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Posted in: British PM Johnson sets out cautious lockdown exit plan See in context

The same Boris who said in March of 2020 that just a three week lockdown was needed to "flatten the curve"?

What a joke. The only thing that got flattened was the British economy.

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Sen. Cruz is an intelligent guy, no question. But his behavior here shows that even the best and brightest can be tainted by Washington elitist entitlement syndrome. He was beyond stupid to pull this little stunt and think he could get away with it. At the very least, his presidential aspirations are toast. I wouldn't shed too many tears if he would resign.

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Perhaps Parler APPEARS to have a political slant is that the other media platforms lean very heavily in one direction, especially in their application of rules regarding content.

Isn't it ironic that Parler came into being because of Big Tech's attempts to silence certain voices, and then it was itself shut down by Big Tech? Amazon, Apple and Google form an effective oligopoly in the tech world. They don't want any competition for eyeballs and thumbs, and are more than willing to throw their collective weight around to kill off any rivals.

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Posted in: Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ dies at 70 See in context

One person here at least got it right. Take at least a day to remember his good side before going on the attack. He worked with and donated millions to the Leukemia Society, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Autism, Tunnel to Towers,etc.

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Posted in: Right-wing friendly Parler announces relaunch See in context

I guess that we can start to call Twitter and the like "left wing friendly" then, can't we? But seriously, who writes this dreck? The key for Parler is that they DON'T have a political slant. Freedom is not the exclusive domain of left or right- at least I hope it's not.

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him See in context

Unsurprising result. The vast majority on both sides had their minds made up before any evidence was given. So perhaps, just perhaps, the government can get back to work trying to actually help the nation instead of posturing and signalling.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the media can start to heal from the large Donald-sized hole there will be in their coverage and programming. And journalists can go back to being advocates for the people instead of shills for whatever political party they support.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

Zichi, how do you define "well armed" and with "explosive devices"? Picking up a chair and carrying a firecracker? Not gonna topple too many governments like that... Plus, let me assure you that "full combat gear" includes more than cammo pants and a helmet you can buy on e-Bay. Again, no firearms. The rioters didn't kill anyone. The only person killed that day was an unarmed protestor who was shot by the police.

Not to mention, can the uprising be said to be "against the government" when they are openly supporting the legally elected leader of the government?

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

Any "trial" in which the presiding judge is also a member of the jury, and has also decided the guilt of the defendant BEFORE hearing any testimony, is a farce.

Any "insurrection" where the insurrectionists don't carry guns isn't an insurrection.

I would also like Pukey2 banned and removed from this site for his homophobic slur at 12:16pm. There is no place for that kind of anti LGBTQ language in this discussion.

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I am still not understanding why the covid vaccine does not prevent spread of the illness. Flu shots do- if you are immunized against influenza it greatly reduces your chance of passing on the disease. It is a similar virus to covid as well. So...what is going on here?

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Posted in: Pete Buttigieg becomes first openly gay cabinet secretary confirmed by U.S. Senate See in context

Senate confirmation is a pretty minor distinction. Amb. Grenell was a cabinet member.

Also, what has Mayor Pete done in his life to prepare for managing a department with 60,000 employees and a 70 Billion dollar budget? His city had total employment of about 1,000 and $300 million. He has no experience in transportation or railway or shipping that I can see. Dont get me wrong, he seems like a sharp young man, but in no way ready for this level of position. You cant tell me that he is even close to the most qualified person to run this department.

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Posted in: Pete Buttigieg becomes first openly gay cabinet secretary confirmed by U.S. Senate See in context

Uh, Ric Grenell would like his glass ceiling back. Not tomention Mayor Pete is wholely unqualified for this level of responsibility

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Posted in: White House resumes health briefings as virus deaths projected to rise See in context

It is amazing that an article about the new Biden Administration prompts everyone to talk about.....Trump. The man really does occupy a large part of your psyche, doesn't he?

Interesting to see Saint Tony there too- the man with the highest salary of ANY federal government employee. Biden seemingly just can't resist using retreads from previous governments.

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Posted in: Biden takes sweeping steps to curb climate change See in context

Easy to preach climate crisis when YOUR job isn't the one being cut, and YOUR family isn't the one going on food stamps in the middle of winter. The market will take care of the situation when the time is right. As gas prices rise, the incentive to invent alternatives will also kick in.

Not to mention, Pres. Biden is being waaaaaaaay too cavalier with his executive orders and diktats. He has already signed three times as many orders as the previous four Presidents combined! A far cry from his stance during the campaign, when he said that they were a sign of dictatorship and were to be avoided.

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Posted in: Judge bars Biden from enforcing 100-day deportation ban See in context

Sunfun, no I am talking about those good people who chose to immigrate to the US legally, went through the checks and paperwork, and are now productive residents. Nothing to do with the idiots you are tlaking about.

This story is about President Biden and his poor immigration policy. Not sure why the former President is still occupying so much space in your head.

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Posted in: Judge bars Biden from enforcing 100-day deportation ban See in context

It isn't obstruction. Illegal aliens need to go back to their home countries. It is pretty simple. Biden pimping for amnesty and a 'path to citizenship' for 11 million lawbreakers is a slap in the face to all those who obeyed the law and became legal residents.

The presence of so many illegal people is a detriment, both economically and socially. Particularly in times of crisis and pandemic.

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Posted in: Australia marks national day with protests over 'Invasion Day' See in context

IF the Aboriginal people want to return to their ancestral way of life, more power to them. They can live in dirt huts, hunt with spears, and enjoy a life expectancy of 30 years. They cannot, however, simultaneously decry the "invasion" and also enjoy its benefits.

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

It is actually a bit paraniod of the airline to make an unscheduled landing over something so minor though. Just finish the flight, they were within probably a half hour of their destination anyway, then put the recalcitrant dude on their No Fly list. From what I have read, airplanes are actually quite safe from the virus spreading.

Plus, is the airline's policy actually that strict? I thought that Japanese airlines merely requested passengers wear masks, not made it a condition of carriage.

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Posted in: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future See in context

Antique, it isn't a race thing. It is a political thing. I can't think of many countries that are simply majority vote rule. UK isn't. Canada isn't. Australia isn't. Japan isn't. Any country with a parliamentary system isn't. Not sure why you bring race into it though, unless you think ALL countries that use a legislature to select their heads of state are racist.

Take Canada, for example. PM Trudeau's party only got 33% of the popular vote, yet form the government in Parliament. The Conservatives got just over 34%, yet less seats. Other parties the same. So fully 2/3 of Canadians voted for someone other than the Prime Minister. Such is life in a parliamentary system, which is similar to the American Electoral College in that it encourages parties to try and represent the entire country instead of concentrating on a few voter-rich areas.

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Posted in: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future See in context

Antique, I am not disagreeing with that. Fox is majority "opinion journalism" (what an oxymoron), same as CNN and MSNBC. Lineups of partisans masquerading as journalists. Don't watch it much though, it isn't available here. My cable company just does CNN International and BBC.

As for the US electoral system, it is designed to encourage wide support rather than tyranny of cities and large states. But you knew that. Worrying about the popular vote is like worrying about how many hits your team gets in a baseball game. Interesting but ultimately irrelevant. Both parties know that, but the GOP is simply better at retail politics. It is one of the reasons Hillary lost in 2016 to a mouthy New York real estate guy.

I am hoping for a cleanout of the GOP and new people coming to the forefront. Trump had his time, did some good things, but really lost the plot at the end. My hope is that he goes to Mar A Lago (sp), plays golf, and shuts the hell up.

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JSPAC among cable channels yes Fox is the biggest. But the big 3 networks all are far larger and more influential. And all have deep ties to the Democratic Party.

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Simon, the US is basically 50/50. Perhaps a few percent either way each election cycle. But the media is far from it. Can you think of anyone at CNN who may have voted for Trump? The media culture in the US is at odds with the general public. Just look at some of the coverage and how ... different... it is from the Trump inauguration. Hell, the CNN political director was describing the lights in Washington like "extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America."

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Yep, Fox news leans right. No question. However, compared to the left leaning cabal of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, plus every major newspaper (LA Times, WaPo, New York Times), plus big tech.... a drop in the bucket. The media consortium is nearly total.

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Simon, you are right. No majorities. Yet substantial gains which were not foreseen by any major political pollster. Nate Silver thought the Democrats would gain seats, not lose them. Also a clear majority in the Senate. Didn't happen either. Again, this doesn't happen often, and is a huge shock considering how the media and so on were intent on demonizing the GOP.

Jsapc, I am curious about the "powerful propaganda arm" you think the GOP has. Care to elaborate?

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Posted in: Biden lays out plans for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and masks See in context

Wow, President Biden will use the Defense Production Act. Wonder why Trump never did? Amazing that it only took Biden two days to get a vaccine ready too. Wish Trump had started work on that...

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Posted in: McConnell seeks to push Trump impeachment trial to February See in context

Yeah, impeachment. Not like there is anything else going on that needs their undivided attention...

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Posted in: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future See in context

GdTokyo; Actually the GOP did BETTER in the House and Senate races than many people expected. Predictions were for them to lose substantial numbers of seats, but especially in the House they actually gained, what was it, 10 seats? A very rare and impressive showing when the man at the top of the ticket is losing. This tells me that Republican ideals are still valid.

The good news is that a new and in-tune crop of Republicans are waiting to move higher in the party ranks. People like Dan Crenshaw, Nikki Haley, Adam Kinziger, TIm Scott, Tony Gonzales will replace the dinosaurs. Let's face it, both parties have waaaaaaay too many dinosaurs in charge.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

Antiqiue: ignoring the UN and the Pals was a great idea. The Israelis and the Arab states count for more. It was Former Secretary of State Kerry who said, if I remember correctly, that no peace deals were possible without the Palestinians. Oops. Also Trump moved the US embassy to the actual capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Presidents had been promising to do so for decades, he did it.

Trump's clever prioritizing of courts will have a positive impact on America for years to come.

Trump's share of the minority vote actually rose between the two elections. By 25% among blacks and 15% among Hispanics. Strange for that to happen with a "racist" candidate...

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

Let's not forget other Trumpian facts:

Middle East peace deals

American energy independence

Re-signing of USMCA

Dead terrorists like al-Baghdadi and Sulemani (sp)

Three Supremes

No North Korean rockets flying over Japan

No new wars

Increasing his vote amongst minorities

I wish President Biden nothing but the best, and hope he can continue forward on some of these issues.

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Posted in: 'We must end this uncivil war,' Biden says, taking over a U.S. in crisis See in context

I have a radical idea- how about we set aside just this one day to appreciate the moment? Administrations change, your guy wins or loses, life goes on. Perhaps the political bickering and ad hom attacks can be shelved for 24 hours. There is enough time for fighting tomorrow.

I would say congratulations to President Biden and wish him well.

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Posted in: Biden's inauguration goes off with no security issues See in context

It was good to see a peaceful transition of power. Unlike the last Inauguration, which was met with violence, arson, and rioting.

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