Olympic Games," Endo said.

"I hope that we can form a consensus on a good candidate to become the next president at this meeting."

Criteria for a new leader included a deep understanding of gender equality and diversity, and the ability to attain those values during the Games, organizers have said.

What a pathetic game of charades, nothing more than window dressing, a figurehead, there to follow instructions.

The financial consequence will ultimately fall on the hard-pressed browbeaten J tax payer.

The role needed leadership, a visionary, with the proven business acumen to make change happen.

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I wonder who will become Olympics minister. No way of job swap as Mori would come back to replace Hashimoto :)

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