Death by Zoom: Virus-hit Indonesia orders executions online

By Haeril HALIM

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Death penalty is a contradiction the role of the judicial system, and it depends on considering human life as something cheap and without much importance. Online death sentences are only dialing up a notch on this, hopefully this will help people understand why it is not acceptable.

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Incarceration is not sustainable. we try to save everyone in this world but all it has led to is rot.

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BOTH of these are “demoralizing to human beings”: a death sentence “delivered ’via’ remote teleconferencing” AND, the absolutely abhorrent choice of wording for a sensationalistic headline: “Death by Zoom”.

The writer, Haeril Halim, who has made a sincere effort to report and bring worldwide attention to a serious, human rights issue, is most likely shamed by how this was put to print. Just more evidence of “Click-bait” editors, fast at work to garner any attention they can when the subject matter could do that on its own.

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I have no issues with the death penalty per se, but there are issues using it in a country like Japan where the police cannot be trusted, a modern justice system doesn't exist, and forced confessions are still very much a thing. I wish we had it back in the UK though.

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@David Brent,

Good comments.

It seems that the places where they shouldn't have capital punishment they actually have it and the places where they should have it they don't.

Couldn't agree more.

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They should just cut off their WiFi, and kill the connection.

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If the evidence is soundproof and there is no if, or circumstantial, do the bullets.

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I wish we had it back in the UK though.

Until the first wrongful conviction.

It works well in principle, but in reality humans shouldn’t be trusted to operate such a system.

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Against the capital punishment death penalty close on 60 years now and have never seen any facts to change my mind on that. I am happy my country Britain abolished it decades ago. The majority of countries and 18 American states no longer have it.

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Where’s the point here?They die some earlier after a zoom video conference by death penalty and shooting and we will die some later after zoom video conferencing at working from home and desperately croaking from corona viruses soon too. The difference is fading away quicker than you can count til three or safe your a## on a far away hidden island.

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We can all see that many people say and do things online that they would probably not do, or at least be more hesitant to, if in the presence of the target of their animosity. This article shows it is true all the way to the extreme end of human judgment, in these capital punishment cases.

So many people online are quick to "own" or "destroy" other human beings - just look at the language we use to describe these hostile verbal executions. If they had to confront them in person, perhaps they would be more likely to show mercy, or unable to pull the trigger, or incapable of passing judgment.

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I thought ending a relationship by txt msg was bad enough. This is sinister.

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