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Posted in: Former Tokyo 2020 sports director Murofushi being treated for brain lymphoma See in context

Murofushi is one of those all round total athletes. Disciplined both in and out of the sports world. With all due respect, I wish him God speed recovery.

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After everything that North Korea has done, they don't even deserve a dialogue until the day they are so starved that they will be on their knees begging.

I wonder how many times I've heard this. From the article above, my understanding is that, it's Japan and Co that regrets the absence of N.Korea as a lost opportunity for holding diplomatic talks. Not the other way round. The guy up north knows his moves.

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@ us_reamer.

Thank you for your observation and you're quite right.

At one time I answered a similar question on Quora, then someone rebutted it and a second guy came on to offer his in-depth knowledge ( rebutting my rebutted) in the matter, basically you and this guy are in tandem. I reduce his name to just initials.


March 25, 2018

That’s patently false. The name Rossiya wasn’t loaned into Russian from Greek until the 1400s and Malorossiya wasn’t coined until the 1500s or 1600s. You are referring to Greek and Latin, not Russian or Ukrainian, and Yurii II called himself dux totius Russae Minoris, “ruler of all Rus Minor,” in his formal titles. He didn’t use the any condescending version “Little Russians” for his people, because the rulers of Muscovy hadn’t yet formed the idea of Russia.

The Byzantine church used Greek Mikra Rossia from at least the 1200s to refer to the core territory of the Kyivan metropolitanate of Rus, and Megale Rossia for its greater sphere of influence, including borderlands and colonies like the Moscow region. These terms did not refer to people.

That was a far cry from the way the Russian elites turned it into the belittling epithet Malorossy for the people of the Ukrainian Cossack state that they colonized between 1654 and 1782. The term was only used in the empire, where institutional fear of Ukrainian identity led to banning the Ukrainian language in performance and print, and not in other places Ukrainians lived, and it was archaic by the time the empire self-destructed in 1917. A neutral contemporary ethnonym was Ruthenians (rusychi or rusnaky).

Please try to understand the facts behind the history you cite, or you might risk getting caught promoting obsolete language that smacks of racism. Why do you think this terminology was used in the Kremlin’s abortive attempt to annex eastern Ukraine and the associated Russian Federation propaganda?

There are a lot of archaic names for peoples that we don’t use any more, out of normal respectfulness.



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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

@ us _reamer

It's " Malorossiya ".....Little Russia.

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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

The USSR's Eduard Shevardnadze

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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

"Mr. Gorbachevtear down this wall"

This was a speech by Ronald Reagan in West Berlin in 1987.

A year before RR had met Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik where the US had assured Gorby that NATO wouldn't move an inch beyond FRG (FRG-Federal Republic of Germany- today's Germany) and that there will be No foreign forces in the then GDR ( German Democratic Republic) - East Germany, which was then still behind the Iron Curtain ( Communist country )

But we now know that after open invitation to Eastern block countries to join the European Union, NATO is all over the former Iron Curtain countries near or bordering Russia- like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia etc. The worst came when Ukraine, a country which was like a kid brother to Russia had the Orange Revolution and then the "Maidan" ( square in Kyiv) where the Moscow leaning President - Yanukovych had to flee to Russia. Russia blames the West for that uprising.

Russia feels betrayed and threatened by all these events and it's trying to ensure that NATO doesn't come any closer to its borders, thus, Eastern Ukraine, mostly Russian speaking and leaning majority, with support from Russia, want to form their own independent states - and, to Russia, this is a good buffer zone.

NATO's eastwards expansion is the cause of turmoil in Ukraine. Some pundits claim that Putin is mistaken, that , the promise given in the meeting between then US sec of state James Baker and USSR's Eduard Sherveznade in 1987 (?) only concerned Foreign troops/ NATO not being in the GDR but not further afield.

This is for each of us to decide who's lying.

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The Aussies are in the biggest quandary ever ! Geographically in Asia and China's no1 trading partner. They are also the US's no1 ally, there US has NEVER been to any war that Aussies didn't take part in. Here they are caught on whether to choose a most vital Asian trading partner or go to war with it in tandem with its traditionally Western Allies. The Chinese investments down under are massive, so are the Exports to China. They'll soon have to make that call.

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Personally, I believe in my heart of hearts that neither China nor Japan wants a war. If they did they'd have had one a long time ago. What they want is trade and prosper, but by the sheer curve-ball of history it's almost a must, save for a miracle, have one.

And see, the biggest beef here is about the south CHINA sea, not the Gulf of Mexico. The Senkaku/ Diaoyu is, I believe, something workable but compounded with other issues it all becomes an intractable complicated hydra.

It's peace we should all sue for, if we must fight, let's do so only when we can't reason. Can't we reason ?

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

@ Zaphod

> Timeline: U.S. arms sales to Taiwan in 2020 total $5 billion amid China tensions

This is one by Reuters.

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context


The Qing dynasty also paid Japan quite some amount of cash in Kunming Silver Taels as compensation when a Japanese boat ran aground..where ? In Taiwan and the headhunter tribe slaughtered some Japanese (12 pax?) In 1871 . I agree with you on the Formosa name by the Portuguese. The Qing also did tell the Japanese that NOT all people in Taiwan were under its rule, referring to the indeginous tribes.

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

The Qing was not administeri g some place in Europe, Middle East or the Americas. It's one of the many successive administrations cascading through the arc of time on what's today China.


The first time any mainland Chinese claimed to rule over parts of Taiwan was in 1662. Before that it was claimed

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

@ Zaphod

Please Google.

Taiwan can't fight China alone.

The US militarily backs Taiwan. Were China Not aggressive enough the US would have a base in Taiwan.

Even now, China is just doing assymetrical war of attrition on Taiwan and hopes to win without a kinetic war. In Truth Taiwan is a province of China hence China ceded it to Japanese colonization in the treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895. The Japanese GOT Taiwan from the Chinese..that's historical.

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Unfortunately Taiwan doesn't have a leg to stand on. The overwhelming majority of UN members recognise the PRC as the legitimate government of China and Taiwan as part of China. Like it or not, the PRC have every right to take possession of their own territory. The fact that they've excercised restraint for over 70 years is extraordinary.

This is factual. When the US wanted a way out of the Vietnam, they sought the Chinese help via Henry Kissinger. The Chinese via En lai wanted ONLY one thing in return- The recognition of the one China policy. This came to pass when R. Nixon met Ze Dong in 1972. The US reneged on this principle during the Reagan admin ( ?). Still, Taiwan ( ROC)has its substantive rulers, but since they think themselves as the real deal, they also rule China ( PRC) by illusion.

China will try to move very fast to annex Taipei, it's a strategic move, having realised that the US is stockpiling weapons there for the impending war on China. We all are under no illusion that Taiwan on its own can't fight China. The US intends to use Taiwan as a foothold/ forward base for the war.

There should be no war. There's enough in the world for everybody...if we choose to walk barefeet like toddlers.

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Posted in: Putin signs law allowing him 2 more terms as Russia's leader See in context


Things are elephant ! Alliances have been formed, various manouvers to handle any situation are practiced, men and steel are and have been positioned, verbal , diplomatic and even ballistic warnings have been issued, and we are waiting for that one event that'll light up the fuse.

Yes @ timeon, Eastern Ukraine ( Lughansk, Donbass,Kharkiv etc) are flairing up despite the ceasefire. The other day Biden promised total support to Ukrainian President Volodimir Volensky despite Russian warnings. A war, we must have.

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I see no reason why we should complain, at all. After all the West has isolated Russia despite innumerable entreaties it has made to be part of the world family.

Let's be honest, even the democracy we pretend to have in our own countries stink to high heavens. In the US, the mecca of democracy, quite a huge chunk of the population think the elections were stolen, culminating in the raid of the seat of power at DC. Many also believe Presidents are selected, and that corporations ( Big money ) run America. The same here in Japan and elsewhere. It just might as well be straightforward and cheaper going Putin's, Xi and KJ Un's way.

I ask, why would WE want to impose our values on them? Are we smarter? Or divinely endowed to decide for them ?

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman says she killed her ailing son at his request See in context

There's something about snuffing out someone's life out that doesn't sit well with many sentient beings. At worst, she should have looked for a Dr. Kevorkian.

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Posted in: South Korea proposes co-hosting 2032 Olympics with North Korea See in context

As a human being, I'm ever in search of that universal brotherhood, the cosmic love. I applaud any effort that will distance enemity of any kind. If our forefathers lived by the sword and we now know better, then by all means let's beat the swords into ploughshares.

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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context

There is a reason why hitherto Japan hasn't put up anything there. We are not privy to what that entails. If it were that simple as some of you make it, they would long have done so. Everyone has their own individual nightmares.

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Posted in: China sanctions UK lawmakers and lobby groups over Xinjiang as rift widens with West See in context

Well argued. I will like to see a social media campaign threatening to boycott/attack corporations like Apple, Toyota and TESLA gaer momentum IF they do not provide a roadmap for their complete withdrawal from any dealing


Come on now big business I have been TELLING you all now for over 2 decades & counting to START removing your investments from china!!!!

Corporations' life blood is money, green bucks. They have no allegiance to countries. They even make massive profits in the US and hide it offshore to avoid paying a penny in taxes.

For the profit , they pulled out of the West to make more in China.

For more profit, they bribe Western governments using lobbyists for rules to be bent in their favor.

For profit, they also pay billions to both Republican and democrats parties to elect a president of their choice.

Too much of profiteering has turned the once glorious US into a decrepit place, unemployment is up there, poverty and homelessness, poor infrastructure, poor education standards and Americans are being directed to look at China. This is the democracy in the US which it wants China to have?

China has been on the up and up. Since the revolution, the great leap forward , the famines and everything bad you've heard about China then, China with its I-dont-dare-pronounce system of govt has made unmatched progress in which in a few years it's going to surpass the US economy, but that system is not " democratic", in this case, meaning not being pliable to Western standards of govt. even when it has worked marvellously for them, but isn't it their democratic right to choose their way of governing ? Must the West force-feed their democracy to everyone ? Before this concept of Western democracies, weren't there polities in existent that just did ok like China is doing now ?

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context

Japan, in its hitherto dominant position, never expected or readied itself for any challenges. No wonder it's shocked with this re-naming.

Japan is in a Kafkaesque nightmare !

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Posted in: West sanctions China over Xinjiang abuses; Beijing hits back at EU See in context

Cogito Ergo Sum, what China is doing is similar to what America did to the native Americans in the 19th C. The difference is that that was in the 19th C. and this is now. Xinjiang, Tibet, and various other regions in the southeast which were forcefully integrated into China relatively recently do not want to be part of China or at least want real autonomy.

I share that basic fundamental need for freedom to every single person. In our different but powerless perches, I see China's position as a reaction to historic traumas, and it's determination not to have those repeated.

In 1962 China fought with India and despite advancing many kms Inside, China returned back to the status quo. Same with Vietnam in 1979, unlike others who would have set military bases there, China did otherwise. So "expansionist" doesn't hold water, at least to me.

The UN was set up ostensibly to arbitrate these kind of cases too, and, it's a credible, inclusive, civil and cheap way of problem solving, but I'd think addressing the fundamental fears of China is a good place to start.

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The US, is still on its march Westwards with its Cowboy imperialism that's embedded and embodied in the galloping horse that delivers messages of freedom and redemption throughout the dark world. And like Iraq, Syria, Lybia ( muslim populations) etc, the Uighurs, too, are in need of the Cowboy's silver bullet from the US' machinery that bring " freedom"..but we can't deny the fact that it has unfailingly left a message of death and terror in the aftermath.

As for the " expansionist" China, I wanna ask, what's the US ? Ok to most, the US is the real estate north of mexico and South of Canada, ok, Alaska , ok Hawaii, ok Puerto Rico. A few more would think Samoa, Marianas, Guam but I guess you get the picture.

China expansionist ? Convince me, by reason.

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The three vessels did not enter Japan's territorial waters nor take action to pose any threat to MSDF ships or planes, it added.

The town criers.

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I think the last thing neither Japan or China wants is a war. Both of them know well there'll no winner, just utter destruction. The world's number 2&3 biggest economies would, more than anything else just want to trade and grow. If they can keep the Senkaku issue aside.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

" The US is the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today " .. ML King 1967 at Riverside church in New York.

" Demagogic slander that sounds like a script from for Radio Hanoi " ..Life Magazine.

" Dr. King has diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country and his people "..Washington Post.

After the US put in place the Monroe doctrine in 1823 which warned European that henceforth the Americas were its sphere of influence and there should be no meddling, the US has gone ahead and meddled everywhere ! The Banana wars in Central America, S. America, Cuba, Philippines, Vietnam ( more than 8K km away). And many of these from false flag reasons.

Again, the US has zoned China, Russia, N.Korea, Iran in one corner- possibly as a new improved " axis of evil" . It's built bases all around and near these countries, it operates and calls on allies to do the same in sailing military warships in these countries doorsteps or vicinities, something that itself will not countenance ( Cuban missile crisis) . Because it has invested so much already in these places in terms of manpower and still...they must be put to use...but...they must first find / manufacture a reason ( how many prior legitimate reasons have they given?) . Is Uighur the reason ? I don't know ! But , what seems certain to me is that the destiny is yet to be manifest.

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Both China and Japan have been caught in a classic mexican standoff. No way to back out, they must maintain the tense status-quo because anything else will have adverse outcomes.

The sad thing is, both of them know well that the aftermath is wa...y negatively bigger, but, the face ! the very face they must save is the very face heralding their doom.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

Is it just me, or is the stage for WWIII being set?

Well, just a matter of time and it'll be a long kiss goodnight. Let no one kid themselves that it's going to be a localized or isolated war. Big mistake !

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Posted in: Driver who killed pedestrian during police chase gets 5 years in prison See in context

Life is cheap in Japan.

You can say that again.

The " judgements" seem so arbitrary and nonsensical it boggles the mind. But hey, who am I ? Their country, their people, their laws.

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"We all are living, carrying the sadness in our hearts," Akiyama, 53, said.

So are some of us. We sing our painful hymns in silence...and in total darkness....with our eyes firmly shut...lest we remember you...the other you.

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Posted in: China announces over 6% economic growth target; boosts defense spending by 6.8% See in context

@ Peter 14

What you say could be true, But it's also true that US's Military spending is the biggest budget spending, mostly going to the MIC ( military ind.complex), lobbists, bribery etc. So, that eats the bang in the $.

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