Mindblowing: Advances in brain tech spur push for 'neuro-rights'

By Alberto PEÑA

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Gaikoku: Countries moving forward with neurotechnology and assessing the dangers. Elon Musk's Neurolink developing Brain-Machine-Interfaces.

Japan: Our "AI" can detect the very special unique quality of our wagyu beef!

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Picture: Biggest Chile's clown !!..

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State-controlled, digital and print media is the

- “technology that seeks to "increase, diminish or disturb" people's mental integrity without their consent.” -

This ‘present’ danger is not so futuristic and high tech. Some counties make great use of it everyday.

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Social media is another

- “technology that seeks to "increase, diminish or disturb" people's mental integrity...

yet, it’s *with** their consent. - *

A simple, “unsubscribe” button, or better yet, the “on/off” power-switch is still available, at this time.

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Seems ‘a little late’ to begin worrying about ‘omnipresent algorithms’ -

- "If this technology manages to read (your mind), before even you're aware of what you're thinking, it could write emotions into your brain: life stories that aren't yours and that your brain won't be able to distinguish whether they were yours or the product of designers."

in every aspect of our daily lives: media, entertainment, shopping, the distribution & delivery of goods, healthcare, and so on.
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Appears ‘altruistic’ -

- “call on all countries to anticipate the future and to adequately protect, not just our citizens' data and information, but also their thoughts, their feelings, to prevent these being manipulated by new technologies,"

yet, it’s being proposed by a government ‘leader’.

Perhaps: “Let’s ‘beta-test’ some ‘legislation’ in one of the smaller, developed yet, semi-democratic countries first and see if people go fo it.”

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The government “shepherds” will always try to disguise some ‘pork’ while claiming to be looking out for the sheep.

*- “The bill contains legislation: setting an equitable distribution and access to these technologies.*

That’s the underlying truth of the proposal: wanting ‘a share of the profits’.

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Scary stuff in the wrong hands!

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There's only Georgia on my mind

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I think we can start worrying about AI brain technology as soon as automated computer help lines actually start helping anyone. That seems to be a while off. And then, if the tech is controlled by governments, it won’t work anyway.

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Elon Musk. Soon as he wires in with his looney brain enhancement transplant gizmos and jerks around like a spastic monkey - then it will get tossed into the trash can it belongs. What's next - amputation and replacement with a bionically enhanced artificial cyborg limb.

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The initiative as it is presented includes way too much, "...a constitutional reform blocking technology that seeks to "increase, diminish or disturb" people's mental integrity without their consent." would actually include a lot of marketing and publicity techniques.

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