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Posted in: Aichi city gave pharmacy chain chief, wife priority bookings for vaccination See in context

Every prefecture in Japan has conducted some thousands of vaccinations to aged people already despite for some, booking systems that just becoming available this week for bookings in a few weeks time. So how have the lucky thousands already vaccinated been chosen? I don't know the answer, but I wonder if investigation might show more than a few prefectures where favours were dispensed, or with a high percentage of aged city council workers already vaccinated. And don't forget they still haven't finished vaccinating all the first stage medical personnel. Where are they with that 50% yet?

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Posted in: Government advisor sparks anger with tweet laughing off calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

Not so funny if the real death numbers are over 10 times more as suggested here to over 100,000

Everyone knows the official number of cases in Japan is underreported due to the low restricted testing. Why should we believe the official death numbers.

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Yesterday the Prime minister promised 1,000,000 vaccinations a day and then today this story! Surely both stories cannot be correct. And don’t forget 35,000,000 elderly will receive both doses by then end of June, oh sorry it’s end of July now.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

To anyone desperately wanting the Chinese or Russian vaccines posting this endlessly on RikiWeb is NOT going to help you in any way. It is not happening in Japan whatever you think no matter how good your evidence is ( or isn’t). If you so desperately believe in these vaccines and want it you are living in the wrong country if you are in Japan. I suggest rather than wasting your time on pointless posts in this forum you start procedures to emigrate to a country in Africa or South America where you can obtain the vaccine of your dreams. Good Luck

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

Again downvoting me for simply reporting the facts. Sorry you don’t like the truth but I didn’t make it up. It is what it is.

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

He has promised 35 million elderly to be vaccinated by the end of July two shots.

To date less than 1% of elderly have 1 shot. Most places not really starting vaccinations of elderly in numbers till next month. Do the mathematics for him to keep his promise about end of July yes he exactly will need around a million vaccinations a day

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

He clearly promised 1 million a vaccinations a day and in the NHK analysis of his press conference they also reported that he said exactly this - 1 million vaccinations a day - confirming What I heard him say.

I could not make this up if I wanted to as like you I am a little skeptical, but that is EXAcTLY what he said

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

How do I get downvoted for reporting verbatim the facts of the PMs press conference.

oh maybe it is the part about the safe hands you disagree with

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

Highlights of today’s press conference by the PM

He promised 1 million vaccinations a day.

He promised more testing

He is very proud he arranged for free vaccinations from Pfizer for the Olympic athletes and associates.

This will make the games safe

People arriving from India Nepal etc will have 3 tests on arrival and 6 days quarantine to stop the variants. ( which earlier he said is ALREADY 80% of cases in Osaka, 60% in Tokyo etc- for these he promised increased monitoring )

we are in safe hands

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 907 new coronavirus cases; 1,005 in Osaka See in context

Deaths today

50 just in Osaka.

over 100 nationwide

record cases in many places

yeah sure it is looking good here

BtW there is a serious article circulating that surmise Japan’s deaths are 10 times more than official numbers

yeah sure it is looking good here

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

great article on what Japan should do about the Olympics but no one in Japan is reading it I am sure

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

This story is just shows extraordinary incompetence that even Monty Python could not invent. What I don't understand is how the world press does not pick it up. I guess their is an embargo on negative Japanese stories related to COVID because of a certain coming event

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

Short and powerful SOE! I get the short part but I totally missed where the powerful part was.

Mutant strains are becoming dominant! Like is this not completely expected when you have a voluntary quarantine system for people returning overseas some with the mutant strains and then as reported are not complying with their quarantine. They do understand that is why this is happening I hope,

Anyhow what to do ! Of course hold a large scale sporting event and even further reduce the quarantine arrangements to zero! Have thousands of people from around the world sharing their mutant strains. What a brilliant idea!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers try to allay Sapporo test event concerns See in context

Stringent measures. The Indian cricket despite keeping the participants in a highly controlled bubble has just been canceled because the virus still got in. Japanese stringent measures are not even remotely close to that bubble in either design or enforcement. Welcome to the super spreading Olympic events

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 609 new coronavirus cases; 884 in Osaka See in context

someone mentioned political suicide. This concept has no meaning in Japan. Whatever the government does or says does not matter, the LDP will be comfortably elected with a nice majority next election. Hence low testing, the Olympics and vaccination deadlines that are impossible to be met. None of it matters in the end when you remain in power whatever you do

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Posted in: Australian PM retreats from threat to jail Australians trying to return from India See in context

People against this policy are downvoted because they are a Australians who supports to the ban, which the majority of Australians also support, or because you are embarrassed for the world to know the majority of Australian fully support this policy! If living in Japan I wonder what they will think is one day in the future this policy is applied to Australians in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 609 new coronavirus cases; 884 in Osaka See in context

Exactly as predicted. With the help of low testing due to GW the numbers man sitting by the fax machine has an easy job getting the numbers down for removal of the SOE on schedule the Olympics and the visit of Bach

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Posted in: Australian PM retreats from threat to jail Australians trying to return from India See in context

This is a political move because the majority of Australians fully support it and this is what makes it so shocking, not that the PM would use it for political gain as who can blame a politician to take advantage of pubic sentiment.

Even the racist nature of this ,( it was never even suggested when the US or UK were in similar or worse positions) does not put a dent in the vast masses of flag waving Australians cheering this on.

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Posted in: Suga says plenty of nurses available to work Olympics since 'many are taking time off now' See in context

This is probably worst comment by this prime minister ever. The recent pleas for 500 nurses universally disgusted nurses who went to social media to strongly reject this as did the Nurses association I believe. Nurses under extreme pressure due to the rise in COVID cases and often the limit to available beds for covid patients is not lack of physical beds but lack of nurse to look after the patients. Not to mention one of the main impediments to the vaccine program a lack of medical staff. And then he says this!

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Posted in: 6 torch relay staff in southwestern Japan test positive for COVID-19 See in context

They were wearing masks so all is okay according to Japanese covid philosophy. No testing of close contacts needed and so on. So much mask wearing in Japan, so little testing because wearing mask means you don't spread the virus (according to Japanese contact tracing) so how doe the virus keep spreading?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could be held without fans: Hashimoto See in context

How can she keep her pledge to hold safe games and completely protect athletes? Look at the story about the cruise ship today that were all tested before going on the cruise. What will happen to her when this ridiculous impossible impossible pledge is broken? Why say such a pointless thing?

She hopes people will be glad the even went ahead. But what if they are not. Can taxpayers get a refund?

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

Not long ago there was a Go To Travel campaign and people were encouraged to travel and Government ministers endlessly said it was perfectly safe. And then there is a SOE, or is it just a quasi SOE, that basically says the virus comes out only after 8 PM ( or is it 9 PM, this seems to vary) and only in restaurants and bars and recently only if you drink alcohol. And the same officials in charge of all this still seemed to be doing the exact opposite going out in groups to these same places. Now people are supposed to believe these same people that they need to stay home and not travel.

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Posted in: Japan's business leaders suggest ways for gov't to speed up vaccination rate See in context

Here is an idea divert the 10,000 doctors and nurses needed for the Olympics to giving vaccinations to the Japanese people.

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

Suga has said the government aims to finish inoculating the elderly by the end of July, which

would require the rollout to speed up significantly.

He didn’t say which year July. One such center will not be enough to speed it up. Maybe some thousand such centers could do it

Last night NHK news showed vaccine arriving at some county town BUT said vaccinations not to start for two weeks!!!!!. Interviewed the doctor. He said he would like to start soon!!!! Huh? - the vaccine is there they showed it being put into some freezer but it is now going to sit in that for weeks

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Posted in: U.S. advises citizens to 'reconsider travel' to Japan See in context

Reconsider to travel except for IOC American officials, dignitaries and guests including perhaps the president and VP and other US government guests to the COVID safe event

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Posted in: Commuter rush seen despite 3rd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

We just need to pray that the cases will decrease," 

and there is the crux of Japanese anti virus policy.

And to stop the Indian variant

we want to thoroughly take necessary measures, including strengthening border controls and monitoring steps," 

So Let’s invite many thousands of people from all countries around the world including India to come to Japan and EXEMPT them from any quarantine

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Posted in: 4 pro baseball stadiums will close to fans during state of emergency See in context

What is extraordinary is that games across the country that are continuing to be played with fans attending

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Posted in: Former trade minister questioned over gift scandal as probe resumes See in context

They seem to have a quota of small such cases that get reported in the media and investigated, which only end in deep bows and apologies anyhow. But meanwhile the real stories such as Abe masks and Dentsu contracts and many others involving really big money, are not even investigated and just vanish in the air.

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Posted in: What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time? See in context

This article left out the the important change to public transportation mentioned yesterday and even on NHK news last night. TEMPERATURE check at major stations! Now surely that will beat the virus and guarantee a safe Olympics!

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