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IOC, 4 other Tokyo Games organizers to meet Wednesday on spectators


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This absurd game of CHICKEN continues.....

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Brace yourselves - it's coming, whether the 80-90% of Japanese people and (most of) the JT community oppose it or not!

Welcome to Japan. A real democracy.

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When is it strategy versus culture, culture always wins.

When it is science versus money, money always wins!

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Holding the Olympics is completely dumb. The reasons are endless. Allowing foreign visitors as spectators is beyond dumb. It will fulminate into a disaster beyond measure. There is a worldwide PANDEMIC, across every continent. Variances and mutations of the virus can be held in check only by disallowing foreign travel and restricting the movement beyond local contagions. Instead, the IOC, cares not one whit. And officials in Japan, push for an event that should be cancelled and the resources dedicated to such shunted to battle an obvious problems aka SARSCoV-2.

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to discuss how to handle spectators amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials with knowledge of the matter said.

Well, you put zero people in that corner and zero people in that corner, and there you have it!

Problem solved when, THERE'S NO ONE COMING!!!!!

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