Air craft are seen at Haneda airport in this file photo. Photo: REUTERS file
tokyo 2020 olympics

Japan to set up no-fly zone during Tokyo Olympics


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How about a “No Fly Zone” into ALL of Japan starting Jul 9, 2021 - Sep 6, 2021:

“The Tokyo Olympics are sched between Jul 23 - Aug 8. The Paralympics from Aug 24 - Sep 5.” -

CANCEL the “Tokyo Fiasco”!

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Are they afraid that the awful TV movie 'Black Sunday' may come true?

Aly RustomToday  07:50 am JST


> snowymountainhellToday  08:14 am JST

How about a “No Fly Zone” into ALL of Japan starting Jul 9, 2021 - Sep 6, 2021:

“The Tokyo Olympics are sched between Jul 23 - Aug 8. The Paralympics from Aug 24 - Sep 5.” -

CANCEL the “Tokyo Fiasco”!

Wait until next year.

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Not necessary

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What is the rationale of ignoring very real risks from the pandemic and instead act on very slim possibilities of terrorism? This is like installing a radioactive materials detector in your car but not seat belts.

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Regular flights departing from or arriving at Tokyo's Haneda airport will not be subject to the restriction, according to the ministry.

The above means that the restrictions will have little meaning as most aircraft that would be in the vicinities would be landing & taking off from HND!!!

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i remember no fly zone from Libya in 2011....or this will be different one...?

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This is purely a Commercial decision to prevent TV. Stations from using helicopters or drones to video events, which would otherwise take "revenue" away from the IOC ....

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With the IOC being the sole source of all news commentary about the games, they will have the power to omit the failures, competitors collapsing, etc and simply even edit the videos to make them look exciting.

This will be the worst Fake Olympics in History,

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