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Posted in: Inside Arizona's election audit, GOP fraud fantasies live on See in context

During the real election counting process, Republicans sued in the courts to be allowed to watch the vote counting from six feet away, instead of twelve feet away. Now that the coo-coo for cocoa puffs brigade are doing their own recount, they refuse to allow any witnesses into their "recount." Is that supposed to make sense?

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Posted in: Can't wait for a jab? Black market COVID vaccines available, at a price See in context

For that price, would it be cheaper to just fly to South Korea or China?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay pulled off streets in Hiroshima See in context

It would be a terrible shame if Japan followed India as the next Covid-19 disaster story. It seems to me that the government and the citizenry should be working to get the vaccines into peoples' arms as quickly as possible.

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Posted in: Japanese startup to carry UAE lunar rover to moon in 2022 See in context

With all the terrible things that have been happening here in the States recently, it is good to at least be able to take pride in our achievements in space exploration. Nevertheless, I welcome the achievements of other nations in space. Space exploration should be seen as a human achievement, and not just a national accomplishment.

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Posted in: Shifting sands of COVID-19 vaccine supply race give U.S. new advantage See in context

I am not against using anyone's vaccine, provided that it works, and is safe. However, there have been several reputable news organizations that reported that the Chinese vaccines are not very efficacious, which rather puts into question the value of using the Chinese vaccines.


The BBC article states that at least one of the Chinese vaccines is only about 50% effective, and a recent article about the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Seychelles quoted a rate of 77% effective. If the Chinese vaccines were the only ones available, then I would be lining up to take a shot. However, since there are other vaccines with protection rates of about 95%, doesn't it make sense to go with those?

In the meantime, I hope that China and Russia will continue in their efforts to produce good vaccines. Saving lives is more important than national pride.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

All this talk of food makes me hungry. One of the good things about living in a place like California is that we can get food from all over the world. One of our daughters moved down South, and she really, really bemoans the lack of culinary choice. Don't get me started on the blatant racism.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

On the subject of mayonnaise, they love the stuff in Mexico, south of the border here in California. We go down there often in the winter, and we love the food. It may be surprising to most people, but it isn't just Japanese who love mayo; it is very popular in parts of Mexico. Not so much in the tourist areas, but many locals love it. I will say that their version of mayo tastes different, and better, than what I am used to here in the States. Has a bit of lime in it, and is so good I can eat it by itself.

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Posted in: Vaccine deserts: Some countries have no COVID-19 jabs at all See in context

What is going on in the Seychelles deserves to be studied.

From what I have read, at least 60% of the infected either have gotten no vaccination at all, or only one, instead of two. There is also the matter that their economy is heavily dependent on tourists, and they opened the country up to travelers without insuring that the travelers are not themselves carriers of the infection. On a per capita basis, the surge in the Seychelles is now worse than the surge in India.

Then, there is the problem of the efficacy rates with the AstraZeneca and Chinese vaccines. Their 77% efficacy rate, while much better than zero, is not as good as the 95% rate from some other vaccine makers.

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Posted in: Vaccine deserts: Some countries have no COVID-19 jabs at all See in context

My hope is that the countries which are able to make a surplus of vaccines will hurriedly supply the rest of the world with what they need.

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Posted in: As pandemic ebbs, an old fear is new again: mass shootings See in context

Dad got me my first rifle when I was 12, and then taught me to shoot. I am pretty good at it. Still, I have no desire to hurt other people, and would love to see common sense background checks and other laws put into place.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

Every culture modifies imported foods to their own liking. I heard that the most popular pizza topping in Japan is octopus, which is absolutely frowned upon here in the States. Still, I have nothing against modifying the dish to suit local tastes.

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Posted in: Bomb kills at least 55 at girls' school in Afghan capital See in context

If there is a heaven and a hell, I hope a spot in hell is reserved for those who target children in terror attacks.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

Didn't China gobble most of the world's rare earth supply, and then withhold supplies from those they deemed insufficiently obsequious?

I do not want to see a trade war, but the West protecting itself from being blackmailed is a good thing.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

Hurry up.

If Japan waits too long, it could end up being the next India.

As far as the vaccines from China, there is a problem. The Seychelles are the most vaccinated country on Earth, but they used either the Chinese or AstraZeneca vaccines, both with about 77% efficacy, and are now suffering a very bad surge in Covid-19 cases. I read that AstraZeneca is now recommending a third dose, to increase immunity. To be fair, most of those infected did not get inoculated, or got only one shot, and they opened up the country to tourists without requiring that they prove they are vaccinated.

So the Seychelles, with 61% of the population fully vaccinated, are suffering a surge in cases. Seventy-seven percent of 61% comes to 47% fully vaccinated, or less than half the population. The Pfizer and Modena vaccines have an efficacy rate of 95%, so they are looking like the best way to go so far. Ninety-five percent of 61% would come out to 58%, much better.

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Posted in: Facebook confronts human rights dilemma on political speech See in context

Trump has freedom to tell lies and incite violence, just not on Facebook or Twitter. And why is the GOP complaining? They were very happy to pass laws supporting the baker who refused to make a cake for the gay couple getting married. How is this any different?

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Posted in: Ford is betting that solid-state batteries will cut EV costs See in context

Why is it that cars with IC engines do not have solid state batteries, instead of the old lead batteries? They would weigh less, take up less room, and probably last much longer. I keep a small lithium battery in the trunk to use as a jumper battery in case the lead battery goes dead. I have had to use it a few times.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

As the warm weather comes to Japan, and the vaccines go unused, will a pandemic surge come to Japan like it did to India?

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Posted in: Pfizer/BioNTech jab confirmed to protect 95% in largest study yet See in context

And, many of my neighbors are still refusing to get vaccinated. Their choice, but I think they are foolish.

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Posted in: Pfizer/BioNTech jab confirmed to protect 95% in largest study yet See in context

To put things in perspective, sort of, on the block where I live four people have died from Covid-19, so far. Getting the shots is better.

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Posted in: Japanese company releases bamboo toothbrushes in campaign against plastic waste See in context

Could be a good idea, if bamboo is not overharvested.

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Posted in: Pfizer/BioNTech jab confirmed to protect 95% in largest study yet See in context

Got my second dose March 1st, and it is a great feeling to feel safe.

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Posted in: More support easing vaccine patent rules, but hurdles remain See in context

Allowing countries to make the vaccines is well-intentioned, but most countries are not able to set up the infrastructure needed to produce them, at least for the foreseeable future. Perhaps a few countries will be able to take advantage of the opportunity, but for most people on Earth, it would be best if the countries with the ability to make the vaccines decided to make enough for the entire world population.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea at odds over wartime history, radioactive water See in context

In the eyes of the world, the behavior of the military under Imperial Japan was criminal. Japanese should get used to admitting that, the way the Germans have admitted that the Nazi were inherently criminal.

As for the release of "contaminated water" at Fukushima, if the data from the Japanese government is to be believed, then the water is not only safe to release into the ocean, it is safe to consume. It is cleaner than the water that most people drink on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Napoleon: Two centuries of conspiracy theories See in context

He died from megalomania.

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Posted in: Italy to vaccinate its athletes for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Hello common sense.

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Posted in: G7 to consider mechanism to counter Russian 'propaganda' See in context

I would call it "Putin Propaganda," rather than "Russian Propaganda." Without Putin, there would be no propaganda coming from Russian sources.

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Posted in: North Korea says Biden has a hostile policy; warns of response See in context

Not sure what they are talking about. Not sure that they know what they are talking about.

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Posted in: Over half say Japan needs to amend Constitution for virus response See in context

Buy vaccines.

Import vaccines.

Administer vaccines.

No need to amend the Constitution.

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Posted in: S Korean fishermen protest See in context

If I understand the matter correctly, then it is correct to say that the treated water is not radioactive, beyond a normal background radiation found in just about everything on Earth. In fact, the treated water is cleaner and safer than the drinking water in most locales here in the States. The problem arises because the headlines and the press releases say that Radioactive Water is to be released. In fact, the Japanese Prime Minister should do as the Chinese dictator has asked, and go ahead and drink the treated water, to show that it is safe.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

In Japan fewer than 2% of the population has been vaccinated. Let me point something out.....in Seattle, Washington, as of two days ago, 41% of those 18 and over, and 78% of those over 65, are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the New York Times. And yet, Governor Inslee is re-instating a partial lockdown of King County as of April 30, because of a surge in Covid-19 cases in the area. The point being that Japan has a long ways to go before it will be safe from undergoing another surge in covid cases.

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