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Tokyo 2020 committee to pick at least 11 women to join board: report


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cancel olympics now.this is best what you can do.

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So they will have "at least 11 women"... regardless of whether they are capable or qualified?

How many Ainu? mixed race? LGBT? disabled? If you are going to be PC do it right!

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This should not be news at all. Those chosen should be based on merit not by gender. If there are 11 women chosen it’s a big, “so what!”

maling a point of chiding women only magnified the sexism and prejudices in Japan. I guess they will only be welcomed if they don’t “talk too much.”

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It's now 2021.

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Hopefully, members of the 2011 WC Nadeshiko will be emplaced, along with other women not simply members of the status quo aka LDP Party.

And. Indeed it 'is news' and welcome. Whatever means possible to elevate women into positions of power and there are many who are qualified, perhaps more so than numerous males who inhabit the positions thru the old guard network.

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The funny thing here is, that it’s expanded, not equally distributed at the former seat numbers. lol

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