Britain to offer all adults a COVID-19 vaccine by end of July


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Here you are Mr Suga, you've been copying things from Britain for many years, now copy this please.

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The vaccination drive seems to be going really well, but lets not forget the fiasco of a covid response that came before leading to the worlds highest death rate at one point.

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Why did more westerners die with Covid than for example Japan?

The answer is not yet apparent...

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First jabs.

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People really believe that by taking vaccines, Covid will be gone and that they will not have any symptoms thereafter. Wait for the Next Winter. Dose will make it double. Complicated doubling symptoms arise.

Anyway, there is another serious thing people should be worrying about. The Pandemic Plague is rising in Kenya.

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It’s not a vaccine.

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It’s not a vaccine.

Yes it is.

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