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Posted in: New Zealand Maori leader ejected from parliament for not wearing tie See in context

What else is expected from NZ?

New Zealand will take a long time to overcome colonial hangover. It was the second last country to remove white supremacy laws in 1993 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Rights_Act_1993) just before S.Africa (1995)

Open racism is still rampant. While the scientific research clearly points out the harsh reality (https://www.jstor.org/stable/23725603?seq=1), even the triennial racism surveys conducted by government specially designed to soften the blow to image show that non-whites face racism in everyday life.


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Posted in: Toxic air seen cutting thousands of lives short each year in Europe's cities See in context

I wonder how many would be dying every year in U.S., Japan, and developing countries !!

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No walking or jogging seems ill advised as it keeps you healthy and sane.

Survival in the short term is more important than being healthy in the long run.

If you need to move, you can exercise in your house/room. This is not a permanent solution... but all these lockdowns are also not permanent. The more the number of people following these tacit rules... Faster these lockdowns will go.

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The international market is just too saturated with aircraft from the established manufacturers so there's very little space for new players

Then why is there years of waiting list for planes ?

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Posted in: Startup upstart: Help at last for ladies who launch See in context

Congratulations . Good Luck :-)

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Posted in: Sleepy Shiba inu and cat back straightening pillows want to adorably fix your posture See in context

While they don't have any particular function that improves your posture

Thanks for being honest. I clicked it just because I was wondering how could it be possible !!

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Posted in: Japan's efforts to raise wages wane as firms embrace merit-based pay See in context

For workers, the shift would boost salaries of younger workers and potentially widen the country's wage gap.

How will that widen the wage gap? In existing seniority based pay-raise system, isn't it the youth which is struggling the most to make ends meet? Youth poverty is one of the biggest reason of Japan's shrinking birth rate.

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Posted in: Robotics solution stamps hanko and signs contracts See in context

hanko makers' survival is at stake, so replacing hanko with digital signatures cannot be rushed

I thought Japan has labor shortage.

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