New Zealanders face mental health, economic challenges in pandemic recovery

By Praveen Menon

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The totalitarian style lockdowns under such leaders are sure to deeply and negatively impact the proletariat. It should be no surprise to any thinking person that the psychological impact will be quite detrimental to very many people, worse than the illness itself. Best wishes to the good people under the tyrannical leadership.

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Article: New Zealand has almost completely returned to normal

Herve: This is tyranny.

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i dont get why.

with their great PM...and :)


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It's to be expected that mental health will take a dive during such extraordinary and trying times.

And it's not something that can be healed overnight.

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As long as coronavirus cases are under control that's all that matters.

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New Zealanders are still reporting negative impacts on mental health and income from the coronavirus pandemic, despite living in one of the world's few countries to have largely returned to normal.

Still light years ahead of almost any other country. And where are the numerous posters who will invariably come out to post the death or infection statistics in the US and Europe to compare them with the relatively low figures in Japan?

The comparative effects of the pandemic on mental health and income in Japan would be catastrophic I would say. All because of the incompetent government response compared to New Zealand's.

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The real costs of draconic lockdowns hope it was worth it NZ..

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There is always a cost, for NZ minimal deaths and emergency Medical care. The fact they recognize the mental cost, will spur improvements in medical care. How’s Japan doing? And why does the PMs looks have any intellectual value to the discussion?

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And why does the PMs looks have any intellectual value to the discussion?

The NZ PM has done an exceptional job running her country. The only thing her critics have is misogyny.

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When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place you have plenty to complain about. The fact is that only a few relative to the population have succumbed to the virus. But the cost to people who have not received treatment for other conditions during the lockdowns aren't measurable. Stress induced illnesses such as smoking and not getting out of the house enough to stave off other conditions like boney growths and cholesterol build up, drugs and alcohol damage compounding lung, cardiovascular and diabetic problems all of which are unaccounted for. The behavioral health of our youth who receive no credit for misbehaving and infants missing out on kindergarten all are critical and unaccounted. The new normal where the government can tell you how to live and when, where and what is acceptable is in a way de-humanising and contrary to our cultural upbringing and what our forefathers faught to maintain, ie. the sence of a free democracy. They don't see it as tyranny, they see it as expeditious and humanitarian. The fact that they've mortgaged our future is irrelevant compared to the money they've saved on the health care system and lives that they have saved. Because everything else is unaccounted for or immeasurable it's not even in the equation.

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But it's now undergoing what economists call a "K-shaped" recovery in which wealth inequalities are widening, compounded by surging property prices and a housing shortage.

Oh my- will the social justice warriors ever be able to not see a crisis wherever they look! The pandemic has had little effect on New Zealand - a relatively tiny isolated island nation easily cut off from the outside world.

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NZ has been getting kudos and relatively speaking has done very well - to date.

But NZ like Japan is nowhere with vaccinations. As other countries open up thanks to their vaccination efforts, unless NZ can catch up they won’t be able to open their borders to tourists and the like, keeping them isolated.

And they have a strict elimination policy in place - so how many of the population would need to be vaccinated before the borders can even be opened?

I am guessing they will have a new Prime Minister by the time the game is fully played out.

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