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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

Wonder if the US authorities had sought some type of assurances that they would at least be treated fairly/have regular consular access/legal etc.

I think that’s the pressing issue here, to be given a fair trial. Who knows, maybe this whole Ghosn saga may lead to changes in the judicial system up there?

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Posted in: Japanese man freed from Chinese prison to return home See in context

Well Thomas you obviously had a good time over there, living and working so what would be your opinion on the fairness and transparency of the legal system in China?

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Posted in: Australian defense minister hospitalized amid parliament rape investigation See in context

That’s a bit of a callous comment isn’t it?

If you’ve read a bit more about the topic you’d know she has an underlying medical condition and her cardiologist suggested she go into hospital, no doubt the recent allegations are taking their toll on her too.

The subs being built here, well that’s for her and defence industry minister to work on.

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Posted in: Japanese man freed from Chinese prison to return home See in context

Don’t go to China full stop as it seems you can be locked up on a whim over there..

I doubt there is any ‘transparency’ when we don’t even know the substance of the charge!

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Posted in: Australia administers first COVID-19 vaccines despite anti-vaxxer demonstrations See in context

All these vaccines are being thoroughly tested prior to approval from the TGA here, of course like all vaccines there may be side affects but it’s incumbent on us all to educate ourselves on this.

Don’t want the jab? Fine! Stay away from me then and don’t come seeking treatment if you get the virus which could have been prevented with the jab!


Perhaps Japan was late getting the vaccines, exactly why I have no idea but in Australia I’d say it was because of our lower numbers, approvals process as well as the fact that other countries were higher up on the priority list.

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Posted in: Melbourne enters snap 5-day lockdown over virus; spectators barred from Australian Open See in context

Well said Peter 14!

We just finished our lockdown here in WA but fortunately lucky with no further cases reported. It hasn’t resulted in job losses or increased suicides and most people would rather this course of action than the alternative many seem to suggest.

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Posted in: Australian court rules extremists can be kept in prison after they have served their sentences See in context

Hey I’m not complaining. If extending his sentence because he still poses a threat to the community as a whole then I’m all for it. We’ve never really had a significant terror attack and we don’t want to either.

However I’d much rather they just deport him already rather than keep him in jail at our expense.

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Posted in: China justifies coast guard's entry into Japan's territorial waters See in context

Pardon my ignorance but has this issue been heard at the International Court? Is there an accepted ruling somewhere on the ownership/jurisdiction of these islands?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee to hold meeting over Mori's comments See in context

(It’s Tuesday) Convene a meeting ‘as early as Friday!’ Lol

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Posted in: Australia to ease caps on returning citizens; Perth exits COVID-19 lockdown See in context

The lockdown ends here in about 4 hrs but until next Sunday there will still be restrictions; masks still mandatory in public places ( first for WA) intrastate travel restricted and gatherings limited.

Kids go back to school from Monday to the delight of many parents.

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

What a dropkick...!

And what’s on his hands/wrists? Are they long johns or..?

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Posted in: Two million Western Australians in lockdown after one coronavirus case found See in context

Eerily quiet in the suburbs here today...

As tamanegi said, the guard is suspected to have caught the highly infectious UK strain and had visited a number of locations north of Perth, resulting in hundreds now getting tested.

I live here and fortunately life has been pretty normal the last 10 months, this may sound draconian to some but I haven’t heard any people complaining about ‘individual freedoms’.

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Posted in: Perth in lockdown, ending Australia's 2-week run without COVID-19 See in context


May I ask where you are when you are posting this?

I live in WA, we have been quite fortunate the last 10 months with the number of cases, even compared to the rest of the country. Life has been pretty normal over here, maybe we have become a bit complacent, but the security guard is possibly infected with the UK strain which is highly infectious and since falling ill has visited a number of places north of Perth.

If a lockdown for 5 days is the minimum it takes to trace his movements/isolate and test possible contacts and make sure TCU’s variant isn’t in our community then so be it.

No need to use that term just because it has been used by others on this forum.

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Posted in: Perth in lockdown, ending Australia's 2-week run without COVID-19 See in context

Hi all

I didn’t mean to sound arrogant with my post, rather I think we should be aggressive in our response initially.

Despite the silly panic buying I think most people here are not complaining about that course of action.

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Posted in: Perth in lockdown, ending Australia's 2-week run without COVID-19 See in context

@AC, yeah, glad we went shopping earlier this morning down south of river, embarrassing the way people panic buy, it’s only 5 days and the shops are still open!

@fba, in Australia we go in hard and fast mate to try to nip it in the bud, that and good contact tracing is what has helped us to date with our numbers. If that’s what a nanny state means then so be it. Most here don’t feel that way.

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Posted in: Japan set to extend state of emergency for up to another month See in context

I’m just astounded people up there are paying for tests!

Have it covered completely by Suga and Co!

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl arrested for killing newborn baby in shopping mall toilet See in context

This is both sad and horrific.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: WHO virus experts ready to start Wuhan fieldwork See in context

If China has nothing to hide then I’d hope they are allowing unfettered access to whatever the WHO team need.

Yes we need to know how it transmitted but also where it came from.

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Posted in: Police shoot knife-wielding man outside Yokohama apartment See in context


Apart from negotiating/withdrawing what other training and tools do they have to deal with someone armed with a knife?

And I’d say when in a crowded or narrow locale I’d hope they would think very carefully before using a firearm.

In any event justified shooting. Fortunately not every shooting results in a death.

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Posted in: Australia marks national day with protests over 'Invasion Day' See in context

Well said Hillclimber

I’m interested in how many posters here actually know what they are talking about or just going on what they read in this article.

I wish we could all live in peace in this country, we are made up of many races and colours and grateful to live in a great nation. Sure we’re not perfect but the day for 95% of the population is about celebrating us as a nation and how far we’ve come. I’m sure most Australians acknowledge the wrongs of the past but changing the date won’t suddenly fix everything.

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Posted in: Stolen but not silent: Indigenous Australians protest national celebrations See in context

This is quite an emotive topic here for some, I only ask that JT readers do their own research before saying things like ‘genocide’ etc.

I acknowledge there were past wrongs but I’d like to think we as a nation have come a long way since then.

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Posted in: Not-guilty verdict for man in women’s toilet: he had to go so bad it clouded his judgement See in context


You must have a different concept of “trial”.

Reading the article sounds like this matter was in court for 20 days, assuming Monday to Friday trial sessions that’s nearly a month!

I’d say must judges would throw out the case here if it even got past the prosecutors’s office!

Was this really in the public interest? What was the ultimate offence committed?

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Posted in: Not-guilty verdict for man in women’s toilet: he had to go so bad it clouded his judgement See in context

Another waste of police resources and the court’s time..

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Posted in: Japan's Filipino community puts down roots, moves past hostess origins See in context

“Penalties are deducted from the woman's earnings if they miss their daily sales target, and they must ask permission from their broker whenever they wish to go out.

But Nakashima says the women are generally ready to put up with the harsh conditions in the hope of a better life beyond.”

Although some might be compliant in this it still sounds like servitude.

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Posted in: New COVID-19 case confirmed in Australian Open quarantine See in context


I don’t think they would have been ‘forced’ to come, though my comment was more in response to the whinging about our quarantine protocols by some of the players.

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Posted in: New COVID-19 case confirmed in Australian Open quarantine See in context

Hey tennis players, now you know why we have strict quarantine procedures in place!

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Posted in: Police officer's loaded gun, handcuffs found in Osaka convenience store See in context

Quite careless of the officer, lucky a Good Samaritan handed it in.

So what measures are they going to take, again, to ensure it doesn’t happen, again?

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

Unbelievable! What an absolute waste of police resources!

Manager should have told him to pay the difference and ban him from the store..

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Posted in: Australian Open to go ahead despite players' quarantine anger See in context

Hey BigYen I think Cornet has now issued an ‘apology’ of sorts, it’s a start I guess but maybe she’ll think twice next time before she blows her trumpet.

These players and entourage are flying in from covid hotspots overseas and I hope they understand Victoria has had to do it tough for many months last year.

We’ve been quite good at keeping the virus under control to date, would not want it ruined by selfish tennis ‘stars’. The ‘entitled’ mentality will not get you very far down under.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

This is what happens when you can only ‘urge’. People were asked to do the right thing here initially, unfortunately it’s the minority who didn’t. That’s when you need to rely on legislation and enforcement. Times like these we need to think less for ourselves and more for our community/country.

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