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Posted in: Oil refineries are not national security assets See in context

Until such time as we stop being reliant on petroleum, refineries are indeed important for national security.

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

I, too, remember a time when one had to have certain vaccines in order to travel internationally. It is not a big deal.

Interestingly, the only segment of the American population that still thinks vaccines do not work are the conservatives.

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Posted in: Blinken says he and Biden eager to visit Japan See in context

Undermining the alliances between America and its allies was a key Trump policy goal.

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Posted in: Vaccinating children: Is COVID-19 herd immunity possible without them? See in context

The Covid-19 vaccines were made under emergency conditions. Normally it would take at least several years to get a vaccine ready for release, and by that time many of the questions that we now have would have already been answered. So, it is understandable that scientists didn't immediately test the vaccines on younger people, given that we already knew that those most likely to die from the disease are the oldest among us. With the passage of more time, we will have the results of tests on younger people and the pregnant.

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Posted in: Man City earns 18th straight win; Spurs lose again See in context

Some friends and relatives in Europe are huge Manchester fans, even traveling to Britain to attend the matches. Not the worst of vices.

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Posted in: The Japanese way of disciplining children See in context

Good article.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll approaches milestone of 500,000 See in context

Out of a population of 330 million, one half million dead so far. That is one out of every 660 people in the country, more than the number that died in WW I, WW II, and the Vietnam War, combined. Thanks for nothing, Trump.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing some people clamor to stop taking steps to prevent the spread of the disease, as if half a million deaths isn't enough.

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Posted in: Taisei develops method to make concrete using carbon dioxide See in context

Sounds promising.

The BBC reports that cement is responsible for about 8% of CO2 emissions worldwide, so this technology could be very important.

Another idea I recently read about is to take CO2 laden stack emissions and pump them deep underground. Supposedly CO2 is a natural ingredient of many rocks, and it can be absorbed by rocks if exposed to each other. Of course, reducing emissions is also important, IMO, but putting them directly underground, instead of waiting for mother nature to do it for us, might help.

Was reading an article about the effects of high CO2 levels in the atmosphere millions of years ago. Apparently a large part of the Earth's surface was basically uninhabitable to large species such as ourselves. If such a thing is allowed to happen again, the disruption to our human societies would be immense. Are we all prepared to move to the Arctic regions? How many people could survive on a reduced part of the pie?

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Posted in: Hina matsuri See in context

Cool picture. I imagine a lot of little girls love it

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Posted in: Fujifilm to restart clinical trial of Avigan to treat COVID-19: report See in context

From the above link, in the New York Times:

"There is no solid evidence that Avigan is actually effective against Covid-19."

".....What Avigan ......does have is ...... one dangerous potential side effect - birth defects."

So, there seems to be a disagreement between various health agencies about the wisdom of using Avigan to treat Covid-19.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to restart clinical trial of Avigan to treat COVID-19: report See in context


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Posted in: Biden's 1st month was about erasing the mark of 'former guy' See in context

It is going to take a lot of work and time to fix the mess T**** put us in.

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Posted in: Already a star, on court and off, Osaka eyes more See in context

To be the best in the world, at anything, is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations!

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Posted in: Antinuclear group urges Japan to attend 1st U.N. nuclear ban meeting See in context

After WW I, the major nations signed a treaty pledging to settle their differences without resorting to war. Look how well that turned out.

Banning nuclear weapons is a great idea, if it were practical. It is more of a pipe dream than anything else. Perhaps someday our species will stop cheating, stealing, and killing each other, but so far that has been part of our evolutionary tool kit. It will not be so easy to change the violence, cruelty, and self-centered world view that is in our DNA.

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Posted in: How will we know we've reached herd immunity? See in context

We have been achieving herd immunity from communicable diseases for thousands of years. A particular disease would enter the population, it would devastate the population, and then the survivors would gradually rebuild society.

This time we have the advantage of science. Instead of waiting for enough people to get sick and then die or recover, we can also take advantage of vaccines and medicines. So, when we stop being scared stiff of the current pandemic, we will know that we are on the road to recovery. The question is, how many people need to achieve immunity in order for the pandemic to end? The science is still out on that question, but everyone seems to agree that when enough people get vaccinated, or develop antibodies the old-fashioned way, we will put this awful time in the rearview mirror.

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Posted in: Exodus of Republican voters tired of Trump could push party further right See in context

Speaking of my own experience, I can attest to having voted for Republican candidates for president, Senate, Congress, and governor, but that was decades ago. The current GOP is incompetent, corrupt, and anti-democracy. No, thank you!

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Posted in: NASA's Perseverance rover beams back spectacular new images See in context

Regarding the search for life on Mars, I would reference the evolution of life on Earth. For the first few billions of years, life on Earth was only under the ocean, or under the ground. Solar radiation on the surface was too intense for any life as we know it. Mars does not currently have the mechanisms in place that exist on Earth to lower radiation levels on the surface, so I think we will have to look under the surface. Maybe only a few inches or feet, but not on the surface itself.

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Posted in: Japan to use state-owned facilities as COVID-19 vaccination sites See in context

Is there any explanation for why it is taking so long for the Japanese government to react to the pandemic with vaccinations? How many lives have been ruined by the lack of action?

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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

I read that when Pfizer did their trials, of about 20,000 people who got the vaccine, and about 20,000 people who got the placebo, one person in the first group had an anaphylactic reaction, and one person in the placebo group had an anaphylactic reaction. Neither person died.

I got my first Covid-19 shot almost two weeks ago. My arm hurt a lot for two days afterwards, but I have had worse reactions. When the service made us get vaccines, my reaction to the yellow fever shot was the worst I ever had. Cholera was second. My Covid-19 shot was much less severe.

Maybe we should just let natural selection do its job; those who think they are more likely to die from a vaccine than from the disease it is designed to prevent should be allowed to choose that path, despite the more than hundred years proof to the contrary.

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Posted in: Satisfy sophisticated and refined tastebuds with this Rare Blue Cheesecake See in context

Do they ship to the States?


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Posted in: Trump remains dominant force in GOP following acquittal See in context

In the past I voted for many Republicans, including for President, Senator, Representative, and Governor.

Not anymore! They have gone off the rails, and I do not support where they have gone.

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Posted in: Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal See in context

57 out of 100 Senators, 7 of them from his own party, voted that he is guilty of fomenting a violent overthrow of the government he swore an oath to defend and protect. That is a damning footnote in the history books, not that he cares.

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Posted in: Autoworkers face uncertain future in an era of electric cars See in context

I am glad to see GM jumping on the bandwagon, instead of fighting to the death to keep ICE vehicles. They should have done it much, much sooner.

If GM and the other big automakers had been EV leaders instead of laggards, there would have been no opportunity for Tesla to steal their market share. At this point in time, they have to either change, or die. If they can stay in business, it will also be good for their employees.

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Posted in: Some remain skeptical as Japan set to roll out vaccines on Wednesday See in context

Better late than never.

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Posted in: Over 100 injured, trains halted after M7.3 quake strikes northeastern Japan See in context

Many of the liquor stores here in California (we also get earthquakes) have bottles behind wires, or even in cabinets.

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Posted in: Various rumors swirling around 'painful' corona vaccination See in context

Was talking with the neighbors and family about the pain involved with the shot. It wasn't fun, but not all that bad.

On the subject of pain and vaccines, the worst pain I ever got from a shot was the yellow fever shot. The second worst would be the cholera shot. In the service, they made us take all sorts of shots for things that most people don't have to worry about.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't to give smartphones to senior citizens, pay for their calling and data plans See in context

Seems like a good idea to me. Interacting on the smartphone keeps one in the loop as to what is going on in the world, and helps keep the brain working.

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Posted in: Why the world is watching Australia's new big-tech rules See in context

This is not about China, but yes, a thumbs up.

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Posted in: Various rumors swirling around 'painful' corona vaccination See in context

To be honest, my reaction to the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine was worse than any flu shot I have ever gotten, and I get one every year. Still, it was bearable, if not fun. Best not to sugar coat it. One of my neighbors said his didn't hurt at all, but his wife said hers hurt a lot. They both got the Moderna shot. Our pharmacist told me that the upside of the shot hurting is that it is probably working. In other words, I think, she is saying that getting mildly sick from the shot means that one is developing antibodies to the disease in question.

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Posted in: Various rumors swirling around 'painful' corona vaccination See in context

I got my first dose at Disneyland, in Anaheim. More and more places are now doing vaccinations. Our local pharmacy started doing them Feb. 11, and our physician's office started doing them this week. Reports are that the US has surpassed 2 million vaccinations a day, which, IMO, is fantastic. Looks to me like Biden is doing a good job at sorting out the mess that Trump left us in.

Like just about everyone, I am so, so looking forward to returning to normal......when it is safe to do so. A neighbor died a few weeks ago. He had been hospitalized, in a coma and intubated, last March. He was released and went back to work, but he never fully recovered, and his lungs slowly stopped working. They said that he died from a lack of oxygen. Just one out of almost half a million. One is too many.

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