Former aide says Cuomo kissed her, suggested strip poker


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More evidence of misogyny and a rampant culture of sexual assault in the Democratic party.

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More evidence of misogyny and a rampant culture of sexual assault in the Democratic party.

Alleged misogyny and sexual assault of one person in the Democratic Party.

You do love your double standards. If a Republican is accused, you are all about innocent until proven guilty; if a democrat is accused, you are completely about guilty until proven innocent. You then go on to make illogical inferences that a single member of the Democratic Party represents the entire party.

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You do love your double standards

Hallmark of a flamer. Just here to rabble rabble. But for whom?

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I will reserve judgment for now, but these are serious allegations. If they are corroborated, he’s got to go.

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Sexual harassment allegations deserve investigation whoever the accused is.

The governor of NY or the former President of US, both deserve equal scrutiny!!!

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This will be looked into, the US still has laws unlike Russia, where workplace rape is all too common un putin.

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Incredible if the accusations are indeed true. But even 30 or 40 years ago the alleged conduct would be unacceptable. Is Mr. Cuomo really that stupid? And weak? I don't know the answer to this.

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Many people in power, including Trump, do the same

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