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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

This is wrong in so many ways.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach floats possibility of no fans at Tokyo Games See in context

Why not just make it a virtual Olympics with people competing over Zoom?

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Posted in: What are some of the most interesting radio programs in Japan? See in context

i used to listen to InterFM in the mornings around 8am but it has changed drastically.

They started introducing this "radio shopping" segment for 5 minutes & have cut back (fired?) many of their top DJs and things went downhill from there.

I guess its a sign of the times and they are desperate for money.

Sad really. I wouldn't be surprised to see them close down soon.

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

i don’t get why everyone seems to assume he’s innocent and that he’s victimized and being unfairly treated. He will have his day in court and the truth will come out.

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Posted in: Kono to make 6-day trip to Middle East See in context

everything this guy does from now on will be linked somehow to his wanting his own plane...

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Posted in: Lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine en masse See in context

Another Japan paradox - most people in the country want peace and to get on with their neighbors and their elected representatives purposely annoy/upset them with these meaningless visits. If Abe wants to pay homage to these war criminals why doesn't he build a memorial for them in his back yard...I'm totally fed up of seeing this happen time & time again - it demonstrates that they really don't give a toss about peace,

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Posted in: Japan’s poster for Academy Award-winning movie 'Birdman' raises eyebrows online See in context

It was a Badman who had the idea of doing that. Just plain silly and unnecessary.

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Posted in: German vandals ordered jailed, caned in Singapore See in context

Some good news for a change!

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Posted in: Halilhodzic to become Japan's new soccer coach See in context

Another dudd manager. Wonder how long he will last...

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Why don't they keep it simpler and write the sign in Chinese and Korean as well? A word or phrase like 'Trouble?' or something unambiguous. No point having help in 3 languages if native speakers of 2 of them cannot read it...

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Nobody picked up the typo either? 'Operaton'... Why don't they have signs proof read by native speakers or at least use a spell checker?

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Posted in: Woman dies after car plummets from rooftop car park See in context

This is tragic but I don't understand why people don't start the car by gently pressing on the accelerator/brakes and manoeuvring slowly especially in a parking area...

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

I'm not really interested in seeing the video or signing a petition to deny him a visa, but if the guy is molesting or sexually harrassing people (or promoting/inciting) it then he is breaking the law and should be dealt with accordingly. Who goes to these 'pick-up' seminars anyway?

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Posted in: Japan casino plan likely to be delayed again, official says See in context

"one of the world’s biggest untapped markets, worth tens of billions of dollars a year." The tens of billions of dollars are going to be from Japanese people, not tourists and this is going to cause more gambling addictions, debt, crime (including abuse/domestic violence) and ultimately unhappiness. Who the heck wants this, apart from those companies and businesses that will make profits? Why don't they try to focus on something that will actually raise the quality of peoples lives or do they really care?

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Posted in: Bono apologises for free U2 album on iTunes accounts See in context

Nothing is free, especially from Apple. Consumers will end up paying for it in one way or another.

Apple & U2 have been working together for many years. It's even Bono's picture used as the Artists icon in iTunes. Some may recall the special edition U2 ipod which Apple released in collaberation with U2 and which helped them appeal to a new younger genaration.

One thing they (Apple/U2) could have done is to give the money ($100 million!) to charity rather than keeping it themselves. That would have appeased many of those complaining including myself.

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Posted in: Nobel winner Nakamura was salaryman who took on bosses See in context

cleo is spot on here. I agree 100%

They backed him up, paid the bills and his salary for years when his research was not producing anything and many thought the GaN LED was going nowhere. His contract no doubt spelled out that the patent for any inventions was the property of the company - common practice in Japan, not unreasonable considering they were the ones paying for everything. If he objected to that maybe he should have gone independent before he spent so much of Nichia's money - on his project. Granted the ¥20,000 bonus was perhaps a bit stingy, but Nakamura showed his own true colours when - he upped and offed to the US - following the dosh, nothing else. When I saw the interviews, he seemed to be a bitter person who now seems to be enjoying the recognition that he craved for so much during his earlier career.Contrast with the 2 others who received the prize - for me, they are true heroes & remained humble throughout. Well done and I hope it inspires the current & future generations.

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Posted in: Riken says it was unable to replicate stem cell results See in context

I still don't understand why a scientist would publish a paper with such a sensational claim and expect to get away with it... This whole story is ridiculous. Their claims are clearly made up - they found nothing and should own up to it, stop wasting time and focus their efforts on something more constructive. And yeah, there does seem to be a criminal aspect to this as well that should be investigated.

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Posted in: Interpol seeks clues to Thai 'baby factory' See in context

Maybe he actually said that he wanted to win erections...

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Posted in: Japan teen murder accused 'kept cat's head in fridge' See in context

Very disturbing story and I am almost lost for words.

It's impossible to know the whole story from such a short article & the father does appear to have tried to help his daughter but setting her up in her own apartment and giving her 1M yen doesn't sound like a good idea, even though it was based on expert advice.

Surely something could have been done after she admitted to killing animals and expressed interest & desire to kill humans? Is this really the best that such an advanced country as Japan can do to help it's mentally sick people?

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Posted in: F1 chief Ecclestone ends bribery trial with $100 mil payment See in context

Title should be renamed 'F1 chief Ecclestone ends bribery trial with $100 mil bribe'

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Posted in: Maternity clinic in Nagano sparks debate over sperm donation controversy See in context

A man looks at a picture & says "Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son." Who is the picture of? (Note - answer may be complicated depending on origin of sperm donation)

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Posted in: Maternity clinic in Nagano sparks debate over sperm donation controversy See in context

Strange why they allow sperm donations in Japan but not egg donations - Every year, many people go to countries like US etc for this type of fertility treatmant.

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Posted in: SDF jets scrambled record 340 times in April-June period See in context

Is it really necessary to deploy these planes every single time either Russian or Chinese planes approach Japanese airspace? The Russians & Chinese are clearly doing this on purpose and it must be costing SDF ( ie taxpayer) a lot of money - as there has not been an actual infringement, is this really deterring them or did they actually not plan to infringe Japanese airspace? How about trying something different such as telling them clearly that any unauthorized plane or drone that actually comes inside Japanese airspace will be given one warning and then shot down?

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Posted in: Game plan See in context

Nobody puts their first name on shirts - totally pointless. What does the 20 indicate? Is it reflective of Abe's approval rating? Hmm, I thought it was less... Maybe its the real target for consumption tax rate?

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

Who in Japan, apart from Abe, really wants this? Same for casinos. It should be put to the people of Japan using a referendum. Doesn't Abe have more important things to be working on, or is this destined to be his legacy?

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Posted in: Convenience store robbed twice in 4 days by same man See in context

Something Oscar Wilde might have said - "To be robbed one time may be regarded as a misfortune; to be robbed twice by the same person looks like carelessness"

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Posted in: Japan eyes ex-Mexico coach Aguirre to replace Zaccheroni: media See in context

Having a foreign coach should not be a problem as long as there is a good support structure in place. They should not rush into this as there are going to be quite a few world class managers available after the WC, Is this guy the best guy for the job or just the best guy currently available?

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

The players never really performed well for Zac and need to take a fair bit of the blame for a poor performance in WC2014. It's one thing to be beaten fair & square, but another thing to be beaten when you don't seem to be trying your best. The team seemed to lack many things - urgency, passion, intensity a killer instinct, etc. That kind of drive & motivation usually comes from the manager and forms the culture of the team, but was visibly missing from this team.

Zac does seem to be an intelligent manager and I was impressed with his observations & comments about the team. He certainly seemed to know their strengths & weaknesses but didn't really manage to improve things. I hope the next manager helps to raise the bar and improve the level of performance. The WC is much more enjoyable when Japan are still in it...

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Posted in: 1 killed, 6 injured after man drives car on sidewalk at Ikebukuro Station See in context

I saw a simulation re-enactment of what happened and it was scary - the guy ploughs through the people and continues until he hits a telephone booth. When the police get to him, he is still out of it & frothing at the mouth or dribbling (not sure which). It's one thing to take drugs when you are at home, but why on earth would you take these drugs and then drive a vehicle in a crowded area? If any good comes from this, I hope that (1) this guy gets put away for a long time (2) the makers and suppliers are tracked down & punished and (3) that others will hopefully realise that its not a good idea to do the same kind of thing.

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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context

Good eggs thrown at a bad egg. Suzuki is a hypocrite and coward - he only admitted that it was he who shouted the insults when there were recordings of the voice and it was suggested that they be analyzed, and this was almost a week after the incident and after he lied about it several times!. As for the other people who harrassed her, they know who they are as do many others who were present - I really hope it comes out. As someone else mentioned, Suzuki's website mentions about his plans for helping working women - his words are all fake and meaningless. I would gladly toss a few eggs at this guy, but sadly that wouldn't change anything. The views he has are not unique to himself - thats what most of the politicians actually think in Japan. They are doing sod all to actually address the real issues of decreasing population and impending economic meltdown. I'm usually optimistic about the future but I don't see much being done to actually improve things here... Rant over.

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