Florida Gov DeSantis attacks YouTube for yanking his pandemic video


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A Republican playing the victim card?! That isn’t getting old at all.

If you don’t want YouTube to block your videos, don’t spread misinformation. It’d be nice if JT tamped down on the constant disinformation we see on these threads daily from “conservatives.”

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Governor helmet hair has been a major disseminator of false and inaccurate information seeking to play down the magnitude of the threat.

governor helmet hair wants to be president helmet hair so he needs to rally his ignorant base with false claims of being cancelled.

One would think that the voters in Florida would choose more wisely in their elected leaders, but given that Matt Gaetz is a 3 term congressman and the admittedly poor Democratic nomination choices,........

Theres always the future.

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That discussion included Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist who was a coronavirus adviser to former President Donald Trump, and other physicians who support DeSantis' decision to open Florida's economy with few restrictions.

Were any of the physicians infectious disease experts? I don't think a radiologist has the necessary background when it comes to pandemics, but what do I know?

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A despicable excuse for a human being. The man has never been right about anything.

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Always glad to see big tech slap the GOP in the mouth when they try to spread their misinformation.

Conservatives, go to Fox or OANN or Newsmax to peddle your conspiracy crap. Reputable sites don't want to deal with you.

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YT is not a govt agency. They can use whatever reason they like to ban videos or people. There is no law that says they cannot censor anyone for any reason. People saying stupid things AND believing they are actually truth isn't good for the world.

Certainly the State of Florida has websites and they can easily post whatever video they like there, no matter how dim it makes those people appear.

GdTokyo, no need to make fun of physical traits. His words and actions should be enough.

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liberals are so scared of the Floridaman.

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Democracy is great if you dear not disobey Big Tech. Just look how they won the US elections for Biden.

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