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Posted in: U.S. increasingly concerned over Russian troop build up at Ukraine border See in context

The article deliberately omits the fact that Ukrainian Army regularly bombards Donetsk and other cities of Donbass with artillery and mortar fire, almost daily killing innocent people, and Ukrainian regime forces moved additional units to the frontline for a possible offensive.


Ukraine has nothing to gain by initiating anything around there

Not correct. Ukraine regime desperately needs a good deflection from its catastrophic situation in the country, war is a perfect excuse for all failures. Plus constant pressure from hordes of rabid neo-nazis who demand "victory". And more important, Ukraine desperately wants to prevent Russians and Europeans from finishing the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, with this pipeline complete Ukraine will lose its status as a gas transit country and will lose huge money. Stoking tensions, staging provocations and even war - Ukraine is ready for everything, just like a junkie who needs a fix.

@Toasted Heretic

Another interesting question might be, who's funding pro-Putin sentiment on thousands of internet sites?

There is even more interesting question - who's funding anti-Russian hysteria on thousands of internet sites?

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Posted in: Lavrov says U.S. policy towards Russia is 'dumb,' ineffective See in context

Lavrov is right, as usual. Did the U.S. policy reach its goal to force Russia to submit to U.S. demands? No. It means the U.S. policy is ineffective. Plus extremely clumsy American pressure brought Russia and China much closer, actually they have now an alliance. It means the U.S. policy is not just ineffective, but also very dumb. Clever people increase the number of friends, dumb people increase the number of enemies.

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Russian troops massing at the border with Ukraine, a build-up of Russian military in the Arctic, Russian troops (and mercenary forces) fighting in Syria and Libya

NATO forces massing at the border with Russia, USAF strategic bombers land in Norway, US / NATO / mercenary forces fighting in Syria, Libya and in several other countries, NATO combined military budget is at least ten times bigger then the Russian military budget. Hmm, I wonder where the threat to the peace comes from?

The Ukrainian neonazi regime, established as the result of the NATO-orchestrated coup d'etat in 2014, itching to punish those in the Donbass region who oppose its neonazi agenda. That's the reason for war number 1.

Reason number 2: the Ukrainian regime wants a war to deflect attention of the populace from the desperate economic situation in the country, result of its extremely incompetent economic policy.

Reason number 3: this summer the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will be complete, as the result Ukraine will lose its status as a transit country and lose a lot of money. Ukrainian nazi are desperate to prevent it.

Here they have a full support from Washington, who wants to prevent Europeans from buying cheap Russian pipeline gas and force them to buy much more expensive American LNG. As Americans like to say, "nothing personal, it's business".

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Will Japan be able to take over China in arms race?

No need for Japan to do that. All that Japan needs are warships and planes enough to defend Senkaku.

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The present West (US with some allies) strongly reminds the Nazi Germany in 30s: Hitler for all faults blamed the Jews, the West now for all its ptoblems blames the Russians.

Before blaming Moscow the Western leaders should look at the mirror at themselves and ask "who the hell we are to lecture others"? The West invaded and destryoed several countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya), killing hundreds of thousand of people, staged coupes d'etat (Ukraine), meddled in internal affairs of other countries, staged false-flag provocations like the Skripal affair, suppressed brutally any dissent (Assange, Snowden), supported real despots and killers (Saudi Arabia), terrorists (Syria), maintained open (Guantanomo) and secret (CIA "black ops" stations in Eastern Europe) illegal prisons where people were held for years without any charges. Poor Lavrov, he has to be polite with such scoundrels the Western leaders are!

From the Japanese point of view the Western policy is a pure idiocy. By their stupid attacks on Russia the U.S. actually forged the alliance between Russia and China, though the relations between these countries were rather difficult for years. Great foreign policy achievement!! Congrats, or something.

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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context


Because China will ignore the ICJ ruling if it is not in China's favor. Already done that with other disputed islands.

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He lost

Google your friend. Adjust your picture of the world to reality.

No, no they didn’t

In the past Ukraine produced space rockets, cargo planes and ocean ships. Now it does not produce anything and begging IMF for loans, just like a junkie without a fix. Sure it is a success story all neighbours want to emulate.

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Based on the vote

About 80 percent voted for Lukashenko last year.

And Ukraine is now a wreck because of the Russians

How come? After the 2014 coup Ukraine is under complete Western control. Ukrainians destroyed their country under Western guidance.

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Posted in: Police in Belarus capital arrest more than 100 protesters See in context

@ zichi

80% of the voters do not support the current president Lukashenko

Statement based on what?

Lukashenko lost a lot of popularity recently, nevertheless majority of the people do not want to repeat the same stupid mistake their neighbours from Ukraine did when they toppled a "bad" president in a Western-orchestrated coup d'etat in 2014 and got instead even worse scumbag. Now Ukraine is a complete wreck. Belorussians know it and they don't want the same fate.

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risk his life for the sake of democracy

I had a very good laugh, thank you! Navalny does not care about democarcy, or anything else except his money. He is a political con artist, who started his career with fiery nationalist rhetoric, saw no money there and then enlisted as a Western asset for subversion operations. Jail is a very suitable place for such character.

Assange - that's the man who really risked his life for the sake of democracy. The West is a coward who tries to kill the man who disclosed its dirty secrets.

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Posted in: Russian opposition leader Navalny's health worsens in prison See in context

Brutal Putin forced Navalny to do what he neved done in his whole useless life: work. Now Navalny sends distress calls to his foreign paymasters, because he has no lobsters, no French wine and has to work!! It's so cruel!! And interesting to observe such great concern for Navalny's well-being from the same people who demonstrated complete disregard for the well-being of Assange.

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Posted in: Trudeau says Putin behind 'terrible things' See in context


Actually true Putin orchestrated the invasions of Georgia and Ukraine

False statement. There were no invasion of Georgia at all. Georgians attacked first but were soundly beaten. Crimea peacefully returned to Russia to the utmost delight of the locals. Anyway, after NATO stole Kosovo it has zero moral authority to give lectures on international law.

Intercepted communications show that Putin’s thugs from the Russian army were involved in the invasion and were also snipers during the insurrection

What are you talking about? What invasion, what snipers? And provide link to the "intercepted communications", that would be fun.

Putin’s Russian forces I tensionally targeted civilian populations in rebel areas


Laughably true Novachock he used it on multiple Russians

Skripal and Navalny are very much alive after they were "poisoned with the most lethal chemical weapon in the world". What a miracle! Name other "multiple Russians".

He has shut down multiple independent news agencies some of the Journalists have mysteriously fallen out of open windows

Proof? Name even one such news agency or even one journalist fallen from the window.

It’s not the same one does not become a Billionaire

Proof of Putin's billions? Any proof?

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Posted in: Trudeau says Putin behind 'terrible things' See in context


democratic nations should come together and bring him to heel

I've heard this brave talk since at least 2014. As tough guy Chuck Norris said at one of his movies, "Stop talking and just do it". What's the problem?


Russia has been waging cyberwar against Poland, Estonia, Finland, USA and others for over 10 years

USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Finland and others has been waging cyberwar against Russia for over 10 years.

Yugoslavia self-destructed in the 90s

Not correct. Much smaller Yugoslavia existed till 2006, when its last two republics, Serbia and Montenegro, became independent. Exactly 22 years ago, March 24, 1999, NATO started its last aggression against Yugoslavia.

Moammar Qaddafy was nobody's friend, he was always a terrormongering brat

True. So what? You want to justify the NATO aggression against Libya and destruction of the country? Before the aggression Libya was of Africa's most prosperous countries, now Libya is a wreck with slavery markets, courtesy of NATO.

Anyway, nice to see you have no objections to the rest of my theses.

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Posted in: Trudeau says Putin behind 'terrible things' See in context

Oh, about the chemical weapons: I forgot to mention depleted uranium ammunition, used by NATO in Yugoslavia and Iraq that is till poisoning and kiliing people today.

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Posted in: Trudeau says Putin behind 'terrible things' See in context

Western propaganda machine at full throttle. Let's see the facts.

He’s supported redrawing Europe’s borders by force

NATO actually redraw Europe's borders when it invaded Yugoslavia and stole a part of it by brutal force to create a failed criminal state called Kosovo.

He’s sent Russian soldiers to support supplicant dictators

Russian forces helped Syria not to fall into the hands of IS and jihadists of all stripes. Any other examples of Russian soldiers abroad?

Meanwhile NATO in the past twenty years invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, killing hundreds of thousand innocent people.

He’s intentionally bombed civilian targets in Syria

Any facts to support this claim? And facts of air strikes of NATO forces at civilian targets in Afghanistan and Iraq were more then plentiful.

He’s used chemical weapons against political opponents both at home and abroad

Facts? I mean facts, not the usual propaganda blah-blah? UK refused to provide any official medical data on the Skripal fiasco, Germany also was very reluctant to provide facts. And interesting to note that "victims of chemical weapons" are more then alive and healthy.

He’s suppressed free media

How? In Russia are dozens of opposition media outlets, actively supported and funded by the West (no meddling in other countries' internal affairs, no - no!!).

He’s magically become one of the worlds richest men

Facts? Name his banks, accounts, or better confiscate all his assets, what's the problem?

Meanwhile NATO contries support themselves by robbing peoples of invaded countries of their national resources, or simply providing cover for drugs trade (Afghanistan, where the production of heroin after the NATO invasion skyrocketed).

Poor Vlad, he had to meet and say polite words to the gang of killers, stealers and narcobarons the NATO leaders are.

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Posted in: 19-year-old gets 7-12 years for murder of man over telephone scam dispute See in context

Story with a happy end: one scumbag dead, two others behind bars. I suppose their dispute was not caused by guilty conscience.

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines

This American trick "blame Russians for everything on Earth we don't like" is becoming more and more pathetic. Let's see some examples of "Russian disinformation":

Oops, it's not Russians!!! Never mind, keep consuming the usual propaganda fodder about Gremlins from the Kremlin.

Austrian media report that 41 people died after vaccination by Pfizer and BioNTech. In Japan a woman died several days ago from the anaphylactic shock after vaccination, I saw it in the newspapers. What, Russian propaganda again?


Me and 99% of the world understand


No-one trusts Russians

99 of the world? No one? Tell me about disinformation. So far the Sputnik was approved for use by about 40 countries, including Argentina, Egypt, Pakistan and EU members Hungary and Slovakia.

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation See in context


in the UK about 15-20% of power is from renewables

May be. But I really doubt they'll go further.

Do you really believe that Japanese steelmakers, cement makers and other industries with high energy needs, plus millions of households, can be reliably supplied by renewables?

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation See in context

Nonsense. At the present technological level renewable energy can be produced only with huge government subsidies (at somebody else's expense), it's too expensive, unreliable and unpredictable. You can, under very favourable weather conditions, with wind or solar electricity-generating equipment get more or less energy for your private house, but no way you can get enough energy for factories and plants. If the government wants to de-industrialize Japan then yes, go for the renewables.

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force to get transport vessels for islands See in context

@Sven Asai

Deploy an autonomous multi-missile launcher on the Senkakus , sending four radio warnings every three minutes on different frequencies when ships intrude the area

Not very bright idea. A ship with an inoperable radio equipment also can enter the area by chance.

@Hiro S Nobumasa

Building transport vessels is the only option for Tokyo coz they know those isles are not an inherent part of Japan

No, building TRANSPORT vessels is the only option for Tokyo coz it wants to TRANSPORT cargo.

I just don't understand this bureucratic stuff, why to put maritime operations, even transport, under GSDF, not MSDF?

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Posted in: Japanese submarine, Hong Kong ship collide off Shikoku See in context

@Michael Machida

This was no accident. Any military intelligence officer can tell you that

OK, then what it was?

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Posted in: Moscow court orders Kremlin foe Navalny to prison See in context


Spoken like a true Russian Oligarch

No, spoken like anyone with objective view on things. In the US or UK anybody like Navalny would be in prison a decade ago, first of all for treason, then for instigating riots, then embezzlement, then tax evasion.

And the difference between the treatment in the West of Navalny and Assange is astonishing. Blatant hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Moscow court orders Kremlin foe Navalny to prison See in context


Putin poisoned this guy, refused him treatment and when he went abroad for treatment

The usual propaganda fodder. If Putin wanted Navalny dead this sleazeball would have been dead long ago. And Navalny got medical treatment immediately (he himself thanked the doctors in Siberia), then he was allowed, as an exception, to go to Gremany for further treatment while the borders were closed due to the coronavirus.

So, the prominent foreign agent, embezzler and political con artist (no steady job for years, only steady inflow of cash from abroad) goes to jail. Very good news. No fancy French vines, no lobsters. A cozy jail cell with simple healthy food is waiting!

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Posted in: Russia warns Navalny supporters not to attend Sunday protests See in context


"No Russian troops in Crimea "

How do have a discussion with fanatics?

"Saddam has WMD. Russians poisoned Skripal and Navalny"

How to have a discussion with fanatics?

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Posted in: Russia warns Navalny supporters not to attend Sunday protests See in context


So many rooms to fill up and so much dirty money to spend!

Seriously, do you really believe that Putin, like some schoolkid, will spend his time playing the slot machines?

The FSB are probably trying to figure out the tech to stop that

Lol!! At their military base at Hmeimim (Syria) the Russians for the last several years have neutralized hundreds of drones (attack and intelligence-gathering versions), courteously supplied to terrorebels by their Western curators. Do you really believe the Russians were unable to neutralize Navalny's drone if they wanted to?

And the main question: why this place is called Putin's palace if Putin was never seen there? You believe just the word of Navalny? I wouldn't trust him even a ten-yen coin.

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The collapse of the corrupt Russian gangsteracrocy is a comin'

You keep writing it for at least the last six or seven years, since I registered on JT. Still believe in it?

Putin looks tinier than ever

Childish attacks on somebody appearance is a sure sign that you have absolutely zero logical arguments.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain to hold talks next week to boost security ties See in context


Naval power. intelligence at least

Intelligence - yes, may be. But naval power... Hardly. The Royal Navy now is a pale shadow of its former self, it does not have enough ships for patrols in the Atlantic, let alone sending a sizeable squardon to the Pacific.

It'd be better do because Japan is a much nicer country to have around

Absolutely agree, but "nicer" is emotional, in the tough world of economic interests money talks, emotions are very secondary. Not sure Chinese lavish offer to the U.K. won't outweigh Japan's.

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Posted in: Russia warns Navalny supporters not to attend Sunday protests See in context

Have you seen Vlad's new $1.4 billion pad down by the Black Sea? Nice eh?

Yeah, funny stuff. I really enjoyed the parts with a smoking room (for the man who does not smoke) and a game machine arcade (for the man who never was a gamer). And particularly I was impressed by the drone flight over the "Putin's residence", the most funniest part. Can a drone be flown over the Whte House, or any residence of a U.S. president, or a U.K. prime minister? I hope you know the meaning of the words "no-fly zone".

Seriously, the first time Navalny began talking about this residence was about ten years ago. The problem is that during these years nobody saw Putin in this place or around it. No wonder Russians dismissed this fabrication as Navalny's last attempt to portray himself as a opposition leader, not a sleazeball he really is.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain to hold talks next week to boost security ties See in context

Good declaration, pleasant to hear. But two big questions remain.

First - how UK can really help Japan in case of serious confrontation with China, particularly in case of a crisis around Senkaku?

Second - will UK really threaten its business relations with China in order to help Japan?

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Posted in: Russia warns Navalny supporters not to attend Sunday protests See in context

Putin fears Navalny!

Laughablae. The man with 70-80 percent of support fears a political con artist with a something about 1 percent of support? Seriously?

Navalny belongs to jail. He never had a steady job, have a criminal record for embezzlement, but he enjoys a good life at the expense of his gullible supporters from whom he incessantly solicited donations. And of course, the big influx of money from murky foreign donors. In the US he would be long ago thrown into jail as a foreign agent and embezzler.

Navalny, it's time to face the music! Enough of fancy hotels and restaurants, a cozy cell with plain food is waiting for you.

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