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Bad news

50% increase from yesterday. Bottom of the curve reached. Next wave set to begin. New variants taking hold in Japan. Notice how news of the Japanese variants with more than 90 cases has disappeared from the news. perhaps they stopped testing for the variants along with stopping contact tracing and keeping the testing numbers as low as possible. The Olympics are approaching and spread of a Japanese variant would be the worst possible news so I guess they figure just don't test and don't check for the variants and all will be good.

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So unlike Japanese residents who are kindly requested not to do things or go places in Japan’s covid measures, foreign visitors to the Olympics are going to be actually required not to go to places, which will be monitoring by this overpriced app. And then if they are found to have broken their rules what is the penalty- fines, jail or deportation?

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Posted in: Many countries are competing for materials to carry out PCR tests. The difficulty in securing adequate supplies could continue for at least the rest of this year. See in context

No problem for Japan as they have one of the lowest rates of testing in the world. Government must be overjoyed with this justification for their limited restricted testing policy. Olympics can move to a no testing policy as well, just as its no vaccine policy.

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Looks like numbers bottomed out and on the rise again. Next wave about to start. It will be boosted by the SOE being removed and return to Go To Travel as being called for by the government. Perhaps the plan is to hasten herd immunity to cut down on the need for the delayed vaccine

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Let’s wait and see what happens in the next couple months. I predict a new wave is certainty as the variants gain hold including the new Japanese variant, but don’t call it that as that would spell doom for the Olympics, when Japan is on countries red lists because of its fast spreading, vaccine resistant variant. Time will tell.

Meanwhile when is the Go To Travel campaign resuming?

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Posted in: Kono warns of slower pace of COVID vaccine shots for elderly after supply delay See in context

In short the all the 30,000,000 elderly nation wide will be complete with second shot by around August or September. All of the rest of the population nation wide will not even have their first shot till 2022.

And lack of supply will be only a first in many issues, distribution, freezers, scheduling syringes and so on. And it will always be I am doing my best as the delay gets longer and longer

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Posted in: What problems do you foresee with the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine in Japan? See in context

judging by the roll out of the abemasks, which were just masks that needed to be posted out, not a vaccine that needs to be super frozen and injected into people’s arms, one cannot begin to imagine how many problems this rollout will have. Many have been mentioned above. Lack of supply the vaccine is obviously critical before even any of the other problems start. Distribution and problems of refrigeration, scheduling and wastage are followed. As an over 65, one of 30,000,000 in the country I think I will be lucky to be vaccinated around late summer/ Autumn just before the next winter. As for the rest of the population 2022 is likely

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Welcome to the Australian normal. It is not the normal of the rest of the world or most certainly not of Japan.

If any places in Australia had the virus number of almost any city in Japan they would locked down for months and the key thrown away, Look at the whole state of Victoria ( including places 100's of kilometres away from Melbourne the epicentre ) locked down now over 14 cases, with people confined to movement within 5 kms ( except the essential worker tennis players of course) for 5 days minimum (if more cases are found this will be extended). I am surprised no curfews this time or not yet at least.

Meanwhile in Japan 100s and 100s of cases a day rise to peak but defeated easily without any of the Australian strict measures but just by closing bars at 8PM. Australia really needs to consult with the Japanese experts

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Japan is destroying the third wave.

Indeed it appears this way. However meanwhile the new variants spread their way across Japan and the fourth wave is coming.

UK variant reported in community spread in Tokyo, Shizuoka, Hyogo and Saitama among people with NO connection to overseas travel. These variants are more easily transmitted as the outbreak in Melbourne from a quarantine hotel there clearly shows as they do intensive contact tracing ( no longer done in Japan) and high volume testing, ( never done in Japan) and really can map out the spread ( impossible in many cases in Japan) ,

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Was his comment inappropriate. Yes

Does he deserve to have his career destroyed. Yes

Actually I thought it was destroyed some 20 years ago when as the worst ever Japanese PM he was forced to resign yet here is 20 years later in a position of power forced to resign yet again

And why was he so indispensable for the Olympics to continue. I guess it is for sharing the brown paper bags around. And his pick from the old boys club to keep the wheels turning seems to have been rejected. Oh woe if some body outside the club gets the position and were to expose what is happening. But I guess there is no chance of that. Olympics will be held no matter what.

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So people are saying it is just the one pilot or is it the one Japanese guy who ignored home quarantine who are responsible for the multiple cases all over the country of community spread of the UK variant. It is spreading much faster than I thought possible. Or more likely there are multiple cases of people ignoring home quarantine spreading it, which is why I said Japanese quarantine does not work. And I certainly dont think it is just foreigners who are the ones breaking the home quarantine. Japanese probably make up the bulk of travellers. It could be any nationality.

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Approval does not mean there is enough supply as the article points out. Further vaccinations beyond this initial 20,000 may take time. Can Japan even vaccinate its early planned stage of all over 65s before the next winter let alone the rest o the population. Also how smooth will the rollout be? Does anyone recall the rollout of the free Abemasks? And that was just masks not requiring super freezers.

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Japanese quarantine does not work. This is a documented fact because there are now many cases of the UK variant community spread in various places in Japan with NO connection to overseas travel. ( Tokyo, Hyogo, Shizouka, Saitama) This means it got into the community from Travellers who became positive after the 3 day hotel quarantine and negative tests and didn't do home quarantine adequately. Or it could be from exempt travellers to the quarantine, businessman, Olympic officials, aircrew or whoever.

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Also What is fascinating about Sundays, when indeed there are less tests than other day, is that number of cases is still somewhat similar to the other days when then can be 5 or 6 times the number of tests. On Sundays nearly 30% of tests are positive for example but then the next day for example way more tests but similar number of tests 10 or 15 % positive. It is similar week after week,

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 491 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,885 See in context

They said they stopped contact tracing in Tokyo hence the less tests ( and cases found)

not just on Sundays.

Hiroshima like those before them promising more tests was just empty words

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Thank you for volunteering to bring the UK variant and spread it around Japan. Are these people serious? There may only be Japanese spectators, if that, and they don't need foreign volunteers to guide them around. But the government and the olympics want to bring these people they must ensure they do two weeks fully supervised hotel quarantine at their own expense probably since they are volunteers.

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Tonights 7PM NHK news February 9th said that because of the size of Japan's syringes they can only get 5 does out of a vial instead of the 6 that is designed to be delivered. Because of this Japan will lose 1 does per vial so it means they will be getting 20% less doses than they though they would be getting. I am only reporting what the news said.

I dont know if this is correct and perhaps the experts on this forum know better, but that is what they said. and this story confirms and explains in more detail

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Posted in: EU approves first shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Japan See in context

New problem for Japan with the vaccine now , they need 20 % more, The vaccine comes in vials of 6 doses but Japanese syringes only can take 5 so this has suddenly reduced the amount of vaccine Japan is getting by 20% . The extra part in each vial of 6 will be wasted. Source- todays 7 PM NHK news.

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i have to agree with [email protected] about the incredulity thing but the numbers are what they are so maybe there is envy as well in how good Japan has done. I am surprised other countries are not consulting with the Japanese "experts".

Anyhow the numbers in Japan are now so good if things continue at this rate the virus will e eliminated in another month and maybe there won't be any pressing need to vaccinate anyhow. This will help solve the new problem that the vaccine comes in vials of 6 doses but Japanese syringes only can take 5 so this has suddenly reduced the amount of vaccine Japan is getting by 20% ( that part will be wasted due to the japanese lack of syringe capacity)

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All those countries with their strict lockdowns must be looking at Japan with envy. Only country in the world with Go To travel campaign to encourage spread of the virus around country, but closing bars at 8 PM solves it in a short time.

I think not only will the SOE be canceled before its end date but Go TO Travel will restart soon as well, The budget for that was recently passed in anticipation.

Despite all those who expect the worse, including myself, Japan mysteriously discards all those worst case predictions and is back to business.

Of course I wouldn't be surprised to see another wave in the next couple months particularly with the new variants spreading in the community and particularly if they really do restart GO TO Travel, which honestly would not surprise me.

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Numbers on as steep rise again. New record for official deaths in Japan and Tokyo yesterday. Where are all the accolades for the PM and government in beating the disease!

Maybe stopping contact tracing is not enough to keep the numbers low.

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Posted in: Japan urged to link private, public testing to better grasp extent of pandemic See in context

What an epiphany! Those Japanese health experts are brilliant!

Unfortunately this will take many long meetings and serious consultations and the earliest it can possibly be done will be after the Olympics - you wouldn't want to disturb the Olympic dream would you.

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Posted in: Japan gets details on 2 million offshore accounts to combat tax evasion See in context

And as to giving your MY Number to foreign banks. My foreign bank gave me a choice to provide the number or lose access to my Internet banking with them. Perhaps I could have argued with them or taken them to court over this in my home country I am not sure, but if you are paying your correct taxes and declaring what you are supposed to and so on in an account linked you and your Japanese address, not quite sure what is the point. The tax department has powers to get your banking information from the foreign banks if they deem necessary.

If you want to hide these thing, then obviously you need to do it with accounts not in your name or linked to you and/or your Japanese address or any Japanese connection.

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Posted in: Japan gets details on 2 million offshore accounts to combat tax evasion See in context

Sleepless nights for those Japanese and foreign residents who do not do their compulsory yearly foreign asset reports. ( over 50 million yen in cash or other assets) Possible jail terms await you.

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

'Hold on" till the Olympics are over since they have to be held whatever the virus situation anyhow we are told.

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Posted in: BioNTech 'confident' it will meet Japan's COVID-19 vaccine demand See in context

Whatever group you belong to the more people who are vaccinated in the population, the fewer hosts the virus has to use.

I thought it is widely understood the vaccine does not prevent people getting the virus and they are still able to transmit the virus to others, Every story I have read says this. A couple said it MIGHT reduce transmission but there is no evidence yet, What it supposedly is proven to do so far is prevent the people vaccinated getting seriously ill, which is very good if it does that. Thus it does not reduce hosts. As the statistics world wide in every country tell us people below 25 have an extremely low chance of getting seriously ill or dying from the virus. For children it is effectively 0. If this is the case that vaccinated people remain hosts to the virus I fail to see why vaccinations are necessary for low risk people. If I was such, or a parent considering my children, I most certainly would not want to be vaccinated with these essentially trial vaccines. What for?

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Invalid comparisons will be made to the tennis about to begin in Melbourne next week. I am sure as the tennis progresses the Olympic dream stories will flow. However they are different events in a place with a different covid situation and different covid rules.

As previously posted above if you missed this story it is a good analysis of this and the whole situation,

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despite the miraculous drop in numbers that no other country can replicate, (a dramatic drop in numbers simply by closing bars at 8PM) it seems the government may not believe their own numbers because they have extended the SOE

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Posted in: Japan ramps up ultra-cold freezer production ahead of vaccine roll-out See in context

I guess this will not happen here 

The easily expired vaccine because of the short usability of the vaccine after it is thawed, will go to the rubbish or more likely they will just use ineffectual expired doses on people as they wouldn’t even understand the expiry issues after it is thawed.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 393 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,792 See in context

Success of the strategy to stop contact tracing. Numbers have fallen since this was announced last week.

What a brilliant idea to bring down the number!.

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