World to mark locked-down New Year's Eve

By Andrew BEATTY

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Here's a drone display from Edinburgh that cheered me up a little.

Happy New Year everyone.

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World to mark locked-down New Year's Eve

It could be worse, (although it's much better this year) they could have Kohaku, too.


Happy Hogmanay!

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PERFECTLY correct.

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Can't believe i just sat through that kohaku rubbish. Still, it reminded me why I don't pay NHK fees.

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@Fuzzy--Odd thing about kohaku is that some of the less dire acts start to grow on you. I have been ignoring Arashi for their whole career but I thought their medley with Kaito, Happiness etc. was pretty great, though maybe the pathos of the Tohoku rebuilding montage hooked me in? The Greeeen hologram was another surprise. But even though I found the male groups better this time, they were outvoted 2-1 for the ladies. So much for my taste in J pop!

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Thanks china.

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Meanwhile, here in new Zealand, New Years celebrations were unchanged. However, i decided to stay at home anyway.

Happy New Year!

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