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Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA Olympic uniforms


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This says everything you need to know about the three things in the headline. RL, America, and the olympics. What a load of shoe makers.

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Skateboarding at the Olympics. I can only assume they'll be adding videogame competitions for 2024.

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They look like extras from some 80s scifi movie.

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They'll do well as memorabilia since there isn't going to be an Olympics in Tokyo this year.

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Once again, Japanese media here has suppressed Team America’s leading contender for Karate, *Hawaiian born **Sakura Kokumai, **to the background.-***

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A little too NASA for my tastes; the pants are especially awful.

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Waste of money!

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The 28year old, 5 foot, Hawaiian born, ‘self-coached’, 2019 PanAmerican Games GOLD medal-winning karateka is alumni of both Doshisha AND Waseda Universities. Sakura Kokumai is personable, outgoing and well spoken. She gave up her international business career in Tokyo to return to the U.S. and train for the 2020 Gold. Presently, she has no job, no car and has been surviving on a diet of ‘rice’ while fully focused on training. Last year, Panasonic valiantly stepped up to sponsor her. (Thanks, Panasonic.)

So, it’s truly disappointing IF she’s not given the chance to compete because of Japan’s poor handling of the pandemic. This is ‘the sport’s Last chance’ as France’s 2024 Olympics games will no longer honor the ‘traditional’ sport.

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and how abt masks?


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Hideous - particularly the belt.

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Anti-viral cotton or polyester would be useful!

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Love the more environmentally friendly processes, but the overall look of them is quite... yawn. Predicted. Mundane.

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so does that mean their uniforms won't be plastered with the names of their sponsors?

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What a pathetic display of a snobbish lifestyle for a country that wants to show a fragile illusion to the rest of the world.

Skateboarding at the Olympics.

I know, it's the most pathetic thing of all !!..

I can only assume they'll be adding videogame competitions for 2024.

No !! I said HotDog eating contest !!.. HotDog eating contest !!..

LOL !!..

I hope Japan goverment cancel all this pathetic farse..

World needs to get vaccinated, recover economically and move forward, it does not need now to waste a thousand millionns of money on a pathetic show that sells false illusions and sports utopias.

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