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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

The Financial Crash and the Tohoku Earthquake/Nuclear disaster didn’t stop life going on in Japan

Japan still hasn't recovered from any of these disasters, natural or man-made. Maybe taking time out to thoroughly address and solve a problem is exactly what Japan needs to do.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

Have no fear everyone! Suga has pinkypromised to give a billion shots personally every day.

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Posted in: Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over anti-virus measures See in context

defied requests to remote work

Who wrote this? Not all of us can type up a halfarsed article whilst curled up in bed at home and get away with calling it work.

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

She was sexually assaulted if the allegations are true

One would assume the photos being on social media is evidence enough.

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

They forcibly took photos of a naked 12 year old girl and posted them on social media... WTAF!?

Verdict: Hmmm...Maybe something, probably nothing, who knows? NEXT! Disgusting

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Posted in: Japan to expand, extend virus state of emergency See in context

confused by cinemas having to close at 8pm.

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

Vaccinations dont stop you carrying the virus, they stop you getting sick. What does it matter if these healthy young people contract the disease in their olympic bubble? There are people who are actually at risk.

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Posted in: Japan bans removal of prized agricultural seeds, seedlings abroad See in context

Imagine how much a 1000yen grape would cost when you smack a load of import tax on it.

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Posted in: Japan's child population hits record low after 40 years of decline See in context

I'm doing my part. Are you?

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

violence solves everything

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Posted in: Japan venture strives to spread its wagyu evaluation tech using AI See in context

Angus = bad

Wagyu = good

Wagyu too greasy for most people over the age of about 25.

Wagyu - bad

Angus - good

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

Dishing out a healthy dose of 'wa' that Japan is so famous for.

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Posted in: Clothes in Japan help emit 95 mil tons of CO2 a year, mostly overseas See in context

End fast fashion and make clothes to last.

Can you blame people when every other tv show is about The lastest throwaway garment?

Tax companies that make these products.

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Posted in: Up to 300 people per day breaking self-quarantine pledge in Japan See in context

Are the borders open?

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Posted in: Gov't to aid virus-hit firms with ¥500 bil from reserve funds See in context

Money printer go BBRrrrrrrrr!!!

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

What has Japan learned this past year?

… Literally nothing

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 698 new coronavirus cases; 1,043 in Osaka See in context

I felt terrible today. A coworker was confirmed with covid last week, but I had no direct contact. I dont want to self isolate over my only holiday so ill postpone my doctor visit until May 7th.

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

Urge people to stay home over GW. lol. For a lot of people today isnt even a holiday.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

Maybe they can invent a robot, or a pokemon, or a new tenga or something to give the vaccines.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,027 new coronavirus cases; Osaka 1,171 See in context

No way! After everyone has been trying so hard. I cant believe it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,260 in Osaka See in context

Still holding out compilation a WONDERFUL olympics

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Posted in: U.S. advises citizens to 'reconsider travel' to Japan See in context

Are people being allowed back in???

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

'order' There's a first

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Posted in: U.S., Britain rush supplies to virus-stricken India See in context

Japan should help out too. they have stacks of vaccines just sat there, and no plan to use them.

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Posted in: Commuter rush seen despite 3rd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

Me: I'm going to telework next week.

Boss: No.

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Posted in: Japan to open large vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka: report See in context

 It’s very queer then to see that deaths fell in 2020, yes fell during a pandemic.

This makes perfect sense. Fewer people are out and about to get involved in accidents. More people taking precautions against covid, which are even more effective against other diseases. I don't think we should all be cowering behind our couches, but we definitely need to look at the facts for what they are.

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Posted in: Nintendo announces new Lego Luigi set, and Japan gets it first See in context

wow. Look at the endless building potential of this kit...

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Posted in: Mini urn helps family members remember and commemorate the deceased anytime, anywhere See in context

I prefer a sightly thicker urn if I'm honest.

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