Remote medical technology useful tool in battling pandemic


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I have me a Fitbit Sense watch that monitor my sleep , heart rate, oxygen blood levels and can perform Electrocardiography to detect aFIB and arrhythmia. I can print my ECG scan and Shoya doc here in Japan:)

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I'm wary of relying on technology too much, there was actually a good film released in Japan not so long ago called AI崩壊 that shows what can happen when medical system computers crash

A bit cheesy at times but quite glossy and big budget for a J flick

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Vaccines would be more useful.

kind of a dilemma....some are happy with a car that can’t drive at all and the others are happy with only a complete and new set of four tires. lol

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I always had the impression that smart watches are medical and surveillance devices that market themselves as a status symbol of fitness and connectedness.

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Vaccines would be more useful.

Long term evidence please.

seems on face value a good idea.

concerns are financial interests and private data protection.

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Key medical associations have in fact been more reluctant or resisting remote services mostly for fear of losing own vested interests.

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That's true!

Thing is, the best form of medicine is preventative medicine, and we all already pay for that ourselves, in good food, healthy hobbies, etc.

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Not so fast @kohakuebisu. The next article ‘Tech’ preps us that we will All ‘still pay the costs’ for our own monitoring and healthcare. “Phones, consoles could get pricier as chip crisis bytes

The problems and the ‘tech’ tools/solutions will be paid by the consumer. Corporations will continue to profit.

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There have been some great advances in mobile health tech, including fitness trackers and smart watches. If they are accurate enough, the issue of whether they are "medical tech" strikes me as irrelevant. A mass-market device like a Fitbit is going to be way more affordable than a specialist bed.

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*“The problem isn’t medical but economic**. Some 80% of Japan’s +8,300 hospitals are private, run as business enterprises. Put simply, treating coronavirus doesn’t pay.*”- As quoted from JT Jan 23, 2021 “

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Vaccines would be more useful.

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