New Zealand tests 'early warning' virus app at border


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According to the health ministry of New Zealand, fewer than 2% of its people were fully vaccinated as of April 6th. That should be the headline. That, and the problem that as with many other countries, as much as 1/3rd of the populace state that they may choose to not get the shots.

As stated by GBR48, many people with the virus are asymptomatic, so there are no symptoms to detect. They can still spread the disease, though. So, back to my point, quarantine people who are not fully vaccinated for the recommended amount of time when they enter the country, and hurry up with the shots. Here in the States we are nearing 25% of the populace who are fully vaccinated. I personally know many people who are eligible but refusing to get vaccinated. Good luck to them!

Hopefully the US will soon be in a position to begin shipping vaccines around the world, to everyone who wants the shots. That would be some meaningful foreign aid. The light at the end of the tunnel, and all that.

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A rough estimate suggests that 25% of Covid cases are asymptomatic. Asymptomatic cases have no symptoms for this thing to detect.

That is a very rough figure. The % may go up or down according to dominant variants and it could be a lot higher.

Forcing anyone to wear devices like this is creepy and Orwellian, but it is more dangerous in giving a false sense of security to those with asymptomatic Covid.

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5 Eyes App.

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Nitpicking aside, how can anyone think that this is anything but a good thing? As long as it works, of course.

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Today 03:15 pm JST

Two people do not wear a mask (picture).

And not social distancing. Look, he's right behind her.

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Two people do not wear a mask (picture).

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great so "more freedom"...or oppossite of that?

more surveillance?highly likely yes.

what a bizarre world we live in?

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That would be preferable to broadcasting your health information to the Internet, would it not?

You'd be surprised at how much personal info people divulge on the internet.

Good luck to NZ.

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"privacy of the border workers was guaranteed and only they would have access to their own health data"

Is that right? Is it possible, I wonder, to create your own spreadsheet of data using your own health devices? That would be preferable to broadcasting your health information to the Internet, would it not?

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Sounds good. Fortress Aotearoa

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