U.S. passes 25 million COVID-19 cases: Johns Hopkins

By Nicholas Kamm

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More than 25 million COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the United States since the pandemic began,

It's been mostly those at the lower end of the economic spectrum and people of color who've been hurt by Covid. They are NOT people Republicans have ever cared about. Trump played golf and bungled the handling of the pandemic. Like his wife 'he really didn't care'.

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Can you imagine how many people we could have saved if we only had a President that didn't call the virus a "hoax", said it was "totally under control", and "just one person from China"?

That encouraged safe hygiene practices instead of tweeting "wearing a mask is Anti-American?"

That had a comprehensive vaccine distribution plan instead of nothing?

The blood on Trump and his Repub enablers hands will remain forever...

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As usual, a Democrat POTUS cleaning up the mess made by a Republican 'POTUS'.

And this is one hell of a mess. No plan, no help with transition, no nothing. While people were dying, the fat guy was playing golf and inciting violence. I'm not religious but I do believe there's a special place for this fat guy.

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Countries around the world are in a race against time to get their populations inoculated before the coronavirus mutates into a strain that could resist newly approved vaccinations.

And can mute into a non-lethal and non-infectious strain as well.

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"Pride goeth before a fall," writ large.

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Trump's legacy writ bigly.

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Shameful that much of this death and misery could have been avoided. Trump knew the risks to the population, but he thought that fighting the virus would hurt his chance for reelection. He continually chose himself over the nation.

It is true that Americans are also very independent and ornery, but a leader could have gotten the nation behind prevention. Trump was never a leader.

Now, 8% of the population has been infected, and the number will increase. One of many things that will be Trump's legacy.

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Blame it on trump, on China, on Russia, but never on one of the worst diets in the whole world.

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Many of the deaths were the result of poor decisions taken at the state level, you can't blame everything on Trump.

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Many of the deaths were the result of poor decisions taken at the state level, you can't blame everything on Trump.

Based on Harry Truman's definition (the buck stops here), Trump is solely to blame.

If Trump can lead others to believe a valid election was fraudulent, he can lead them to make the right decisions. He is competent, until he has responsibility???

He also knew that the virus was bad, but he lied about it to protect himself.

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