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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

Maybe it's time for Tokyo to bust out another slogan placard so people will take this quasi emergency seriously.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

Meanwhile in the US (from the World News section):

"The United States Olympic Paralympic Committee (USOPC) will help athletes find a COVID-19 vaccine but will not require them to get a shot to compete at the Tokyo Summer Games, CEO Sarah Hirshland said Wednesday."

I wonder how this will impact IOC and JOC's decision to carry on with the Olympics?

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Posted in: Toshiba receives ¥2 tril acquisition offer from global fund See in context

These equity and credit fund companies are only there to maximize their own profits. They will liquidate Toshiba as soon as it becomes a burden for them

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Posted in: Why is North Korea skipping the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

As we get closer to the Olympics, and the world sees Japan is still fiddling around with vaccinations, looking for volunteers and medical staff necessary to host such an event, and not having any real plan to ensure the spread of Covid can be minimized, hopefully other countries will begin to pull out.

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Posted in: Ex-post office chief in Nagasaki may have swindled ¥1 bil See in context

How is this fraud even possible? Don't they do any audits at J-Post?

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

China needs to mind their business, as they always say when cautioned about the things they do.

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Posted in: Osaka formally requests cancellation of torch relay leg See in context

If the torch relay is scaring you, just wait when all these Olympians from abroad show up on your doorstep. Seriously, if you can't handle a torch relay for fear of Covid spreading, you're not ready for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Quasi-emergency COVID-19 measures begin in Osaka, Hyogo, Miyagi prefectures See in context

Meanwhile, the trains during rush hour are jam packed. How about fining companies for making employees physically have to be present at the office? Punishing restaurants and bars only isn't going to curb anything.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

It all depends on how much driving you do. My in-laws live in Shizuoka, and the drive there, in and around the town they live in, and the drive back to Tokyo are more tiring than fun. I sure as heck don't enjoy getting behind the wheel for hours at a time. Also, I don't think I'll ever be able to relax letting AI drive the car - technology flips out every once in a while.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Expecting nursery aged children to understand gender identity topics is almost impossible, considering many adults are having difficulty understanding it themselves.

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Posted in: China pushes to expand virus origin search to other countries See in context

I don't know, but wouldn't there have been a breakout somewhere outside of China prior to the breakout in China if it originated somewhere other than China?

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Posted in: Osaka governor requests stronger anti-virus steps amid resurgence See in context

You know, tackling this pandemic would be more effective if you actually had a strategy. This constant going in and out of the SOE, not really having any logical plan while in the SOE, and having government members disregard the SOE whenever it suited them is what has gotten you into this mess.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

Well, if you give any entity a year from being investigated, it'll be pretty difficult to find the truth.

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

I hope the people sue is masses.

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

Funny how government mandates business operating hours during the pandemic, but then allows some to violate them to serve their selfish needs. No wonder no one is listening anymore to what the government wants its citizens to do.

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Posted in: Experts warn COVID-19 rebound could exceed 'third wave' in Tokyo See in context

So where were these experts when the government was deciding to end the SOE? Were they not consulted, or even allowed in the discussion?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay begins in Fukushima amid COVID-19 fears See in context

I can see why there are some who have concerns about Covid during the torch-run - look at the picture of all these maskless women running with the torch!

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Posted in: Tokyo area extends shorter business hours over virus rebound worries See in context

Make up your mind j-gov. You remove the SOE for no apparent reason, but then restrict restaurants from normal operations due to increasing Covid numbers.

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Posted in: Fukushima hopes Olympic torch relay will show world it is not 'nuclear wasteland' See in context

If the government is so keen on showing the world everything is hunky dory in Fukushima, then why not have the torch run go through all those fields where the nuclear waste is stockpiled, by the temporary shacks housing the displaced people still in limbo, and the Daichi nuclear plant?

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision not to allow spectators from overseas to attend the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games? See in context

I think you're asking the wrong question - I think most agree that the Olympics should not be held.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥150 million in cash in condo sale scam See in context

Police said Hayashi has denied the allegation and quoted him as saying “I took the cash, but I did not steal it or cheat anyone.”

Well, if you didn't sell or give the man anything, what exactly gives you the right to take his money? That would be theft.

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

I've read stories of some people in the US having trouble getting full refunds on their Olympic tickets due to using certain ticketing agencies. Is the IOC/JOC going g to help these people get their money back now that they have decided spectators from abroad are barred from coming?

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Posted in: Chiba gov't workers punished for leaving work two minutes early See in context

And how many times have these people arrived minutes early and started working? I bet it's every day.

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Posted in: Gov't leaning toward ending Tokyo area state of emergency on March 21: report See in context

And the reason for ending of the SOE is...? It's not like the Covid numbers are going down or anything.

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Posted in: China, IOC make vaccine deal for Tokyo, Beijing athletes See in context

China doing everything to divert people's attention away from the Uyghur genocide happening in Xinjiang to get the Olympics. They paid off the WHO, and now the IOC.

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Posted in: IOC members worry about banning overseas fans from Olympics See in context

This is going to end up being nothing but a money grab by the members of the IOC, JOC, and the giant conglomerate sponsors. With no spectators from abroad, the local businesses aren't going to benefit one bit, and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill. The Olympics are a scam

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Posted in: Top U.S. commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027 See in context

Sounds like a whole lot of fear mongering to me. What opportunity for war has a US Military Commander and the Military Industrial Complex not like?

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Posted in: AI translation company Rozetta bars staff from speaking a foreign language at work See in context

I'd like to see how this AI translates idioms and colloquial language.

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

People in charge are actually having meetings about this topic? Priorities, please.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

It's no wonder Mori didn't understand all the hoopla surrounding his comments several weeks ago - they think the same.

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