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Divers facing myriad challenges in last-chance Olympic qualifier


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Up the concentration of Cl and no issues. Heard that from the Bach PlayBook.

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Good on Australia. Even golfer Adam Scott has pulled out of the Olympics.

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No One Cares about these selfish athletes anymore.

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already medals and olympics are devalued. No Australians to qualify. B or C rated divers from China. More chances for the Japanese athletes to qualify and later win as more athletes and teams pull out.

Fina had to keep this event in Japan as 3 of its 6 main sponsors are Japanese companies

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Who cares at this point. (Me vale madre.)

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So are Japanese athletes going to be subject to the exact same conditions as foreign athletes? Will they be told not to go out? Will they also face severe restrictions. Everything is stacked against visiting athletes. If there are any spectators, they'll all be supporting Japan. Just cancel the Olympics. Or is this what the Japanese authorities were hoping for?

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My head hurts after reading this blurb......what a mess!

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It is understandable they choose to go with LAMP for the testing, it allows for a lot of samples to be processed quickly and with good sensitivity at a relatively low cost, but it is also extremely sensitive to contamination so I hope they have well trained people in charge. One test tube with a positive reaction opened by mistake and they could lose a day or two of tests because every sample processed near the site would turn up positive until deep cleaning of the site, reagents and equipment is performed.

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I couldn’t imagine and believe up to now, but they really have only their sports in their little heads and not a single milligram more.

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"famiiies facing myriad challenges in the age of Covid"

businesses folded, jobs lost, extra stress from working from home, children fractious, worry about how to pay the bills. they would like to put aside the pandemic-related distractions that have affected their lives, but nevertheless they are all yearning for the Olympics and are hoping and praying that elite sports people don't lose their sponsorship and status, and can continue to jet about the planet, playing their games during the global pandemic.

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