G7 calls out China over rights at virus-shadowed meeting


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Notice that they did not use the word genocide.

Why was everyone so tough on NZ's PM Ardern for not using it either? She used much stronger language than the G7, calling the crimes "attrocities".

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the world is falling apart

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Good. The West must show a United front against the greatest threat to a rules-based order and democracy since the USSR (Russia is an irritating Troll by comparison).

next we need action. Sanctions on companies that steal intellectual property. Bans on travel on CCP officials that participated in the mass incarceration of ethnic minorities. And boycott 2022. It gives the PRC a legitimacy it in no way deserves.

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China also needs severe censuring over this massive rocket that will fall on our heads on the 8th May. Why do they leave America to do the monitoring and warning of reentry? Sometimes it seems China is singing from a different hymn sheet.

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Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven wealthy industrialized nations on Wednesday accused China of human rights abuses and economic mischief

So what happens now?

but offered little concrete action to deal with an increasingly forceful Beijing.

Ah, right. Business as usual.

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Given their support for the Israeli regime, and what they've done to Venezuela, their scolding seems pretty hypocritical, and their 'inaction' beyond virtue signalling understandable.

Basically, because the G7 live in glass houses when it comes to human rights abuses and 'economic mischief' they have to through blobs of foam, not stones.

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China’s just like a steamroller that doesn’t give a damn.

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While the Biden administration in the U.S. is keen for a strong stand against China’s rising economic and political assertiveness, some European G7 members are more cautious

The European G7 members need to get with the program.

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Seems to me they're all afraid of

China’s rising economic and political assertiveness

as all those G7 countries could be called out for

of human rights abuses and economic mischief

Go figure

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and what they've done to Venezuela,

How exactly is the G7 responsible for the mess that is Venezuela? Did the G7 nationalize formerly private firms in Venezuela? Did the G7 imprison executives from Chevron? Did the G7 expropriate farms from their land owners? Did the G7 take a somewhat prosperous market economy and convert it to socialism, which in turn has driven it into the ground? Be specific.

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China also needs severe censuring over this massive rocket that will fall on our heads on the 8th May. 

Not the first time (remember when Skylab re-entered?) and nobody really knows where it's going to fall. There is about a 70% chance it falls into the ocean somewhere. Sloppy technique on the part of China, yes indeed, other nations do better with their space launches but the eventual debris could conceivably hit China.

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This is too soft an approach to get China to change anything. Nothing will change until companies are forced to withdraw from Chinese engagement and pull manufacturing, testing, purchasing, R&D out of mainland China. For fun, move all that stuff to Taiwan. Provide a 5 yr period for this disengagement. Shut down KFC, McDs, Pizza Hut, Apple, etc. inside China. Disengage.

Let's not forget Kong Kong and Macau in our list of Chinese issues.

The WTO needs new rules as well. No "developing nation" status and supports for countries with space programs or nuclear weapons or bio-weapons or chemical weapons. We want nice neighbors, right? Make it hurt where we can. The US, China, Russia, India, France, Pakistan, Israel, GBR, should all pay more since they are known to have nuclear weapons. Also, abusing international rules should have some WTO/UN impacts. China (and others) are ignoring international fishing laws.

As for China's recent rocket booster uncontrolled return. Something didn't work like it was supposed to work. Last year, a Falcon9 booster had a failure and it hit property in the NW USA. Pressure tanks hit, nobody and no property was damaged. The Earth is huge. Best to aim for the ocean outside shipping lanes, but with the speed these things travel, 2 minutes off on the de-orbit burn and the ground location can change by 2000kms.

We already know how to make China upset. Just ask Pooh Bear what he doesn't like.

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Shut down KFC, McDs, Pizza Hut, Apple, etc. inside China.

That will show them! I mean, who can survive without a McD in a neighborhood, right?

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The West must show a United front against the greatest threat to a rules-based order

How dare China threaten the rules-based order set up by the West!

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