Virgin Hyperloop shows off the future: mass transport in floating magnetic pods

By Rollo Ross

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And as soon as the seals fail you don’t have a vacuum and the vehicle hits what it isn’t designed for.

Problems with finding “rights of way” to build it may scupper it at birth! Putting it in tunnels long distance would be exorbitantly expensive.

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Before you step onto (or for that matter, anywhere around) a working Mag Lev demonstration, always remember to ask what its average and peak magnetic field strength are measured in Gauss. Most of the doctors that prescribe or implant your medical device(s) will always tell you how much you should have; generally the industry standard is between 5 and 10 Gauss, maximum.

If the Mag Lev people don't want to tell you, or show you their safety threshold studies, ask them what type, grade, size, or overall dimensions the magnets are, and how far you will actually be from those magnets while they are functioning. You can then work out the Gauss through several handy Internet magnetic field strength calculators on you own.

There are guidelines for everyone towards recommended exposure to Gauss in specific, and all EMF in general, See, for example, , AND . Sorry: some are behind paywalls (I like you folk, but not that much).

If they don't want to talk to you about any of it, seriously think about why you are there. And if you need to be.

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This technology is funny, but in what future there will be need to go anywhere?

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Virgin Hyperloop is looking to first develop passenger routes in India, where the transport system is overloaded, and in Saudi Arabia, which lacks an infrastructure.

"It starts off with two people riding a Hyperloop. It ends with hundreds of millions of people riding on a Hyperloop and that's what the 2020s, the roaring 20s will be," Giegel said.

We had similar emptyheaded hype from Elon Musk 10 years ago, until he lost interest. He was even issuing route and fare predictions, trying to convince people that he could establish a transport system that would be faster, cheaper and quicker to build than conventional rail systems. All based on a technology that hadn't even been developed yet.

Ignoring the social, political, financial, engineering, and technological obstacles involved in transport is a guarantee of failure. So is speeding up the timelines.

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Great idea.

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Love to go n the desert.

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It is a stupid idea debunked on several separate occasions. Just to keep vacuum in the system is extremely difficult and expensive and any rupture of the tube would lead to catastrophic disaster.

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this might become a gimmick form of transport for the rich (like space flights) but I rather think that for most, it will be more a case that people will be convinced that life inside a pod, with endless options for AI-driven hypervision sensurround scenarios through HUDs (or perhaps via implants for the up-market version) is just dandy... work from homepod, and then segué into "a universe of entertainment".... hence no need for travel. (let your grey matter do the walking, riding, flying, hyperlooping).

if that sounds farfetched, just think how few years it has taken, from the first widespread use of teevees, to the current situation, billions of people's lives concentrated on a few square centimetres of screen real-estate. that took some 70 years, so imagine what the next 70 can bring. and it's all for you....

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We had similar emptyheaded hype

Let's hope the Boring Company rescues us from boring company.

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What year is going to be completed?

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Real visionaries are not just those who dream big, but those who do so knowing that they will fail over and over again and just keep going.

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Where the photo?

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A more practical route to the same result from Poland www.nevomo/tech/en/

Well worth a look, they have seriously thought through the economic and practical problems of implementation and come up wit a realistic real world solution that can be implemented in stages on existing rail lines.

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By the time this is built, it will be obsolete, as Star Trek Teleportation Systems will be on-line able to beam people to any location in the galaxy. Just make certain that no flies are present during the process.

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