tokyo 2020 olympics

Athletes anticipate duller Olympics but still with a glint of gold

By Coralie FEBVRE

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there's always Paris


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Good luck athletes!

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Ahhhh, gold gold gold at any cost we must get gold medals!

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I won't be watching it...

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Given all the bereavements, financial losses, and disruptions people have suffered due to Covid 19, I would strongly caution athletes to have some perspective and not play the victim here. Journalists should not put those words in their mouths either.

Any child who has lost their grandparents and been stuck inside a tiny apartment for a year has way more sympathy from me than some rower who is not going to hug their mum in some ivory tower stadium built specially for them.

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Because watching a middle distance runner is soooooooooo exciting.

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The only gold, silver and bronze the IOC are interested in is cash for their coffers.

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A Japanese-only Olympics means all medals will be won by Japanese. This will do a lot to boost national self-esteem.

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it not gonna be a pleasant experience for the athletes.

much testing, tracking, confinement, and get back to your country as fast as you got here.

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Assuming that all the athletes are going to have to be in a bubble, probably several bubbles, one option might be to allow every athlete to bring 1 or 2 close family members who would also be in their bubble.

Then allow those family members, plus other athletes, to sit in the stadium for events. Assuming they are distanced, and also separated from the domestic spectator section.

The stadium would still be far from full, but it would be something.

A Japanese-only Olympics means all medals will be won by Japanese. This will do a lot to boost national self-esteem.

Only in the events like Judo and Swimming that they compete in. ;-)

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It's just been announced there will be no international spectators at these Olympics: Dull doesn't even begin to describe the situation...

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