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Posted in: Exodus of Republican voters tired of Trump could push party further right See in context

StrangerlandToday  01:26 am JST

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the third party that springs up in retaliation to Trump. That will make for a left-of-center party, a right-of center party, and a far-right party. As a centrist, that leaves two parties that would appeal to me.


No, there would be four parties. Conveniently you did not mention a far-left party. This would be led by AOC and a few others. It is referred to as the radical left.

By the way, just a couple of days ago you claimed to be a leftist, but now a centrist. What changed? To be taken seriously, consistency is a must.

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Posted in: NASA's Perseverance rover beams back spectacular new images See in context

snowymountainhellToday  09:02 am JST

Give it up @Sandy. Nobody wants to see Uranus! The gas there is not tolerable for humans; not even worth probing. Leave that to the aliens.


There are some astronomers at the San Francisco observatory interested in exploring Uranus.  Let’s hope Mars is somewhat habitable for future missions.

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Posted in: Biden, Democrats consider piecemeal approach to immigration reform See in context

StrangerlandToday 07:08 am JST

yeah. Because Trump never considered the threat part.

No, because Trump considered every immigrant a threat.

Absolute baloney! Show some proof that he considered every immigrant a threat. Of course you can't. Do you think MS-13 should be allowed into the country? Such binary thinking and illogical statements serves no purpose. Trump did not want people to come into the country illegally. What is wrong with that? He wanted people to come into the country legally and had a talent that could strengthen the country, such as engineers, computer scientists, etc.. Many that come into the country illegally get phony social security cards and also go on welfare, it was so bad that some hospitals in the south were under such financial strain that certain hospital units had to close down. Who pays for the health care of illegal immigrants? Of course, the citizens of the country to the tune of billions of dollars.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends above 30,000 mark for 1st time in over 30 years See in context

JeffLeeToday 06:47 am JST

A lot of resentment on this board. Do you realize that the biggest holders of stocks and other securities are pension funds and other social security schemes, and in addition millions of individuals rely on them for their retirement and kids's education?

Buying shares in Japan has been cheap and easy for many years now. If you didn't bother and chose to hoard cash instead, then tough. You should be critizing yourselves instead of those who made smart decisions.

Well written, JeffLee. Totally accurate. It is simply called investing in one's future. It can be done in many ways, such as more education, various experience (paid and voluntary), and investing in stocks and bonds (domestic, international, etc.), among others. The stock market has come back remarkably, almost frightening, yet as the world opens up more with the rollout of vaccines, life will get back to somewhat normal as we remember it. Remember, the stock market is usually ahead of what happens and thus anticipating that the upcoming "normal life" will result in profits for companies, more jobs, etc.. That is why stocks are on the upward trajectory. Maybe it is not a bad time to take some (not all) profits. I recall an old saying "You can't go broke taking a profit."

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Posted in: 'I failed': Skewered by Britney fans, Justin Timberlake apologizes See in context

"I've seen the messages, tags, comments, and concerns and I want to respond," Timberlake said Friday on Instagram.

If this is the reason he responds after so much time has passed, he is not sincere. If he was sincere, he would have apologized many moons ago. It is like a criminal (rapist, con artist, you name it) apologizing when they are caught. They are only sorry that they got caught, not for the crimes. Having written this, as others have written, who cares? As for privilege, give me a break. Certainly some white men are privileged by birth in an affluent family and family contacts in high places, but most that have attained anything worthwhile most likely worked their backsides off to get it.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for swindling ¥10 mil from women in ‘sugar daddy' scam See in context

StrangerlandToday  08:50 am JST

No sympathy at all for those kind of women. They are worst than prostitutes and escorts.

Did you read the article? The swindler was a man. I think you commented on the wrong article

Euro Dude read the article, but evidently you did not.  That’s what happens with your binary thinking.  Depending on the situation, the women swindled can be (but maybe not always) worse than prostitutes and escorts because they would just be using the rich papa-katsu, probably bleeding the papa-katsu for as much as they can over time, maybe even after the papa-katsu lost their spouse, thus, extremely lonely.  So the swindlers (the women) were swindled themselves. It goes both ways sometimes.

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Posted in: Want a stronger world after COVID-19? Choose more women leaders See in context

Sven AsaiFeb. 9 12:26 pm JST

I disagree on making that a question of numbers or gender. The best qualified and experienced always should be given such positions, regardless of irrelevant other criteria. That can be a woman, a man and to be honest, in many cases it could also be a child, a computer, a dice or even a randomly acting donkey or an intelligent

Exactly! I could never fathom why people wanted Hillary Clinton to become president based on her being the first female president. Let the most qualified become president, or any leader, and if that happens to be a female, then that's fine. Why always strive for mediocrity? By the way, I have nothing against donkeys or chimpanzees, or children. Those that post on this forum were all children at one time. Some still are, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Want a stronger world after COVID-19? Choose more women leaders See in context

Steve MartinFeb. 9 11:00 am JST

Hmm ... granted, there are probably a greater percentage of men who fall into 'dark triad' behavior traits.

But then again, imagine being governed by the likes of Like Elizabeth Holmes, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sarah Palin, Sarah Huckabee Sanders ... shall I go on?

Yes, go on, and don't forget Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar (so tolerant of the Jewish people)..., shall I go on?

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Posted in: Nadal, Barty, Kenin off to winning starts; ailing Azarenka stunned in Australian Open See in context

Sofia Kenin  has the most unusual serve I have ever seen.    She looks down when she tosses the ball in the air and visually picks it up when it is falling down.  It’s been called a “no look toss”. Yet, she has done so well.  I guess technique matters little if the outcome is winning.  I watched her in the Fed Cup in late 2019 and she covers so much ground. But this is expected from one of the best.

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Posted in: Melania didn't 'care,' but Jill Biden wants to show she does See in context

I didn't follow Melania's doings all that much, but it certainly was more appealing to see her face than that of Hillary Clinton.

I hope the Republicans don't stoop to the garbage level of Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan (a Democrat) and Hollywood liberals that went after Barron Trump, the son of the president. Barron was only 13 years of age and liberals, obviously full of hate, went after him. Yet, going after Joe Biden's grown son, Hunter, was a no-no in the eyes of the left. Just too much hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Man to be extradited to Japan for aiding Ghosn's escape accuses U.S. of 'betrayal' See in context

KevinFeb. 3  02:31 am JST

Japan does not use torture, Mr. Taylor. That sounds more like the official US justice system, for example Guantanamo Bay.

Once upon a time in my youth while serving shore patrol duty in Yokosuka, we would occasionally have to transport US military prisoners who had committed some heinous crime in Japan to and from Kurihama prison to the base so they could get medical work done, along with two Japanese guards. No speaking to other prisoners outside of one 20 minute break per day. Never make eye contact with a guard. Punishments included sitting in a chair facing a wall with your hands on your knees for 12 hours. Let me tell you, being locked up in a Japanese prison is basically mental torture, I would not wish it upon anyone. Ask yourself why there is an episode of "Locked Up Abroad" focused on Japan.

Did you ever ask the opinion of the victim’s family of these heinous crimes, especially when they will never see, touch, hold, kiss, or talk to their loved one anymore for all of eternity?  They may disagree with you. If such heinous crimes were committed against your family, would you feel the same way, even try to get the criminals released?

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Posted in: Aeon tightens rules on employees who smoke See in context

Cigarette smoke sucks and second hand smoke can't be any good, either.

I once dated a very nice girl but she smoked.  It was like kissing an ashtray (I suppose, as I never actually kissed an ashtray).  However, she had a couple of attributes that helped me overcome the ashtray-like kisses.

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Posted in: A letter from her former self: a Twitter user makes some surprising changes growing up See in context

A great idea.  Sort of one’s own time capsule.  But not just for oneself, how about predicting the future. We all probably do that in words, but how many people actually write it down and thus remember what they originally thought, and then can compare it to actual reality?

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Posted in: Tooth or consequences: Even during a pandemic avoiding the dentist can be bad for your oral health See in context

Remember, be true to your teeth, or they will be false to you.

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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

I don’t know which is funnier, this article or some of the comments.   Of course, I am glad the girls were not hurt. 

Anyhow, this reminds me of the 65 year old exhibitionist who was going to retire but then decided not to retire.  He decided to stick it out another year.

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Posted in: Far-right groups move to messaging apps See in context

Lazarus KnowsJan. 27 05:55 pm JST

In other news, far left groups can still openly invite violence on twitter!

I've not heard of this. Do you have example?

Did you ever hear of Democrat Representative Maxine Waters?   She called for confronting and harassing Trump supporters anywhere and all the time, chasing them out of restaurants, etc..

 What do you think this would lead to, happiness and inclusion?  It will lead to violence and other bad things. And when it does, she will not take responsibility for it. Imagine if conservatives said this about liberals, they would be vilified.  But for Maxine, she is a hero to the liberals.  Although I don't condone the violence, I am getting to see why the far right stormed the Capital.

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Posted in: Life of A-bomb-hit Hiroshima girl and family being made into film See in context

GWJan. 26 01:13 pm JST

I am ok with it, IF IF IF, the flick includes how children in the Far East & South East Asia suffered & were killed to balance this out some.......yeah right, will NEVER happen here!!!

Exactly!  Does one ever think that the Japanese civilian population was told of the atrocities or learned them in school?   For example, Japanese soldiers in the Philippines removing the eyeballs out of little children’s faces and writing their names in kanji on the walls using the eyeballs as ink.

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Posted in: Diapers with your juice? Japan's vending machines embrace baby goods See in context

Has anyone seen the vending machines that sell insects?  These are mainly beetles (kabutomushi). Are they live beetles or plastic? In which city did you see them?

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Posted in: Hank Aaron, baseball's one-time home run king, dies at 86 See in context

One of the greatest of all time. I’ll take him over Barry (steroid) Bonds any day.  But did people miss this?

Aaron made his last public appearance just 2 1/2 weeks ago, when he received the COVID-19 vaccine. He said he wanted to help spread the word to Black Americans that the vaccine is safe.

His untimely death may make people think twice about getting the vaccine. This certainly is not great press for the safety of the vaccine.  But then again, at age 86, maybe it was his time.  It makes one think that when very elderly people pass away and covid is declared as the reason, was it really the cause?  I heard that hospitals, etc. that declare someone died of covid is given extra funds from the government as opposed to a non covid death. Maybe this is sort of a danger pay type situation for the hospital staff. In any case, it does make one wonder if all covid related deaths are actually covid related. 

On April 8, 1974, before a sellout crowd at Atlanta Stadium and a national television audience, Aaron broke Ruth’s home run record with No. 715 off Al Downing of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I remember seeing this on TV.  It is probably not the notoriety that Al Downing wished for in his career. However, he was a great pitcher, too.

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Posted in: A new COVID-19 challenge: Mutations rise along with cases See in context

kyronstavicJan. 21 02:43 pm JST

Aly RustomToday  08:34 am JST

A couple of days ago, I was listening to Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State ,and he said something I thought was very interesting:

Interesting's right. Isn't he the same Andrew Cuomo who ordered the sending of people infected with the coronavirus into nursing homes with all those elderly people, triggering thousands of deaths?

Wouldn't be paying much attention to what he says.

I agree totally.  It is certainly par for the course that I never heard CNN criticize present New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sending the infected people with coronavirus to nursing homes and subsequent deaths of elderly people.  Does anyone think that Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo, an anchor at CNN, has anything to do with this?  Of course he certainly does. By the way, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was their father.  Isn’t it interesting that the liberal Democrats often rail against so called “white privilege”, yet say nothing about the “white privilege” of the Democratic Cuomos? A double standard? It can’t be.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s latest plan to boost birth rate: Pay people 100,000 yen per baby they give birth to See in context

Jim4790Jan. 21  06:20 pm JST

If Japan is serious about increasing the birth rates and stabilizing or growing its population it needs to do what the US has: We encourage unwed mothers to have as many children as possible. We support them through both local and federal subsidies. Then we heap on a huge amount of praise about the struggle of single motherhood. The guys that knock them up are not required to support their kids but we the tax payer will do that. And when the child grows up they can play the victim card and blame all their demons and short comings on society and start collecting money and breading just like their parents. Trust me once you create that success pool of parenting your population will explode!!

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> SandyBeachHeavenJan. 21  07:13 pm JST


Fabulous remark and so true. And each kid has a different father, so much easier to collect welfare.


You are both right on the mark. Oh my, how very true this is.  In the USA, in 2018, for single mothers the rate of births was 28% for whites, 52 % for Hispanics, and 69% for blacks. They know that if they declare they are single with children they will get more money in welfare, food stamps, etc..  Even if the “father” lives with them, the mothers still declare they are single mothers so as to get these payments. For children living in single-parent homes, the odds of living in poverty are great. Guess which political party encourages this? Yes, the Democratic liberal party, particularly in the black community. Why? Simply to keep these people, mostly the black community, under their control and future votes. They don’t want the black community to think for themselves. Even Biden essentially said this when he famously said “If you vote for Trump, you ain’t black”. The black community is taken for granted, and paid off with welfare etc.. It was the Democratic party that kept blacks physically enslaved 200 years ago and then were only freed after the Civil War. Now, in 2021, they are kept in financial slavery.  Check out these statistics:

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Posted in: Dylan, Crosby, Young, Fleetwood: Music publishing sector booming with high-profile sales See in context

The Byrds were very good. Nonetheless, the Beatles are still my favorite.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

Desert TortoiseToday 03:38 am JST

A question everybody needs to ask themselves is who is being harmed by this service.

Much of the workforce are sex slaves, often from abroad. They are lured with promises of other kinds of work, but upon arrival their sponsors confiscate their passports and lock them up in a home forcing them to work as sex workers.

That is usually the case. Of course, some do it out of their own free will to help pay expenses (college tuition, fancy clothes...), but these are probably women not from abroad. I suppose it would be difficult to determine which is which. If these women are from abroad and not in possession of their own passports, then that is one key indication of human trafficking. Just google "signs of human trafficking", especially associated with massage parlors. There is much information there.

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Posted in: COVID-19 prompts rethink of mass tourism See in context

I was at Machu Picchu many moons ago, as maybe many who post on JT have also done.  It was a fantastic experience and Cusco was great, too.   It is one of those places that bring you back in time hundreds of years, if not more, especially when so many questions about the place have yet to be answered.  Hopefully it can open up fully again, but not too much so as to keep it well intact. Places like this provide jobs for so many people, such as hotel and food workers, guides, drivers, even people employed by the train company that transports them from Cusco.  Plus, without Machu Picchu, probably half of Cusco inhabitants would lose their jobs as tourists that go to Machu Picchu usually spend a couple of days in Cusco.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after selling counterfeit Chanel item to police officer at flea market See in context

Nppori NickJan. 17 12:22 am JST

I really don't understand why so many resources are wasted on such a small item.

Go after wholesalers and big places selling these items if you wish, but seriously? At a flea market? One item?

Guess you don’t know one of the ways LE operates.  I don’t know how Japan LE works, but in other countries these small fish can lead to the big ones. Either they rat on their supplier for a leaner sentence, or none at all, or the information can be found on their cell phone, etc.. Either way, it is a sort of contact tracing up the chain to catch the big fish. Let me tell you, the big fish are not personally selling these items at a flea market, they either own the flea market or have control over the distribution of counterfeit products. The big fish may not even live in the same country. That’s where Interpol joins the scene.

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Posted in: Drinkable cheesecake See in context

I don't know about drinkable cheesecake, but I heard of someone that went to the store and got milk, and then to the gas station and got gas. I suppose he was lactose intolerant.

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Posted in: Disarray as 47 players affected after positive tests on Australian Open planes See in context

nostromoJan. 17 06:51 am JST

The tournament should have been cancelled. There are thousands of Australians still trying to get home yet the federal and state governments willing ignore their own medical guidelines so these meaningless sporting events can take place.

I would not call these sporting event meaningless, but I would agree this one should be cancelled.   Please remember that thousands of people, down the chain from the athletes competing, have jobs very much related to sporting events. Or in other sports, too, such as American baseball, or soccer around the world, people work at the stadiums at the concession stands, trucks delivering food to the stadium, people selling team souvenirs, security, local restaurants and tourism around the stadium area or in the city itself. The list goes on and on. Many times, the sporting event is the only reason people that don't live in that area go there. The sporting event has a massive ripple effect.

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Posted in: Generation COVID: How the young are working round pandemic-hit job market See in context

FuzzyJan. 17 04:06 pm JST

It would absolutely suck to be in your early twenties right now. Their employment opportunities looked pretty dismal even before the pandemic. Now there's the added downer of the impact on their social lives and opportunities to see the world and really experience life.

I would agree with that.

Hopefully these people in their twenties ( and anyone for that matter) that will be looking for a job can anticipate and prepare an appropriate answer to an almost certain interview question. Such a question will be something like “How did you improve your skills, or what new skills did you learn, when you were looking for a job during the pandemic"?   Those that give a great answer, such as they learned a new language, computer skills, or especially skills relating to the job for which they are interviewing, etc., will have one heck of an advantage to land that job.

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Posted in: Staying at home during pandemic: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t See in context

Exercise would certainly help maintain one’s strength and coordination as one get older.  My mantra is : “You did not stop exercising/playing because you got old, rather, you got old because you stopped exercising/playing”.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied teenage girl who committed suicide commission portrait to 'attend' Coming-of-Age Day ceremony See in context

Thomas TankJan. 16 08:33 am JST


This is an understatement, but I cannot think of a better one word description.

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