WhatsApp to delay launch of new business features after privacy backlash

By Katie Paul and Munsif Vengattil

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This is the worst of capitalism. They are using the customers as a product to sell other buyers. Stop using Whatsapp and facebook. Use other services like signal or telegram..

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Encrypted, but they still have your metadata, call traffic patterns.

Expect a slew of adverts whilst on your call or chat, unless you have a paid version of WA.

No doubt Zuckerberg is already lining up Signal and Telegram in his sights, to remove the competition.

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It is an inevitable reality that all “ free” internet services will cost us. It is naive to think the competitors or any other apps will not do so in the end.

I weigh the “ price” against the convenience, when the balance is negative to me, I quit.

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No doubt Zuckerberg is already lining up Signal and Telegram in his sights, to remove the competition.

There monopoly days are coming to an end..starting from the right in the US and soon rest of the world..folks are/will move away from these platforms..

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LINE have way worse privacy policies and I bet most people here are using it without thinking twice.

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It is not easy to explain to people why using free Internet services can be too expensive. It is easy to understand why businesses would want to keep it like that.

How to get the herd to see that it is better to cross the river despite the crocodiles?

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More like WhatsApp backtracks after losing millions of subscribers

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say no to twitter,whatsap facebook.

look for better alternatives,telegram or vk as good example.

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