Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99


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Just 2 months away from getting a telegram from the queen.

He painted, collected modern art, was interested in industrial design

He certainly was.

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My sympathies to the royal family.

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As a mark of respect, maybe loyalists in Belfast will hold a minute's violence.

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My condolences, especially to Queen Elizabeth. As a private person, she must be in pieces.

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There will be no state funeral. Will be buried at Windsor Castle.

Born on a kitchen table. Died in a castle bed.

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99 an exceptional innings.

People of his generation, or any generation for that matter, very rarely live that long.

A lot of them had to work very hard to put food on the table. It takes it out of you.

As a mark of respect, maybe loyalists in Belfast will hold a minute's violence.

Is everything about Ireland? No need for nationalist sectarianism.

Let’s keep it to good-natured class griping.

My condolences, especially to Queen Elizabeth. As a private person, she must be in pieces.

I’m anti-royal but he was someone’s husband. Always hard to lose a loved one.

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I agree with you jimizo.

I'm irish but this is not a time to be making cheap jibes about northern ireland and I'm irish.

An older person has lost their partner.


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Who on earth is downvoting comments about condolences? No matter what your political opinion might be, or whether your pro or anti royal, this is fundamentally about a person, who died, and about people, who have lost someone dear to them. Downvoting these comments is utterly disrespectful, tasteless, and heartless.

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Despite all the royal family ‘dramas’ coming to light, he seemed to keep his detachment from the scandals. Perhaps those issues can be put aside, for a brief time, while he’s honored, especially for his younger days.

“Philip went to school in Britain, entered Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth in 1939, got his first posting 1940 but not allowed near the war zone as a foreign prince of a neutral nation. The Italians invaded Greece, ending neutrality, he joined the war, serving on battleships in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.” -

“Philip gave up his naval career, his subservient status sealed at the coronation, and pledged to become “her liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship.”

“Philip is survived by the queen, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward — as well as eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.”

In 2011, Philip told the BBC he was “winding down” and, had “done my bit.”

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That'd be one heckuva funeral family gathering - the Windsor brothers

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Respect to those offering condolences.

To those that are feeling differently, came across these words regarding a fallen ‘adversary’:

“But he was also a human being, a man with a family and friends who loved him. There are people he leaves behind, people who may have nothing to do with any politics or war, people who will grieve and feel pain of his loss.”-

”Look upon this respite as not necessarily honoring the adversary, but respecting those people and their grief. This degree of respect to others in no way undermines the outcome of any politics or war, nor does it represent an endorsement of any contrarian ideals. It is nothing more and nothing less than an expression of human decency, a way of reaching out and acknowledging the pain of other peoples hearts.
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He lived life to the full, and had an impact upon many.

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The family will have to follow the COVID guidelines for funerals.

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A man who spent his life supporting his wife in her career and was always there when she needed his support. If he wasn't from a past generation I would call him thoroughly modern. Respect. RIP. Condolences to the British Royal family and friends.

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Met him at a polo match.

Then at an auction at my manor in Kent.

Once more of a fox hunt in Sussex.

Just a regular bloke.

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My condolences go out to the Queen tonight who has lost a partner of 73 Years.

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What a loss... Only he could afford to make the fitting humorous remarks anybody else was or is canceled for. My deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen , family and court.

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@jimizo - no need to take offense so easily.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

Taking offense easily is what hysterics do.

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My condolences to the Royal family, the people of the United Kingdom and people of the Commonwealth.

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RIP. I wonder who is the first to tell the Imanourane Tribe that god has died...

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Very good obituary. Public life will be somewhat less colourful with him gone.

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Many here in Britain will be wondering how to respond to his death. He was the husband of the queen, whom many adore, and so many will express sympathies. He made many incorrect comments, but then we all have an uncle or aunt or two who has done the same and we don't blast them to hell. He didn't kill people in Kenya or Malaysia in the way his country's military did, and so we can't blame him for that. But his country's government would often use him and his family to deflect such actions.

My own image is that he lived in a different world from the rest of us. Not his fault - I don't imagine he could get a job stocking shelves at the local supermarket.

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Poor Queen, seventy three years together and now she’s on her own. He was a handsome devil when he was younger, no wonder the Queen had a massive crush on him after she met him.

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It’s pretty sad this article makes the departed Phillip out to be a racist when there is no evidence of it whatsoever. Misconceptions and ill adroit comments do not make a person a racist. This is the problem with the world today- minor transgressions are always blown up all out of proportion to suit the agenda or the ideology of the perpetually offended. The guy made out well for himself in the world and did his duty. Don’t begrudge a person who lived a more comfortable life than you - there is nothing to be gained by it.

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occasionally racist and sexist remarks … arrogant and insensitive curmudgeon

These are disgusting comments to make and reflect more on the writer's ignorance and misunderstanding than they do on Prince Philip.

The truth is that he was an extremely kind, compassionate and tolerant man. He did, however, dislike pomposity and stuffiness and used a sparkling and mischievous sense of humour to create informality, put people at their ease and create jollity in otherwise dull, formal occasions.

All those who knew him remember him warmly and with genuine affection. He will be sadly missed, not just by his family but by the country as a whole.


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Condolences to The Queen the loss of Husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh must be devastating.

Prince Philip, a strong and rather flamboyant character, will be strongly missed.

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Part of the background of my life. He will be missed.

Not impressed with the article, the usual nasty, snide and inaccurate digs slipped in. Wholly uncalled for and says far more (and none of it good) about the authors.

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Prince Philip, was a dry witted fellow, to the point of insensitivity, his quips and gaffs are well documented.

To accuse Prince Philip though of racism is a tad politically mendacious, insincere.

And maybe born out of angry red mist.

Nothing complicated about Prince Philip public demeanor, what one saw, what one got.  

What is wretched about aristocracy/nobility is a innate sense of entitlement from their first breath.

That is a political opinion for a more appropriate time.

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Absolutely, Bob, provokes thought and later debate.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Absolutely, Bob, provokes thought and later debate.

Quite. It wouldn’t be right to say such a thing at an inappropriate time, just after someone has died for example

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A personal tragedy for his family, and a national loss - the Duke was genuinely and widely liked by the British public. His dedication to his wife and to 'the job' of being a Royal was remarkable. 'Phil the Greek' as he was dubbed by the press, cheerfully punctuated the duller bits of Royal events with the sort of off the cuff humour you might expect from a man of his years. If anything, this added to his general popularity.

The Queen and the Duke spent decades promoting a sense of national unity in an often divided nation, and the status of a country making the difficult transition from Empire to Commonwealth. Few of us could come close to matching their commitment.

RIP old chap.

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RIP Prince Philip. Strength and courage to all his loved ones. Farewell.

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Of all those fake England royals he was the only one that I liked, rest in peace

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