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Posted in: Two Canadian provinces stop offering AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine See in context

It’s unfortunate that the “vaccine” has turned out to be more dangerous than the virus.

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Posted in: 42 killed in Colombia protests, human rights agency says See in context

Biased media. It’s a communist insurrection, nothing more.

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Posted in: India's surge hits southern states, prompting more lockdowns See in context

They need herd immunity, not lockdowns.

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Posted in: New Zealand to resume Australia 'travel bubble' as Sydney COVID threat eases See in context

Still no herd immunity in New Zealand and Australia. Big trouble for them in the future because of their misguided lockdowns.

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Posted in: California reports first ever yearly population decline See in context

People fleeing liberal lunacy in California. High taxes, high crime, illegal immigration, you name it.

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Posted in: Germany makes AstraZeneca vaccine available to all adults See in context

No thanks, don’t need it or want it.

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Posted in: Serbia to offer cash to those who get COVID vaccine See in context

Another government forced to bribe people to take the jab because they know it’s more dangerous than the actual disease.

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Posted in: Italian court hands U.S. tourists life sentences for murdering policeman See in context

Blue Lives Matter. Back the Blue.

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Posted in: Napoleon: Two centuries of conspiracy theories See in context

He died of stomach cancer.

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Posted in: Trudeau tells Canadians not to pick and choose vaccines See in context

Gotta support Big Pharma.

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Posted in: 5 arrested over violent theft of Lady Gaga's dogs See in context

The usual suspects.

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Posted in: Royal future: William and Kate celebrate 10 years of marriage See in context

They might just save the British monarchy from the destruction that Meghan is doing to it.

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Posted in: Fed set to hold the line as U.S. economy recovers See in context

They need to stop printing so much money trying to prop up the economy.

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Posted in: EU will let vaccinated Americans visit this summer See in context

No reason to get the vaccine if you’re still forced to get tested and wear a mask.

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Posted in: Number of COVID patients in intensive care rises in France See in context

This is what happens when you don’t allow herd immunity to happen by instituting excessive lockdowns. France should never have locked down.

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Posted in: With OK from experts, some U.S. states resume use of J&J vaccine See in context

The J&J “vaccine” is a great example of how the cure is more dangerous than the disease.

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Posted in: Suspect detained for stabbing 2 men in Saitama says he is ‘mentally ill’ See in context

The original Catch-22 was that in order to be medically discharged from the military, you had to be mentally ill. However, if you declared yourself so it meant you were lucid and therefore not mentally ill.

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Posted in: World airline federation blasts UK virus test 'scam' See in context

Of course the testing is a scam. That’s why it’s called the Scamdemic.

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Posted in: Dutch to lift COVID curfew; let cafes serve outdoors See in context

They never should have shut them down in the first place. Fascism doesn’t stop the Wuhan virus.

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Posted in: Ontario enters harder lockdown; police get more powers as COVID cases soar See in context

Complete fascism. Hard to believe that people are willingly going along with restrictions on their freedom.

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Posted in: Australia to continue review of COVID vaccinations See in context

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Posted in: Gucci heirs worry over family depiction in Ridley Scott film, starring Lady Gaga See in context

They shouldn’t worry. No one watches Hollywood movies anymore. They all stink.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic swimmers may miss out on COVID-19 vaccine See in context

The shot is more dangerous to those swimmers than the virus itself. They should refuse it anyway then defy the fascist quarantine.

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Posted in: Germany, U.S. call on Russia to pull back troops from Ukrainian border See in context

Putin is obviously not the least bit scared or respectful of the Biden administration.

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Posted in: J&J COVID-19 vaccine in limbo as U.S. panel delays vote on resuming shots See in context

The COVID-19 “vaccine” skeptics have been vindicated. The shot is more dangerous than the virus.

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Posted in: Loud and Proud: Shake Shack's recipe for an inclusive workplace See in context

Group identity politics has been a central tenet of authoritarian political movements such as Communism and fascism since their beginnings. This way of thinking is very destructive.

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Posted in: Australia rules out adding J&J vaccine to inoculation plan See in context

The shot is more dangerous than the disease.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern says border workers must take COVID-19 vaccine after new cases See in context

You cannot mandate a vaccine, especially one as dangerous as this one. It’s fascism.

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Posted in: EU drug regulator says it is up to countries to decide how to handle AstraZeneca See in context

The AZ shot is poison.

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Posted in: MLB officially moves All-Star Game to Denver's Coors Field See in context

Colorado’s voter laws are more restrictive than Georgia’s.

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