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Posted in: Smartphone case features cat mom nursing kittens See in context

Being a cat lover I can only say, "kawaii".

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Posted in: Beef katsu and yakiniku bowls is a meat marriage made in heaven See in context

Sounds like a carnivore's dream come true! Can I have some kimchi on the side?

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Posted in: The return of 'Terrace House'? Seina and Noah star in new series of the reality show See in context

I spend my daily life mired in reality. For escapism and entertainment I prefer fiction and even fantasy.

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Posted in: Want a stronger world after COVID-19? Choose more women leaders See in context

Four thousand or so years of predominately testosterone rule have left the world in pretty rough shape. Let's give the girls a chance and see if they can make things right.

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Posted in: Godiva curry bread from a convenience store? Only in Japan…but should it exist at all? See in context

The Mexicans discovered long ago that chocolate can enhance savory foods, thus mole was born. I make a chili colorado that includes chocolate and it receives rave reviews.

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Posted in: Pandemic cuisine: Odd pairings, old favorites on the menu See in context

I love natto but have never tried it as a sandwich. My lunch today shall be nato and onion on wholegrain bread.

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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

Toshihiro said;

"That 3,00 yen won't be enough for the therapy sessions to make them forget what they saw. At least they got paid and were left unhurt."

In pre WW-2 days when communal bathing was popular did all the girls need therapy?

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Posted in: Jane Fonda to receive Golden Globes' Cecil B DeMille Award See in context

As a disabled vet of that war I thank Jane Fonda for her peace activism. Anyone who pays attention to what she has had to say about the controversial photo op should remember that it was done on the spur of the moment and she immediately realized that it had been a mistake. Let those who have never erred cast stones.

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Posted in: Body of elderly woman found inside refrigerator in Tokyo apartment See in context

Oxycodin, you are jumping to conclusions. The article doesn't say the elderly woman was murdered. It's possible she died of natural causes and the distraught daughter didn't know what to do.

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Posted in: Sapporo to release limited-edition Adult Choc Mint beer See in context

Give me beer that conforms to the German Reinheitsgebot or give me death. Well..maybe not death, but just a hard Dutch Rub.

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Posted in: 3 men found dead inside tent in Chiba forest See in context

Several years ago a friend of mine, who was the step-daughter of the famous Johnny Cash, died from carbon monoxide inhalation. I hope that Rosie Nix is resting in peace and I wish the same for these gentlemen. Death is an indiscriminate visitor.

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Posted in: Unity has long been a theme, and anxiety, for new U.S. presidents See in context

"Arresting peaceful protestors and silencing opinions is probably not the best way forward then."

So you think the people carrying racist confederate battle flags while chanting "hang Mike Pence" and in possession of plastic hand-restraints for probable hostage taking were peaceful protestors? I am both shocked and saddened by your naiveness.

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Posted in: Sapporo decides to sell new beer with English mistake on label See in context

Incorrect spellings don't just happen to the Japanese. When I was stationed at Yokota AB as an air traffic controller back in the 1960s the AF printed a proficiency manual with the printed name "proficeincy manual" on the cover.

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Posted in: Korea Town See in context

I would like to see Japan and Korea develop a relationship as close as the one that exists between the USA and the UK. We may not be the best pals but we share many interests. Let's all try living in peace.

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Posted in: Fukuoka town erects 7-meter gorilla scarecrow as symbol of strength against COVID-19 See in context

Adding a bit of lightness to a dire situation does no harm and actually may give hope to many. I thank the people of Fukuoka-ken and cheer for the gorilla's success.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez to perform at Biden inauguration See in context

The inauguration itself is the greatest entertainment, a man who will restore some of our national pride in the eyes of the world will be taking the helm.

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Posted in: KFC Japan’s Creamy Croquette Chicken Filet Sandwich wants to comfort you this winter See in context

Well...I must differ with the above commenters. It may not be health food but an occasional treat won't damage you that much. Don't eat them on a daily basis but you could probably eat one every now and then and live through it. I would love to try one. They had me at sakura shrimp and lobster sauce.

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Posted in: Heavy snow temporarily strands 90 vehicles on central Japan highway See in context

I am always amazed by things that some can give a downvote to.

"P. SmithJan. 8  07:25 am JST

Hope everyone was safe."

How could this possibly be voted down by a rational person???

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Posted in: Easy fix to avoid skin forming on hot milk See in context

The skin atop your warm milk or pudding is the best part. Just slurp it off!

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Posted in: Japan’s best croquette shops announced in 7th annual Croquette Grand Prix See in context

In the good old days when I was a control tower supervisor at Yokota Air Base, on swing shifts I would often lend one of my team members my car and send him on a mission to a small shop in Ushihama to get us some Menchi Katsu and fried squid. We all loved them and I never had better.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over attempted murder of 8-year-old daughter See in context

@ P. Smith,

The fact that your excellent comment received any down votes at all indicates that there are many with absolutely no understanding of, or compassion for those who suffer from, mental illness. It's not just in Japan but sadly is a worldwide phenomena.

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Posted in: Always make a superior brew with this artisanal coffee drip pot See in context

I often make my coffee the old fashioned way in a pan on the stove. After sitting for a few minutes I pour it into a serving container through a tea strainer to remove the grounds. It tastes delicious.

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Posted in: Curry rice restaurant teams up with convenience store for Super Spicy Curry Buns See in context

Curry pan used to be one of my favorite breakfast foods.

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Posted in: Alcoholic soup in a cup See in context

Actually alcohol does not warm you in the winter, its action is the exact opposite. When you consume alcohol the capillaries under your skin expand, which accounts for that red face, and you loose body heat at a faster rate.

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Posted in: Japan's capsule with asteroid samples retrieved in Australia See in context

@Sal Affist

How does this achievement effect us down on earth? The miniaturization required of electronic parts used in space vehicles has spilled over into areas that are beneficial to your life in many ways. Many medical procedures have been improved and surgeries made less invasive thanks to this knowledge.

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Posted in: Biden is facing high hopes, tough choices on border wall See in context

Many undocumented people in the US came in legally and just overstayed their Visas. A lot of contraband enters the country through legal portals disguised as something else. Look no further than the Great Wall of China to find out how effective walls are at keeping out undesirables.

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Posted in: Kyoto’s Fire Ramen restaurant expands overseas with first location outside Japan See in context

I am a lover of all things "chili pepper" and was hoping the name came from the addition of capsicum.

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Posted in: Are 'yakiimo' poised to become the next trendy food? See in context

One of my favorite sounds when I lived in Ushihama back in the 1960s was the cry "o-imo" that came from the lips of the ojisan pushing his cart of goods as he neared my home. My wife or I would rush out clasping a few yen to trade for one of his delicious treats. All I can say to those above who don't seem to care for them is they must have bought from the wrong ojisan, the ones we bought were always creamy and delicious.

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Posted in: English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world See in context

The best comment on language I ever heard was by a chiropractor that I had taken a Filipino friend with a backache to see. My friend apologized to the doc for his poor English and got this reply, "I'm sure you speak English much better than I speak your language."

We all need to learn tolerance.

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Posted in: Major floods in Manila as typhoon batters Philippines See in context

Dear Zaphod, "Climate" is not only a talking point for politicians but is of great interest to "scientists" as well. Men and women who have devoted their lives to keeping this planet habitable for all of us.

Sadly "climate denial" is the talking point of many politicians.

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