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Toasted heretic, I believe blow is a reference to cocaine and not marijuana.

There’s a comedian with jokes about alcohol and marijuana use: If two men are fighting in a bar are they drunk or high on marijuana? If some one is driving down the road at ten kilometers an hour, are they high or drunk? If a man walks up to you in the street with a gun, demands all your money, and then laughs himself silly, is he high or drunk? Oddly, the audience choose the right answer every time; while they laugh themselves silly.

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A 24-page statement and all Kyodo garners from it are vague ‘necessary choice’, ‘best choice’, ‘urges’, ‘correct erroneous information’, ‘beliefs’, and ‘making corrections’, all without giving any concrete statements such as ‘we borrowed ¥4,000,000 and haven’t paid it back, but we are planning to as soon as I marry and Mako-sama’s retirement money comes in.’ or ‘We borrowed ¥4,000,000 and have no intention of paying it back because we - my mother and I - consider it payment for services rendered.’

On the other hand, two 29-year-olds who can’t figure out how to get married perhaps don’t deserve to get married.

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The boys told police they did it because they thought it would fun.

Moderators/Writers: Despite having three verbs, this sentence requires one more (hint: be).

Moderator: Thank you for pointing that out. It has been fixed.

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I wonder if the whaling industry would survive if the government stopped financially supporting and purchasing whale meat so students can have a small chunk of it once year as part of their Japanese culture food class. I doubt it.

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Posted in: Leisure teleworkers - supposedly working but in fact gaming, day-trading, or scanning for new job opportunities See in context

Maybe, just maybe, workers get their work done faster when they don’t have micro-managers hovering over their shoulders.

Maybe workers see something they’d rather be doing than work (vacuum, games, check JapanToday for inane comments like this one) and are more productive. Maybe.

Maybe managers have more busy-work they want their underlings to do rather than actual work and telework has eliminated this busy-work and suddenly - Suddenly! - the coronavirus has shown how unproductive the typical company workers are? Maybe.

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world (post-pandemic), other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

There are many places I'd like to live pre-pandemic or post-pandemic. How the pandemic influences our choice of city is unclear.

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Posted in: Osaka YouTubers’ stupid plan to live-stream marijuana dealer’s arrest backfires See in context

What is a

mater detective 


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Should be arrested and, if convicted, jailed or heavily fined.

Just a side note,

A junior high school male teacher

Isn’t it usually “A male junior high school teacher...”

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It is a beautiful bridge. Are there signs prohibiting vehicles? If not, it’s a pity people use it as a bridge and not just as a sightseeing point. If there are signs, I think a fine is in order, but sending the case to prosecutors?

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Well, I really hope that when North Korea lobs several missiles into Tokyo that the news media call it the Sea of Japan instead of the East Sea so as not to irritate the completely destroyed government of what-used-to-be Japan. In other words, This is Japan’s biggest problem?

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Dece 24 and Mach 17

Haven't seen those abbreviations before; interesting.


Japanese people not being all that keen on eating or drinking in public spaces

With Cherry blossom viewing just around the corner, I suggest Casey step outside and observe.

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Posted in: Tama schools in Tokyo distributing free feminine hygiene products to students See in context

How many boys are extremely embarrassed by having stubble? How many boys are in pain while growing stubble? How many boys stay home for a few days while their stubble grows? How many boys are hesitant and shy about buying razors & shaving cream?

Schools tend to give out free toilet paper, too. Should we stop that, too? After all, if you can’t afford to buy toilet paper, don’t have kids. Or charge ¥25~50 for the privilege?

Free lunches and breakfasts for students who can’t afford them benefit everyone, not just the person eating. Students without food don’t study as well, and in later life might be a burden on society. If they finish school, they have a better chance of becoming a productive member of society i.e. a tax payer just like you.

But rather than stop at a Rolls Royce, how about giving them a house? One with a slippery slope fallacy.

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Posted in: Elderly Japanese residents of Britain impressed by efficient vaccine rollout See in context

I would like to know why these ex-pats don’t think this NHS efficiency is possible in Japan. They say it won’t happen, but not why.

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Posted in: Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreign visitors See in context

If, as has been suggested, the 2020 Olympics gets pushed back to 2024, Paris will not opt out of hosting the Olympics; but will protest mightily.

When the IOC debated between Los Angeles and Paris (the only two cities who bid for 2024), they asked Paris to move to 2028. Paris pointed out that the Parisian people voted between hosting the 2024 Olympics or not. They voted 2024. The IOC then gave Los Angeles a billion dollars to move to 2028, which they did. More recently, I believe the IOC is leaning toward Brisbane for 2032.

Where does that leave Tokyo? a) 2021 or b) fold or c) 2036

As all the construction companies (aka LDP supporters), all the politicians (LDP), and all the advertising executives (aka LDP friends) have profited off the so-far non-existent Olympics, the only financial losers will be the TV broadcasters who spent a fortune, the Japanese taxpayer (including small businesses), and the athletes.

I fully expect the 2020 Olympics to be either scaled down to a pitiful glorified sports day or cancelled.

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I know this is going to be construed as stranger ‘Western’ thinking, but instead of forming a ‘panel’ of business people to ask ‘experts’ (on what, by the way? Imperial succession?) what to do, why not form a panel of ‘experts’ to say what to do?

I know, I know, eliminating a panel means less money for the business and LDP people, but maybe they should just bite the bullet and form, yet again, another ‘panel of experts’ to make recommendations.

Speaking of which? Why will it take a year? Let’s look at some possible solutions:

• expand the line of succession to former royal families,

• allow a female to be empress (it’s been done before and the first ‘empress’ was female),

• abandon the whole concept of an imperial family, or,

the one I think will happen because it requires no decision-making by anyone in authority:

• allow the imperial family to die out for lack of male heirs.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan trade minister merits indictment over gift scandal: panel See in context

It’s nice that a Lawmaker is taking his violation of the Law seriously and will respond Sincerely, if asked. (If not asked he won’t be sincere?)

Maybe if he had taken the law ‘seriously’ he wouldn’t have violated it?

The decision took into account that the 59-year-old House of Representatives member had stepped down as minister of economy, trade and industry and apologized for the case.

I love this. If I break a law and then resign from one of my jobs and apologize, will the prosecutors let me go? How about if I was drunk and didn’t remember? Or if I suffered ‘social sanctions’ like a certain prosecutor who did some illegal gambling? How about if I return what I stole?

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Posted in: School lunch noodles fried so hard that children and teachers chip teeth See in context


school lunches are made exclusively by the Nifda Company

Tyson, Kraft, Saga are but three companies that make school lunches (and breakfasts). I suspect the NIFDA company made lunches in your hometown/state but not every state/school district hires the same company.

Second, couldn’t the cooks check? As in, taste the noodles? This fiasco is wrong on so many levels: bad cooks, students not paying attention to their food, and bad food administrators.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO says Games to be symbol of solidarity See in context

First, I thought the Olympics were to show support of the victims of, no, I thought the Olympics were to show humankind’s victory over the coronavirus... Now you say it is to  reduce emotional distance between people who have been struggling with loneliness and anxiety. What about people who haven’t been struggling with loneliness and anxiety? What about the victims of Fukushima?


we are now in a serious crisis that may only happen once in several centuries,"

I guess he’s forgotten/never heard about the Spanish flu pandemic of 100 years ago, or the 1894 bubonic plague. I would also put World War II down as a serious crisis that happened less than ‘several centuries’ ago.

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Posted in: 20% of local governments in Japan have no disaster specialists: survey See in context

This article gives the impression that an exclusive disaster specialist is required in all cities, towns, and villages. Odd.

For example, it's possible that the local disaster specialist could double as the election official. I mean, most places don't have elections every weekend or disasters every day.

As long as the city knows who is in charge when a disaster strikes, and that official knows what to do, that is what is important.

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Posted in: Ex-top prosecutor to face summary indictment over gambling See in context

I hope I can use 'social sanctions' when I'm arrested. Perhaps my sentence will be between four weeks or one month, my choice. (I'd choose February if the latter.)

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Posted in: Mizuho hit by 4th glitch in 2 weeks See in context

Time for Mizuho to get out of the banking business and start an AirBnB chain if they’re going to be so incompetent.

Back in the last century, my father’s bank messed up one of his transactions. He complained. They fixed it. He took all his money out of that bank and put it in one across the street. One mistake. Not Four.

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

If the point of white bras is so they don't show through the white blouses, change the blouse color to something less opaque or a solid color; black, for instance. If the point of white undies is ... What is the point of white undies?

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Posted in: Sea levels were pushed up by seawater that is warmer and larger in volume. The rising trend along Japan's coast is expected to continue due to climate change. See in context

If the sea rises enough, those sea walls can be used as bicycle paths or pedestrian walkways for tourists to experience waves and ocean views while the cities they are ‘protecting’ will move to higher ground.

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Life styles altered/destroyed/ evaporated by Fukushima radiation exposure: Lots. And ten years later, ongoing: Fukushima refugees still living in ‘temporary’ housing; suicides caused by the evacuation because of the radiation; ancestral homes, farm land and animals, and pets abandoned; bank accounts wiped out in an attempt to move everything to a place where refugees can start over; bullying of refugees because they’re ‘tainted’.

The effects of Fukushima’s radiation cannot be limited to how many deaths it caused. How many deaths attributed to air pollution resulted in entire towns emptying out and forced to live in temporary housing? Probably 0.

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Posted in: Japan's children of the tsunami shaped by tragedy See in context

The survivors not only had to suffer in silence but they also had to put up with their fellow citizens bullying them for supposedly being contaminated by radiation.

[Hazuki Shimizu’s] family was kept in the car park and monitored for radiation with Geiger counters when they came to register her for a new school.

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Posted in: The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami See in context

A video about the seawalls. A bit late to the party but includes the voices of the people who must live behind those seawalls.

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Posted in: New Tokyo Olympic president tries to assure Japan on safety See in context

She is attempting to soothe over citizens' doubts about allowing foreigners into Japan who, of course, will bring more and different variations of the coronavirus. (Japanese tourists never do that.)

If she can soothe citizens' doubts, there will be more media attention on holding the Olympics vs cancelling them.

Her end game is to get the games going; if she keeps foreigners out (the only humans capable of carrying the coronavirus), the citizens will be happy.

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Posted in: The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami See in context

The Great Wall" and came with 44 tsunami evacuation routes, 

What does this mean? A wall with evacuation routes?

Roads were designed with clear views for evacuees

And what are 'clear views' ? Shouldn't all roads be designed with clear views for the drivers?

Finally, if you experienced a 16-meter tsunami, why would you decide a 14-meter tsunami is the highest that will happen?

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context


Statistics are the devil's playground.

80% of the stalkers were men. That means 20% were women (not 7%)

87% of those stalked were women. That means 13% of those stalked were men.

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Posted in: Hulu sets Mike Tyson miniseries, but the boxer punches back See in context

I believe Tyson’s main objection can be wrapped up in this quote of his:

without compensation, 

On the other hand, perhaps it will be a hatchet job and totally inaccurate.

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