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Posted in: Will Smith slavery film 'Emancipation' ditches Georgia over voting law See in context

Lol calling something a myth doesn't make it so. Fact: Blacks and minorities are less likely to have drivers licenses.

So then they’re driving illegally which in itself is a crime, how do they get around? They all have bikes? They all take the bus? In every major metropolitan city?

Riiiiggghhhtttt because we all know illegal immigrants vote in droves. 

If they didn’t, Democrats wouldn’t be opposed to IDs.

We also know there is no way to make fake IDs, right Matt Gaetz and Joe Greenberg?:D


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Posted in: Biden proposes summit with Putin after Russia calls U.S. 'adversary' over Ukraine See in context

Posting before reading the article again?

Again? What? Rhetorical question?

He sent US warships into the Black Sea - something Trump would never have done to offend his Master...

Ok, he sent warships and then what? As if that’s going to intimidate the Russians.

Sure he does, Trump's BFF and string-puller

Yeah, Mueller and his 19 Democrat lawyers that had 500 subpoenas and 500 witnesses proved the opposite.

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Posted in: Will Smith slavery film 'Emancipation' ditches Georgia over voting law See in context

Why is anyone even surprised about this? Should have been expected. These people and the left media are so dishonest about this Bill. There are some things in it that make it easier now to vote, but also mechanisms put in place in the Bill to make it harder to cheat.

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Posted in: Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept 11 See in context

September is only five months away. The withdrawl needs to be coordinated with the other NATO troops.

Still, a bit away and a lot can happen by then, so let’s see if the war loving establishment will come to their senses and do the right thing.

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Posted in: Iran to begin 60% uranium enrichment after nuclear site incident See in context

Obama should have never allowed him and Kerry to be duped by the Mullahs, the man should have gone to Congress and come up with a bipartisan legislative bill that would have been binding, but he didn’t because he knew congress wasn’t going to start any negotiation conversations dealing with Iran, a country that we have no diplomatic relations with and here we are.

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Posted in: Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept 11 See in context

Again, this one is for all the right-wing crazies who keep calling Biden a "warmonger" despite of him never doing or saying anything to would make him one.

Whoa, slow down and let’s wait first before giving Biden a prize.If he does this, that would be great and I would applaud him for that and pretty much most conservatives, but September is a long way off as well as 4 years, a lot can happen, but if he can pull this off, he’s got my respect.

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Posted in: J&J vaccine delay over blood clot fears deals blow to global immunization drive See in context

The USA seems very keen on not saying anything wrong about Pfizer the company the refuses to let other countries produce their Vaccine but has nothing but bad to say about the far cheap Vaccines that are willing to let others produce them.

I couldn’t agree more. I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I do have a lot of questions and I don’t think the Federal government is honest or forthcoming about the complications associated with the JJ vaccine. If a person gets vaccinated, they want the highest and most accurate assurances on the safety of any type of vaccine, seems reasonable to me. When 40% of the marines decline to take the vaccine that should concern people and the growing number of people have had adverse effects from this vaccine need to be discussed and more transparency needs to be present and that seems to be lacking to a certain extent. People don’t care what Dr. Fauci, the msm or Hollywood think, their opinions are completely irrelevant when it comes to the lives and concerns of average Americans.

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Posted in: Will the Oscars be a 'who cares' moment as ratings dive? See in context

The Oscars won't be on TV for very much longer, the Hollywood tries to stick its nose into Washington and social politics, expect to see their numbers plummet even more. No one cares what they think or if their little feelings are hurt. No one cares about some of the richest people holding award shows to shower each other with comments about how good their films are. YouTube these days has way better content than the average Hollywood movie these days.

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Posted in: 'Glossy Green tea donuts' sound weird, look amazing in Mr Donut team-up with Kyoto matcha master See in context

The only doughnut worthy of the name is the standard glazed yeast doughnut. Nothing goes better with a morning cup of coffee.

I agree.

Too expensive and way overrated, it's a donut, not a high class French pastry. Keep it simple.

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Posted in: Prince album 'Welcome 2 America' due in July -- five years after death See in context

He was one of the greatest rock stars not just of the 80s, not just of my Generation X, not just of the 20th century, but of all time.

That is definitely debatable, not taking anything from the guy and he definitely was good and talented as a musician, but the best? That’s a bit more subjective.

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Posted in: Prince album 'Welcome 2 America' due in July -- five years after death See in context

I heard he was very well-liked by the people in his local area. A very nice fella by all accounts. 

Depends on who you’re asking, there many, many musicians that thought he was a jerk of highest order. Never talked to the guy, don’t have an opinion personally, but from the artists I worked with, I definitely believe them, but he once visited our studio for working on a project with another artist, didn’t have time to interact with the guy, but I was astounded at how tiny the man was as far as his stature was.

I wish I could play guitar to a fraction of the level he could play it along with his ability to play bass, drums, keyboards etc.

On the Bass guitar he was so, so, but definitely had some serious keys and guitar chops, can’t argue with that.

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Posted in: Miyazaki: Mountains and mangos in southeastern Kyushu See in context

Definitely a beautiful place.

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Posted in: Would you support a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? See in context

Heck, yeah!

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Speculation at best.

I disagree

It’s likely to make things worse if armed civilians intervene when shootings erupt in public places, says John Donohue, a Stanford Law School professor whose research has focused on gun violence and policy. **“Unless you’re very well trained, you usually add more to the body count than you subtract,” **Donohue says.

Ok and?

Properly handling a firearm is a degradable skill like speaking a second language: if you don’t constantly practice/use it, you lose it.

Most gun owners do practice regularly.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Well rest assured that that person might have easily gotten a gun through a private party with no background checks.

Even if we had background checks the same results would occur. You honestly think most gun owners trust THIS President? Gun sales are rapidly going up because of this administration, he’s the NRA best friend turns out to be.

Asks the poster who thinks there is a war on guns and constantly rants about liberals and Dems

Hey, I’m calm, when I’m back home, I don’t have to worry, I follow the law, so not sure what you’re talking about, let the liberals emotionally figure it out. Debate though is something they don’t seem to want.

More of the "dogs and whistles" about Chicago? Chicago is surrounded by states with lax gun laws that allow guns to fall into the hands of violent criminals.

Ok, got it, so why has the Democrat leadership over 60 years failed to do absolutely nothing as corrupt as the liberal machine is in Chicago?

Isn't there a delinquent criminal on trial for obtaining an illegal AR across state line then killing people at a peaceful protest?

I see and what about the gang fights and people in mostly black communities dying every single day, why are the left so silent on these issues?

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

The horribly named, "Defund the Police" drive is actually about reallocating funds to other areas in crime prevention, like mental health. But we both know you won't support that.

Not entirely and I would FYI. 

In fact, for years and years I've been listening to the GOP say it's a mental health issue,

No, relax for a moment and put the liberal talking points down, conservatives have been saying there is another side to this issue possibly. We don’t know if it’s mental because the left won’t even debate it. They’re focused on guns and Russia.

You haven’t refuted the fact that firearms control laws work as demonstrated by Hawaii.

I did. But ok, one more time, Hawaii doesn’t have the gang problems Chicago and Indiana has, take them out, enforce the laws and Chicago would be a more quieter and safer city. But putting that aside, Hawaii is not the utopia of peace and freedom, they have other serious problems that are not the envy of the Union.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

There is no war on guns.

Yes, there is, liberals Dems are screaming we shouldn’t have guns and then have the nerve to lecture us what other countries do. No gun owner gives a hoot what other countries think about our 2nd amendment.

It is funny that you accuse anyone of being hyperpartisan.

Liberals calling it funny is funny.

Nope, as in reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.

Sorry, we all have the right to the 1st amendment and limiting that or restricting that to basically regulating towards conservatives is diabolically limiting free speech, not playing the victim, talk to Dorsey and Zuckerberg and the freedom silencers on Google.

You really don’t understand why your birthday shouldn’t be the only qualification for purchasing a firearm? Yikes.

I do, how about finding the millions of unregistered guns off the streets first, those are the ones that are involved in most of the homicides, start from there first, instead of coming after people that follow the law.

Proof of training regarding how to properly handle firearms should be a requirement for purchasing firearms. Especially for people who think a weapons capacity (number of rounds the weapon is capable of holding) and firing mechanism (bolt action, semi-auto) don’t affect its lethality.

There are many guns that are semi-automatic that you can modify, I hope you realize that and that won’t do anything, so why is it that liberals get emotional and irrational to just say things?

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Chicago is not an island and isn’t surrounded by a wall,

No, it’s surrounded by bad Democrat leadership, interesting you mentioned a wall....

so firearms flow in from gun nutter states like Indiana. A better example of how firearm control laws work extremely well is Hawaii.

They also don’t have the massive influx of illegals and gangs the way Chicago and Indiana does, makes a huge difference. Hawaii has other serious problems, but that’s for a later thread.

Hawaii has strict firearms control laws and lower rates of firearm violence while other crime rates are relatively comparable to the mainland.

Again, they have other problems and don’t have the gang culture Indiana or Chicago has.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

From what?

People with nefarious intentions coming on my property.

All of these necessitate killing. So you agree with me: guns exist only to take life.

and to protect it.

It is true. Countries without guns have a far lower homicide and suicide rate. Those are just the facts.

Ok, but I’m an American, I could care less what other countries do. They do what they want, we do as well. When I’m in the States, we have the 2nd amendment that I proudly support.

Great, leave Japan

No, because when I’m here I go by their laws and they don’t have 2nd amendment, so....

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Fact A: The majority of the countries in the developed world have strict gun laws and don't sell weapons to pretty much anyone who wants to buy them. The majority of the countries in the developed world don't have a lot of mass shootings.

Those countries don’t have the 2nd amendment, we do. This entire argument about other countries is irrelevant to us. If we wanted to be like them, we would have stayed in Europe, forget the 2nd amendment argument, it’s not going anywhere.

Fact B: America has lax gun laws

Because they’re not strictly enforced and they should with zero tolerance.

Just from a rethorical point of views, making this issue about anything else than guns is simply pants-on-head crazy and/or very dishonest.

Add the mental issue to that component and not adding that to the overall conversation is demonstrably dishonest.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Guns are the most dangerous thing as they are designed to end lives,

And save them as well.

and have no other purpose.

Depending on which side you’re on. If you’re a protecting your home, if you’re a cop upholding the law, in war, if you’re a hunter, they have a purpose.

Without guns, there would be not be the mass killings that we see today.

That’s just not true and the numbers reflect that when you see the gun holders in the US.

People aren't trying to "punish law abiding citizens", they're trying to save lives.

And yet, liberals are trying more to defund the police, doesn’t help.

We know that gun bans work,

No, they don’t, Chicago is a prime example.

because other countries that have banned guns don't have this problem.

I don’t care about other countries, I am an American and we have a second amendment they don’t.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Liberal and crushing the second amendment. The only problem with this analysis is it simply isn’t true. 

It is true. I have a question, besides trying to punish all of us law abiding citizens, why is this for the left an only one-sided approach? What motivates a person to want to pick up a gun or shoot people, let’s say there is no gun, we don’t have guns at all, someone will find other ways to kill people, so there is something deeper going on than guns ans the left doesn’t want to factor in other possible contributing factors as to what else could be the cause for someone to do this. We need not only to enforce the gun laws that are already in place, we also need to mentally screen a root out potential violent people from purchasing or getting their hands on firearms if they are determined to be mentally unstable, now you would be approaching this problem from various angles and might find a better solution, but the over-reactionary hyper-partisan war on guns won’t solve anything or better the nation and the safety of it if the left focuses on just the guns only.

Just like speech can be regulated,

AKA: silencing right opposition or free speech altogether if it doesn’t adhere to liberal group think.

so can firearms. Your birthday shouldn’t be the only qualification allowing you to purchase firearms.

Why not? Besides registering the serial number of the firearm, you don't really need anything else, except maybe a certification that you passed all mental evaluation tests.

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Posted in: Trump insults Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors See in context

The above yet one more example of the extreme fear alt rightists have as well as their total disconnect from reality.

Says the people that believe there is no crisis at the border and think Democrats stamping out the 1st and 2nd amendment is just acceptable.

No wonder alt right politicians and their media no longer care about trying to reach reasonable people.

They do, they just won’t take the liberal echo chamber rant and opposition to opposing political viewpoints.

Instead they push their propaganda on the overly emotional crowd frightened by life itself.

Says the people that scream Russia, Russia, QAnon and all these other crazy whacked talking points.

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Posted in: Trump insults Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors See in context

The Republicans have made their own bed by sticking with their Trump.

And people realize it was worth it. Looking at Mitch and how unpopular he is in his home state is showing how the people aren’t putting up with this swamp rat anymore. Time to get rid of all Washington establishment do nothing Republicans

The R's represent a minority of the country.

If that were true, even a little bit, the Democrats wouldn’t try to stop and oppose, cancel and block their free speech.

But it's worrying that minority includes heavily armed groups like the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, the various Qanon wacks

Seriously, who are these people??? Never of them or what they represent.

and other white nationalist groups that still support Trump and threaten more violence ala Jan. 6th.

When you talk about stamping out and eliminating the 1st and 2nd amendment you will tick off half of the country and they’re not all white, stop with the color race card thing, it’s so tiresome these days.

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

The term Middle East is a strange one. "Middle East" to whom? It was called the Middle East by the Brits when they controlled most of the world. The "Far East" to whom. Again, the "Far East" from London. The "West" meant the Americas. 

A Traveller from Japan to the "Middle East" would actually be going to the "Near West". Europe would be the "Middle West" and the Americas, the "Far West".

What? You serious??

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings where the ME is, Which geographical location and who occupies it.

the Afghan war started in 2002, March with Operation Anaconda.

But President Obama under his leadership decided to relocate the troops. Trump nor Bush made him decide that, own it.

Trump promised to end it but never did.

That’s because both establishment parties didn’t want him to as well as the Pentagon and he tried he tried very hard. That’s on them

Now Biden's turn.

He’s going to either stay or increase troop levels, especially now

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

Obama never started the Afghan war,

But he moved the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, his choice, his decision, he decided and chose to keep the troops there and over 2,500 men and women died based on his decision, own it.

But on those sanctions

And Biden is thinking about lifting them, Iran is now smiling and their hands won’t be tied anymore.

"That doesn't mean all of them," the official said of the existing sanctions, adding that "some" are "legitimate."

They’re all legitimate and designed to put a cap on Iran’s nuclear capabilities and now the Iranians have absolutely nothing to worry about. Here we go.....

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

BTW easier to understand the Mullahs sometimes than your quoted English. LOL or is it ROFL?


Biden has not lifted any Iranian sanctions or has he said he will.

Here we go....

Not even talking directly through a third party at the moment. He is being very cautious.

No, he’s being a fool, but that’s ok, nothing new of a gaffe from Joe. Israel and the Saudis will make sure that won’t happen.

Obama never started a war. Bush 1&2 did.

Afghanistan of course, he relocated the troops from Iraq because he said, our troops shouldn’t be in Iraq fighting a useless and a war based on lies, Afghanistan is where the real enemy is, it was Obama’s war, own it.

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

You were posting on here how Trump was going to blow Iran apart but he didn't do that.

And the only President in modern history over the last few Presidents to not start a war.

Then you accuse Biden of being a warmonger

Lifting sanctions on Iran and keeping our forces in the ME is just asking for it, matter of time.

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

You seem to be advocating for a military strike on Iran.

Many conservatives felt like that when they were applauding the failed Trump Kim talks or so it seemed.

How do you square that with your constantly decrying Biden as a warmonger?

Iran wants to see the permanent destruction of the US and the Jewish State. You think when Iran wouldn’t take a shot at the US if given the chance??

Conservatives don’t know what they want

We do, a contained Iran, but Biden lifting sanctions now Iran doesn’t have to abide by any agreement, they got played!

Never mind if it completely contradicts their stance.

If only it did....

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Posted in: Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in nuclear deal breach See in context

Sorry too early to try and understand that.

Not just you, seems like this administration doesn’t understand the Mullahs and their true intentions as well. Here we go....

At least the new administration is trying talk which Trump refused to do. Just like in North Korea too.

Well, if the US won’t help and ensure the containment of this radical regime, the Saudis and Israelis will.

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