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Aussie basketball star threatens Olympic boycott over 'whitewashed' photo shoots


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Liz Cambage has half a point in her rant, but she's really gone off half-cocked on this one. She sees a couple of ads she doesn't like, makes mistakes about who's Indigenous and who isn't (she herself isn't) and when challenged on it doubles down with the biting-the-hand-that-feeds-her act with multiple expletives (read the uncensored account) and claims that she knew all along that the Indigenous rugby star in the ad was Indigenous. And it's really great to see Cambage emphasising her point by using such (irony alert) down-home Australian expressions as "Y'all" and "imma". If you want to sit out the Olympics, Liz, great, see y'all later.

"Also just to remind you Australia's GREATEST sporting moment was thanks too (sic) BLACK INDIGENOUS WOMAN (Freeman)."

And just tor remind you, Liz, Australian Olympic athletes have won 152 gold medals in total, 512 medals in all. Cathy Freeman's gold was a moment to remember, but it's only one of many great moments. A comment like that is not only ultra-disrespectful to all the other great Gold medallists (and I'll bet Cathy Freeman would agree with me on that one) but also shows what a bubble these rich, privileged and apparently hyper-sensitive sportspeople like Liz Cambage live in.

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Photos of the team should show the team.

Professional athletes or those paid to train and compete by their countries should be banned from the Olympics.

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She makes a good point, I'm tired of seeing people of one colour representing a diverse country, especially a country of immigrants

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She makes a good point, I'm tired of seeing people of one colour representing a diverse country

She makes half a point, literally. One of the ads did show a person of colour, just not one that Ms. Cambage recognized. She referred to that person as having "a fake tan". Is that what you mean?

especially a country of immigrants

Yeah. I'm an immigrant. I have a mixed ethnic background, one-half Southern European. I've never seen that part of my identity (and let's remember Liz Cambage is half white Anglo-Australian) represented in any ad or on TV or movies, except as a villain. Too many people see "white" as being just one homogeneous identity. It isn't.

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Wow! The WNBA still exists?

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@BigYen her point (not half) was recognized

The athletes made available to Jockey could and should have better reflected the rich diversity of athletes who represent Australia at the Olympic Games," it said in a statement.

What she's saying is, she would like athletes who look like her (she's well aware she's one Anglo and one African) she would like to see both represented, not just one and all the time just that one.

I see where she's coming from.

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