Syria condemns 'cowardly' U.S. air strikes on Iran-backed militias

By Maha El Dahan and Amina Ismail

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This was a direct violation of the UN charter.

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Yes the USA is in violation of the UN Charter and has invaded another country. Syria was invaded by the USA and Turkey.

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Trump would've sent a really nice love letter to smooth things over. It must be quite a shock for these dictators over there to see a real president residing again in the White House.

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Only 40 days in power, the US new admin has shown its inclination toward war.

No war please, use the head to think deep and more frequent..

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With war mongers for President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, what did you expect? Both the Democratic and Republican parties are controlled by the Military Industrial Complex.

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Yet it is China that is bashed for being aggressive. Why is the USA in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan? How about all of the other countries where they have troops or conduct combat missions? Who appointed the USA to be the world's police person? What the USA calls terrorists are called freedom fighters by others. Yet which one is right? The USA started in revolt from their sovereign nation. The British would of called them terrorists. They both can not be right. Why not leave it up to the United Nations?

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