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The only thing that bothers me is that they stopped animal testing of the vaccines because none of the animals survived after later re-infection. Here in America you sign a document before receiving the vaccine aknowledging that it is an "Experimental treatment" you need to read the fine print and people just sign not paying attention to the very real risks from th injection.

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Sometimes people just have a really bad day

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Canada discovers from Pandemic expert they handled it wrong and Sweden did it right.

Bob Redmond is being very Diplomatic/Charitable in the interview/article. He knows that in the handling of the management of a pandemic no politician is allowed to do the media interviews least they make into a political endeavor this is what we have seen happen - you can get the jist of that as you read the article.

This is the best quote: "But what happened in the middle of March when Covid-19 appeared on our shores after wreaking havoc in China, Italy, Spain and France? Governments took every plan they’d ever written and threw them all out the window. No one followed the process. They panicked, put the doctors in change and hid for three months. And now, having made that mistake, we can’t get out of it."

Neither Bob Redmond nor anyone he knows nor anyone I trained with were recalled for assistance and expertise in this so called Pandemic - what's more all of us signed agreements recognizing we could be recalled until age 75.

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Are we being played?

COVID-19 The Politics of a Pandemic Moral Panic Paperback – November 27, 2020

by Barry Cooper PhD (Author), Marco Navarro-Génie PhD (Author)

The focus of any analysis of moral panic is whether an issue is distorted and exaggerated in such a way as to produce an obvious over-reaction on the part of social and political authorities.

National Health Service consultant pathologist John Lee, M.D summarized the point about the history of the virus over the past couple of decades: “The spread of viruses like COVID-19 is not new. What is new is our response.”

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If they can ban Trump ordinary people do not stand a chance when it comes to voicing free speech. It means unelected Billionaires control the world and free democracy no longer exists.

There is no meaningful debating for this observation.

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They don't care about our rights we already know that.

The real reason that Google and Apple are concerned

Is that the Billionaire executives are worried that Governemtns could track who they have been meeting with, where, when and for how long.

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Abe was being attacked on not dealing with the media hyped Corona Virus problem, attacked from all sides irrespective of the media's refusal to admit there is a less than normal loss of life when compared to the seasonal flue. So ABE has called their Bluff - now suddenly everyone is critical that ABE wants to do someting about Corona Virus to protect Japanese Youth?

The pandemic of Crona was created by clever fear mongerors to exploit the world wide stock markets.

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Pay attention; three years ago Turkey imprisoned it's Military leadership and hundreds of thousands of turkish leaders just for trying to enforce Turkeys Constitution as their Constitution demanded they not peermit a religious leader to take over their secular government.

The hundreds of thousands of turkish political prisoners languish in jail and Islamist Ergoan is now trying to enlarge Turkey by occupying as much of Syria as he can get away with.

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Posted in: JR East abolishes skirts, ribbons in women’s uniforms to eliminate gender difference See in context

Why is it that feminists hate looking like women and always want to emulate men?

It is a form of anxiety disorder?

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You do not want results that "Suggest" as these researchers say.

You want results that "indicate" and we have yet to see results that indicate this vaccine works other than the staggering profits made by vaccine manufacturers who are lobbying to make all vaccines mandatory on teh suggestion it works.

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