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Posted in: Roaches thriving amid coronavirus See in context

@asiafriend, roaches DO bite. I’ve been bitten a few times.

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Posted in: Australia hopes to lure Masters champion Matsuyama Down Under See in context

I’ll bet he will now be making a boatload more sponsorship and endorsement fees, perhaps more than anyone else on the PGA tour. Similar to what happened to Naomi Osaka after her title wins.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Surprise, surprise? They were going to do this anyway. It was a foregone conclusion.

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Posted in: Rise of the 'robo-plants', as scientists fuse nature with tech See in context

Another pandemic in the making?

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Posted in: United Airlines prepares to shake up white, male-dominated pilot population See in context

I don’t care as long as they are qualified, and not “fast tracked” via some quota system.

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Posted in: Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax See in context

And the US can tell this to the other counties and they will obey because?

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Posted in: Suga rocked by virus rebound in Osaka, forced to call tougher steps See in context

The so called leaders have truly shown their lack of capability during the pandemic. It is really sad that we are paying for these bumbling idiots via our taxes. I really do not think that these “leaders” stop and think about what is truly good for their citizens, and imagine themselves in the shoes of the average citizen on the street. I, for one, am not even looking for a Superman to solve the situation, but a leader to at least use common sense, judgement and wisdom to lead the way....

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Posted in: 'Madame Claude': gritty Netflix take on Paris sex icon See in context

The use of the word “icon” in the article’s title is blatantly offensive. Icon has a positive connotation, and I don’t see anything positive about this person.

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Posted in: There's more to cacao than chocolate See in context

Not sure where I can buy many of the ingredients listed here in Japan. Any ideas?

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Posted in: Muji store operator says it is 'deeply concerned' about forced labor reports in China See in context

Took them a while to become “deeply concerned”.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Some of them are not the most intuitive signage.

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Posted in: Sharp admits sales padded at subsidiary amid pressure to hit targets See in context

Curious if they had passed their annual external audit. Did they manage to hide this from them or did the auditors miss this?

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Posted in: The most stylish Buddha in Japan gets a fashionable upgrade during sakura season See in context

@divinda, good point but the flowers definitely are sakura, not plum. Maybe a photo taken from last year?

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Posted in: Luxury hotel’s month-long stay plan lets you live Yokohama life with amazing twist See in context

The standard queen sounds like a pretty decent deal.

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Posted in: Through the mailbox slot: Japanese theater offers new viewing experience See in context

Looks like the peep shows in Times Square in the early 1980s.

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Posted in: A mister no more: Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral See in context

Yup, we’re going to see a whole new generation of confused teens / young adults

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Posted in: Opposition demands resignation of elite female bureaucrat over scandal See in context

Government employees and elected officials are so out of touch with the general population. Living off our taxes and spending it like it’s their own pocket money.

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Posted in: An Englishwoman’s story of disaster relief See in context

@kurisupisu, 100% agree. I’ve been always amazed at how Japan doles out foreign aid to other countries, yet their own citizens live in temporary shacks or damaged houses for many years.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

A consortium led by NTT Communications and a few other companies won the bid. Surprise, surprise.

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Posted in: Surf's up See in context

There’s a Mr Fuji and / or a surfing picture of the day at least once every month.

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Posted in: Mori Building, Aman Resorts conclude partnership for major development in heart of Tokyo See in context

More concrete and heat island headed your way.

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Posted in: One-of-a-kind neck mask strap with names or initials See in context

68,600 yen. Need I say more?

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Posted in: Mom's notebook filled with messages of love from 14-year-old daughter who passed away See in context

Thank you JT for sharing this moving article.

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Posted in: Watch out for the wolf See in context

Why would you use the big bad wolf giving advice to little red riding hood?

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Posted in: We’re confident that people will choose an attractive neighborhood even if working from home becomes more widespread due to the pandemic. We’re determined to create an exciting neighborhood that people feel like going to. See in context

I’ve noticed the likes of Mori, Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsubishi Jisho and others turn whole blocks of Tokyo into ugly look-alike concrete jungles with fake sounding western names. They destroy quaint neighborhoods, create more extreme heat-island effects, probably double or triple the population density, more traffic, and push out retirees and lower to mid income people who has been living there for decades. Sure, they’ll have a “green area” which will be full of weeds in a few years. Very sad and disappointing.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji railway project receives approval from Yamanashi officials See in context

Japan loves to build useless, expensive infrastructure. It spoils the scenery in my opinion, and is usually not financially sound.

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Posted in: Quirky new key holders have open-mouthed animals holding your keys for you See in context

My kids had something almost identical to hold their toothbrushes 25 years ago.

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Posted in: Rapinoe says Olympics cancelation would devastate her, U.S. team See in context

To be fair, we should run another sports article about athletes who are either not attending or are apprehensive.

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