Fighting erupts in Myanmar; junta to 'consider' ASEAN plan


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Tatmadaw already won as the ASEAN backs them. Especially with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand for assistance to the regime.

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One guess which large nation making trouble in that region !

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The Karen smuggle teak and gems to Thailand. The military junta will throw a hammer into the works.

unless bribes are not paid, things will not go well for Burma.

its a shame, they have stacks of oil/gas and rare earth metals. If Burma is stable, the trickle down effect would benefit ordinary citizens.

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The military junta are a criminal gang with their snouts so deep in the trough they can’t see anything else. They were in danger of losing control of the vast swaths of the economy they subverted during their dictatorship which is why the coup (they could teach the mafia!).

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Fighting erupted in eastern Myanmar near the Thai border early on Tuesday as ethnic minority Karen insurgents

So the headline was misleading. Conflicts with the Karen tribe have been going on forever and will go on forever, regardless who is in charge in Rangoon (or that new artificial capital whatever its name).

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One guess which large nation making trouble in that region !

That would be the US.

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@Mr Kipling


One guess which large nation making trouble in that region !

That would be the US. You know what happens when you assume.

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Wrong sunshine wrong !

CCP boyo they making trouble down there.

During the coup regular flights form Bejing to me n ma nightly, while everyone one esle was under lock down !

Go figure, but hey im a conspiracy theorist or a pirate with a broken wrist, sorry my english sux a rittle bitand my dyslexia is rampant

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Without knowing the quids offered to the pro quos by ASEAN, it is hard to say what will happen next.

It may be easier to say what likely won't happen next.

The Tatmadaw and the generalissimo likely won't permit the return of the civilian government any time soon, citing "terrorist" threats from insurgents such as the KNU in this article. The civilians will be lucky if the military doesn't put them on trial for something. This as the military pushes for new "legitimate" elections.

The list of insurgents in Myanmar is very impressive (I counted roughly nine, but this is a fluid number). Some are sponsored/encouraged by the five surrounding countries. Some are independence movements, some are extremely ideological.  And some are splinter groups, frankly because the others won't be revolutionary enough for their tastes. All are heavily armed, operating in ideal guerrula combat terrain. Not intent to limit themselves inside Myanmar, a couple of them bring their brand name to conflict in surrounding nations as well.

Bringing them to the peace table hasn't been easy. The coalition building necessary to keep promises to form a workable civilian government in Myanmar has been upsetting to the military that has been fighting them in the hills and jungles for years.

 Meanwhile a nation of over 56M people is one step away from being a completely failed state.

Looks like the generalissimo (equipped by the Chinese and Russians with some of their top of the line weapons ) and his loyal military (most of the highest ranking have been trained by the Russians) got some measure of respectability from the international community in return for a little peace and quiet in the populated areas necessary for the arrival of needed humanitarian aid. Once again the military will be seen coming to the rescue of the people.

And then tomorrow . . .

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That would be the US. You know what happens when you assume.

So you are saying the US put the Tatmadaw up to staging a coup against the elected government of Myanmar? Really?

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Wrong sunshine wrong !

CCP boyo they making trouble down there.

Not sure I believe that either. The Chinese have long supported rebel groups on the Chinese border that fight the Tatmadaw. Tatmadaw pretty much hates China. In 2009 the Myanmar Air Force conducted air strikes inside China proper to destroy bases used by rebel groups inside Myanmar. In fact Tatmadaw is publicly claiming one of the reasons they staged the take over is that Suu Kyi had become too close to the Chinese.

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