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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

No vaccines for the voluntees I hear, just pack’em in collect the coin

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Posted in: American arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis oil See in context

From what read they can arrest you if they find it with a blood test.

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context

Olympics won’t have any change on infections, with everywhere packed and no regard for soe or s/ distancing we won’t see a change, and even if there is the j gov will hide the numbers anyways. We’re all mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on nothing but bull crap.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

We wanted to buy an apartment in nsw, but the agent said they were so scared of covid that they didn’t want to sell it to an Aussie living in Japan. This disease has caused discrimination between people, states and countries.when will it stop? after most are vaccinated? Nope, new varaints will keep us divided.

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Posted in: Two women apparently jump to their deaths in Tokyo business district See in context

No shoes!! Omg

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state reports 5 COVID-19 cases on day 3 of lockdown See in context

Pm gave no handouts, then jumped on a flight to n/z, what a top bloke.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state reports 5 COVID-19 cases on day 3 of lockdown See in context

Yeah, everone I know has had at least 1 vax others 2 and still same rules apply!! Where is the incentive, What goes through that pm’s tiny brain of his?

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state reports 5 COVID-19 cases on day 3 of lockdown See in context

yeah great, no income for a week or two with no handouts, that’s what I’m told.

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Posted in: Tourists scarce as travel bubbles fail to inflate See in context

Fully vaxed you should be able to travel and aviod lockdowns, unvaxed stay home and hide! Open up to vaxed, where’s the incentive!! Ha

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Posted in: Gov't refers to possible state of emergency extension as Okinawa added to list See in context

My inlaws the whole lot of them have it, 2 in their 70s are in hospital with a fever and pneumonia, other home alone no symptoms. It’s out there take care.

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Posted in: Japan speeds up COVID vaccine rollout for elderly See in context

Omg, good news!

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

More chamce of winning the lottery than getting a a shot here.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context


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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

I’m with most comments, it’s a discrace.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

half of tokyo were in Saitama over golden week infecting us and returning home. So I went into Tokyo!!

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Posted in: Australia defends decision to penalize its citizens returning from COVID-ravaged India See in context

How long before everyone from any country is slapped with a fine or cart you off to the slammer. Democratic?

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

I’m ashamed to be an Aussie, how long till they bar all citizens from coming home! I only know of a couple of countries that bans it people from leaving and entering. Most Aussies agree with the gov as they’re packing their dacks with this virus and don’t care about their fellow citizens overseas at all. We could return but it’s way too costly, it’s designed that way to deter us. Cheers mate

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

Ahh, give us some good news for change, I’m sure there is some out there.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo cuts mobile fees, intensifying price battle with rivals See in context

We went into change our contract with one of the fat boys 1 day before our contract finished ( as the next day was work) they charged us cancellationn fees!! 1 day after too late! Same day, I’m sure they would find a way to rip us off. They are all theives and the gov has no regulalations for the consumer

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 973 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,970 See in context

SOE will finish soon. Amazing how closing a few places after 8 killed the virus! voila!

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Posted in: Japan to secure 20,000 freezers for coronavirus vaccines See in context

Good news, on the plan to and the coulds.

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Posted in: Australia marks national day with protests over 'Invasion Day' See in context

It’s a public holiday enjoy the day doing something fun!

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Posted in: New COVID-19 case confirmed in Australian Open quarantine See in context

There could be desperate aussies who can’t get home in those rooms. Gov put caps on a cap for expats wanting to get home. I have no patriotism left in me after I flew home and couldn’t go to my fathers funeral. Message is Don’t come home we don’t want you here!

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

People always confess to crimes in Japan, ever wondered why?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,175 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,045 See in context

Always the same numbers, I’m suspious they must think we were born yesterday.

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Posted in: Australia unlikely to fully reopen borders in 2021 See in context

me and my family have tennis rackets, headbands and all the gear and they won’t let us in, unless we fork out 25k we ain’t ever gettin’ back,so it’s only the rich allowed to enter.

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Posted in: 2 COVID-19 cases reported on Australian Open flight See in context

Tennis players welcome, but what about the 35,000 australians registered with the gov who need to get home Morrison! Discusting how Australia treats me and others. But hey ain’t all govs the same.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

Nice job! I’m on my pushy headed down there now!

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Posted in: Australian state considers remote mining camps for coronavirus quarantine See in context

Location for severely ill people isn’t suitable, how do you help them. Anyways the message is clear Don’t come home we don’t want mutants here. For our family it would cost $25,000 for flights and quarantine. I’m ashamed of my country and we’ll take our chances here.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,219 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,876 See in context

Saitama my son’s school closed due to infections, wife work bunches of people infected. And 500 or so they say in saitama, it’s much higher if it’s all around you!

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