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Heir Trump had Pfizer and Moderna sign contracts saying that all the vaccines must be kept in the US. 

I don't think so. NZ is administering the Pfizer vaccine and while it is slow, there are vaccines to be had.

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CO2 isn’t pollution. It doesn’t create filthy rivers. It is plant food - required for a green inhabitable planet. Without CO2 life on Earth as we know it could not exist.

You neglect to point out that man-made CO2 is warming the planet up so much as to be cause our current climate crisis. This crisis will have extreme adverse effects in the future, from sea-level rising to an extent that coastlines will need to be evacuated - to adverse weather effects.

As with all crises, it needs to be addressed urgently.

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Desert Tortoise

Well said.

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150,000 deaths in under three months - that’s success? The truth isn’t stupid. Biden’s failure to lead America during the pandemic (and the crisis he created at the border) is reality.

Unfortunately, this is Trump's legacy. He said that he wouldn't wear a mask, he questioned whether the danger of covid was real and his red hat wearing acolytes have bought into it. No amount of presenting a good example will counter that.

Biden is winning on the vaccine roll out. Whereas the previous administration didn't have a plan for the roll out Biden has been able to achieve 4 million vaccines a day. The problem he will run into again is vaccine hesitancy. And unfortunately that is mostly in red states. Trump could have helped of course, but instead he got the vaccine in secret.

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Bjorn Tomention

The green argument is floored, simply in the way they continue to allow other nations to produce everything using filthy old poluuting methods

That's why we have agreements like the Paris accord.

while hamstringing their own economies and people so as to send signals of virtue out. Simpletons trying to control the masses.........the worst part is half the people fall for it.

It is economically prudent to combat climate change. Firstly, there more jobs in renewables (and coal doesn't make a profit anymore), and secondly, the enormous cost of disruption due to adverse climate effects eclipses the costs to mitigate and reverse climate change.

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The point of the basketball example was to demonstrate the tiny amount of CO2 in the atmosphere despite the increases since the industrial revolution. 

It has increased by about a third since the industrial revolution. That's a lot.

CO2 is not poison - it’s essential for life. 

As I said before, poison was an analogy. Sure, CO2 is essential for life. It is also greatly heating up our planet.

A 1 degree increase in average global temperatures during a period in which the world emerged from the Little Ice Age isn’t all that much to be concerned about. 

Actually, it is. The main reason for being very concerned is that the increase in temperature causes more CO2 to escape from the oceans which in turn causes the temperature to rise. It will get out of control very quickly with no chance of reversing it. Also, the vast majority of that temperature change has come in the last few decades; the increase is accelerating.

So many politicians are raising alarms about the rising temperatures but none will tell us what the ideal average temperature is? Just that increases are bad.

No. An increase from 1.9 ~ 4.5 degrees will put us in a position of no control.

We know that cold causes more deaths than heat - wouldn’t less cold be beneficial?

No. Nor would more extreme weather and increased sea level.

What is the ideal average temperature? 

About 1 degree less than now.

Don’t shut down debate and say such questions are irrelevant.

I'm not.

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And CO2 is not cyanide, it is part of the natural carbon cycle, which is the basis for life on the planet. You do realize that we could not live in an atmosphere with zero CO2 because there would be no plants, or is that new to you?

No, it isn't cyanide, that was an analogy. A small amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has a massive effect on the temperature of the planet.

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A good increase to be sure but still a small volume of the total atmosphere.

True, but as a percentage of total atmosphere is a meaningless figure. You obviously missed the poison analogy. A tiny amount has a big effect. Pre-industrial CO2 was around 280ppm and now is 416pp. That's about a third more. And that increase has greatly warmed the planet.

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CO2 is a trace gas making up less than half of all greenhouse gases. CO2 makes up 0.0004% of the total atmosphere increasing a minuscule 0.0001% over the past 140 years.

Try to get your facts right. CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere (100 times your figure). That's massive. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's like poison, a tiny amount of cyanide will make a glass of water lethal.

Think 1 part per million increase in over a century.

Umm, no. It is increasing by around 3 parts per million annually.

The average temperature is up about 1 degree - that’s it.

Again, that's massive. And the problems is that it is a positive feedback loop. The hotter it gets ice sheets melt and it gets even hotter. It could increase by up 5 degrees by 2100 if nothing is done, and that would be catastrophic.

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However, in the real world, mainland China in 2020 alone put into production more coal-burning power plants than the entire European plants in existance. How green is that?

President Xi Jinping pledged last year to make China “carbon neutral” by 2060, and said in December it would boost the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 25% by 2030 from a previous commitment of 20%.

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Raw Beer

BTW, vaccines help prevent people from feeling sick, but they can still catch and spread the virus.

That is not known yet, but evidence does seem to support the thesis that vaccinated people don't get infected. After more data comes in, we can know for sure. So don't jump to conclusions.

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"The process removes most radioactive materials including strontium and cesium but leaves behind tritium, which poses little risk to human health in low concentration."

"The International Atomic Energy Agency has backed the move, with Director General Rafael Grossi saying it is scientifically sound and in line with standard practice in the nuclear industry around the world."

OK then. Go ahead. Can't see what the problem is. It is safe. Too many experts in the thread.

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Where was the second and third wave?

First wave peaked around Apr 15 2020.

Second wave peaked around Aug 8 2020.

Third wave peaked around Jan 10 2021.

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Hunter Leece

Dedicated clean flights, dedicated crew (not flying to other countries, separated sections of terminals, masks on flights and shut downs if outbreaks areas on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

Crew are all vaccinated.

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The important point that somehow keeps being overlooked is that Iran was, and still is, in full compliance with the terms of the JCPOA...

Actually, no it isn't. Iran began to incrementally violate the agreement in May 2019. On January 5, 2020 Iran announced that it would no longer be bound by any operational limitations of the JCPOA, but that it would maintain compliance with its safeguards obligations under the deal. Since then, Iran has not taken any additional observed steps in violation of the deal, according to IAEA reports.

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My country has some of the strictest gun laws (on paper) so that it is almost impossible for an average person to own a firearm. This has only led to a proliferation of illegal guns and a flourishing illegal gun manufacturing industry. Strict gun laws don't always work, and the places where they have worked have other factors like low population and efficient police and justice system to back up the gun legislation.

Which country is that? I only ask because Japan has "some of the strictest gun laws" and there is no "proliferation of illegal guns and a flourishing illegal gun manufacturing industry".

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Posted in: Japan ranks 120th in 2021 gender gap report; worst among G-7 See in context


Not surprised at all, well established already, but I think Japanese are fine with it, if not we would have seen changes.

Frankly, it's an embarrassment. As a family, we left Japan (and went to one of the top countries on this list). I want my daughter to have the same opportunities as I had. In Japan, that is impossible.

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Red suns

Not sure if that’s a model to look forward to.

Philippines is nearing Japan in population but is 1/10th of Japan economically and has been the “sick man” of Asia for decades.

And yet it still beats Japan in gender equality.

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Apple new M1 chip better than anything Intel.

True. And Intel want to manufacture those as well. But they'll have to master 5nm and beyond processes if they want to compete.

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There used to be trash cans in public places, but then, after 9/11, they took them away, worried that "terrorists" would plant bombs in them. That's not a joke. Conbinis didn't suffer from the same neurosis and they generally, still have trash cans. It's about time the public trash cans returned. There is a need.

Not true. There has always been a lack of public trash cans. The only places to find trash cans tend to be outside convenience stores or vending machines (and those mase so that only the cans from the machine can fit).

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Why defuse tensions? Putin is a killer and everyone knows it. A call would only be useful if Biden were to apologize for the remark. He shouldn't.

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Be vaccinated or not, the end result is that populations will begin to acquire natural immunity to the virus.

So the choices are: get herd immunity safely with the vaccine or have millions die by getting herd immunity by getting sick. Easy choice. Get vaccinated.

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* It has begun.** China VS. America. Chapter One. The Biden era.*

It was already like that during Trump.

China walked all over Trump. Trump avoided condemning China over Uighur camps. He didn't want to offend China. Weak.

Don't make it sound unnecessary political.

It is necessarily political.

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Nope, nope and I just don’t and won’t get involved or take the chance at this time with this vaccine.

That just shows a lack of rational risk assessment. The potential dangers of the vaccine (which are minimal considering how many millions of people have had it without an adverse side-effects) are miniscule compared to the dangers of Covid-19.

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Here comes the victim blaming.

We all know that the 44 old man is an as...le.

But what the Girl did was also wrong!

How do you know? Victim blaming.

Contact with a man in his 40s.

Meeting him in Person in Tokyo.

Go to his appartement probably volunteer.

How do you know? Victim blaming.

Probably taking money for doing whatever.

How do you know? Victim blaming.

She did not only do wrong things, probably also illegal things.

How do you know? Victim blaming.

Do you defend that? Do you say that this is correct what she did?

How do you know? Victim blaming.

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Hiro S Nobumasa

Washington should stop running around the 'Great Wall' and simply invite former President Carter to happily announce that the USA is re-establishing full diplomatic ties with ROC-TW .

Trump already did this as he was being evicted from the White House. Hasn't changed China's attitude one iota. What's your next cunning plan?

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This is a clear sign of Biden being tough on China, something his predecessor couldn't manage (he even started a trade war that helped nobody).

It is also good to see Biden looking after the US's allies. A lot of damage from the previous administration has to be rebuilt.

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Fact: many perpetrators of hate crimes want their name to be broadcast to all in order to achieve some infamy in their sad pathetic lives.

Let's not hand that to them.

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Which Americans? Where, what Demographics, who and how many were polled, how many independent and extreme center media outlets showed a favorable view? I believe that number when it comes to liberals, but conservatives, not buying it, Nope.

Sure. Plant your head firmly in the sand.

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Complete waste - economy already on the middle of a recovery. Biden on his way to becoming the new debt king.

But in actuality there is a silver lining to all of this, Biden is actually helping the GOP and definitely helping them to retake the house, so as bad as it is, it’s a good thing so old Joe just laid down the groundwork for them to retake the house in two years and then the Senate

Not sure how you determine that considering that this bill has 75% public support, it is more likely to help the Dems in the midterms.

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