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Tokyo Olympics add 12 women to executive board to reach 42%


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Great news however according to some internal source of mine Tokyo Olympics asked 100% of their staff to be back physically working in the office everyday as soon as the SOE is lifted.

1 step forward then 2 step backs.

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I have seen this strategy employed before. When a program or project is in decline prior to its discontinuation, the powers that be give it (especially the grunt work parts) over to women to handle. Why waste up and coming ambitious men's effort on something likely to fail?

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In other words, they brought in a bunch of women at a high cost (10 additional board members) with basically no time to have any real effect.


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Excellent news. BUT. Who has actually been appointed to the Executive Board? What are the women's names?

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Need more info on the additions & why there were a fair number of ""resignations""

This is NOT how you go about promoting ____ fill in the blank......

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The Tokyo Olympics made a symbolic gesture toward gender equality on Tuesday by appointing 12 women to the body’s executive board.

Do they all " know their place" though?

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Suddenly meetings are 14 hours long... (relax feminists, it's satire!)

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Thomas Tank..... You may well be onto something..... :)

I'm not sure they have given this enough thought. Just imagine how crowded the kitchen is going to be when its time to make the tea?

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Great, that’s more people to take full responsibility for every death caused by an imported COVID strain bought into Japan by this avoidable mega spreader event.

Luckily, it’s now possible to test where the each patients COVID-19 variant originated from using DNA of a sample of the virus taken from the patient.

I hope the organizers are ready to take responsibility for every one of those deaths.

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I joked in an earlier post about having LGBT, disabled and even an Ainu member to satisfy the OC crowd...

I see that my fiction has actually become fact!

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Suddenly meetings are 14 hours long... (relax feminists, it's satire!)

and probably twice as productive

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Naw. I like my version. It kicks as on this boring cleaned up version.

sorry "not sori" Mori was forced to play petty games after trashing half of humanity.

Essentially, he said they are better seen than heard.

Now all the decisions are made, it's circus time! He's lined up his yes-femmes to

take a cut of the people's welfare checks and handle the cleani- hoeing of the

Looters Don't Pay, party line.

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LOL after the Olympics then what? From 42% to 0

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Essentially Mori said: when a woman puts her hand up to talk at a meeting, others follow, it's their competitiveness.

What's wrong with that? I say that all the time about men and heard it said million of times more.

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The Tokyo Olympics made a symbolic gesture toward gender equality

Oooh, symbolic. Is that like when everyone wins a "participation" trophy? Is that like when your crush tells you that she just wants to be "friends?" Is that like tying in tic tac toe?

Thanks for the symbolic gesture guys. Much better than actual meaningful business moves.

> To accommodate the new women, the size of the board was increased from 35 to 45. Several resignations on Tuesday also created more space.

So they just making up fake spots on the committee? Makes sense, since it will be a fake Olympics full of fake expenses.

Muto also said the board will now have one female vice president among seven.

Oh really?!?!?! Rejoice!!!!!

1:7. Sounds fair.

Who says we should have a female stripper for the afterparty? 7? Who says a male dancer? 1? I guess the 7 wins..............not too sad, guys.....

> The move is unlikely to have long-term impact.

Or, any at all.

The Tokyo Olympic organizing committee employs about 3,500 people but will be dissolved after the postponed Olympics take place.

Might as well have dissolved them in March 2020. Instead of wasting time and tax payers money for over a year.........and still doing it.

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Great image to go with the headline, Hashimoto and a group of men only!

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