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Posted in: No. of people out and about in Tokyo up despite extended virus emergency See in context

Some people are just outraged, outraged beyond forgiving, that people they don't know are daring to take their chances and live their lives like human beings rather than fearful and caged rats.

Life is about living, not hiding from inevitable mortality.

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Posted in: Shizuoka Pref bans teachers from personal communication with students on social media See in context

I understand the concern, but... one of my daughter's grade school teachers (female) stayed in touch with her and was very supportive and helpful during a difficult time. Rather than blanket rules (which always have loopholes anyway), surely there is a better way.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian says body-shamers 'really broke me' during pregnancy See in context

"No-one deserves to be treated with such cruelty or judgment for entertainment,"

Says the woman who became incredibly wealthy by offering her personal life and body as entertainment.

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Posted in: 43-year-old female company exec arrested over indecent behavior with 17-year-old boy See in context

The only way this story could possibly be cool would be if the lady was 35 years old, max.

I agree. 35 years is cool. But at 36, it becomes unimaginably grotesque and immoral.

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Posted in: When it comes to proving drivers' intentions, dashcam video has become a key resource. They don't just record the world outside the car, they also record your own driving, and that puts people in a self-regulating mindset. See in context

Lecturer at the menkyo center the other day was touting them as a way to provide data on weather/visibility, cover yourself in the case of an accident and to document roadrage or aggressive driving. It was like he was on commission.

He is right. But he left out the part about quickly throwing away the SD card if the accident happens to be your fault. (And then you are supposed to tell the police, "That dashcam? Yeah, it had a card once, but I forgot to replace it. Too bad. It would have proved my innocence!"

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Posted in: U.S. urges Saudis to disband force behind Khashoggi killing See in context

The US has zero moral high ground here as long as they keep prize-winning journalist Julian Assange locked up for his reporting on US crimes.

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Posted in: When it comes to proving drivers' intentions, dashcam video has become a key resource. They don't just record the world outside the car, they also record your own driving, and that puts people in a self-regulating mindset. See in context

All hail to Big Brother.

Hardly. You are driving a ton or two of steel, so certain precautions are reasonable. My dashcam and what it records remains my private property. It's a good way to sort our traffic accidents, and it was my choice to put it there.

That said, I may turn off the sound recording as I don't want everything I say recorded - especially when some a$$h###le runs a stop sign in front of me.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon says Tokyo Olympics may be chance to revitalize diplomacy See in context

Korean lives aren't under threat from GSOMIA termination, only Japanese lives are

You are so kind. It's exactly attitudes like this that make South Korea a pariah.

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Posted in: Woman who fell to death from 9th floor was thrown by husband, police allege See in context

Passed a crime scene a few years ago where an innocent pedestrian was killed by a suicide body. For months after that I always looked up when passing tall buildings.

You are far more likely to kill yourself by tripping that way. The odds of being hit by a falling body are so tiny they are not worth craning your neck over. If something that unusual happens, you just have to assume your time was up anyway.

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Posted in: Side with citizens, not military, Myanmar expat urges Japan, ASEAN See in context

One reason countries like Myanmar stumble from one corrupt junta to the next is that the educated people who ought to be the foundation of the country’s future keep leaving. It’s so, so brave of an ex-pat from Myanmar living in Japan to show loyalty to her country of birth and comment on the politics of the country she abandoned. 

Most people have to make real life decisions and decide what is best for them and their family. A Burmese person is more valuable to his/her family working in Japan than being dead in the street in Myanmar. Until you have faced a similar situation yourself, it's not so brave to suggest they are cowards or selfish.

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Posted in: Myanmar police crack down on protests; at least 5 dead See in context

Two protesters shot dead by the army.

When that happens in Washington, DC, people say they were insurrectionists and terrorists who deserved it.

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Posted in: From Apu to Aladdin: Why white voices will no longer do See in context

The name Mel Blanc ring a bell?

Mel Blanc would be forced to quit if he was working today. Because he's not a rabbit.

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Posted in: From Clubhouse to Twitter Spaces, social media grapples with live audio moderation See in context

Yes. Because, God forbid people should be allowed to have real-time conversations where they might say something that hasn't been approved. I wonder how humanity survived this long, with people talking freely as long as they were away from the ears of their kings or masters. Just luck, I guess.

I am glad that people are so well trained today. The minute a new technology comes along to enable the free flow of conversation, the first concern is how to control it and limit it. This will keep us safe and happy.

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Posted in: Myanmar police crack down on protests; one woman killed See in context

A young woman was shot in the head and died. Only a matter of time before the junta take a cue from the US and blame the protestors for protestors' deaths, call an insurgency and really crack down.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney memoir due out in November See in context

I wanna read the part that explains his experience in Japan.

He has imprisoned and later deported in 1980 for marijuana possession.

He has talked quite a bit about this. I remember him saying the other prisoners were especially friendly to him. And this: "He shared another memory from his last day in the prison, explaining the prisoners had to share a communal bath. “By the end, I was like, ‘Come on! In for a penny. I’m going in with the boys,'” he said. “So we all went in there and it was fun, y’know, being in the tub with all these Japanese guys.”"

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Posted in: Drunken driving charge against Bruce Springsteen dropped See in context

officer wrote that the rocker “smelt strongly of alcohol” Nov. 14 and “had glassy eyes” 

Police routinely lie and exaggerate on DUI reports - nothing to do with politics. That's just the way the US "justice" system works. It's all about numbers and quotas. Since it's the cop's word against the suspect. The DA and defense lawyers are also in on it, and will trade off one suspect against another like they are baseball cards. If the suspect is not wealthy and famous, he just has to take his lumps.

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

And what "fundamental human right" would a paper showing you were vaccinated trample on, exactly?

The right to freedom of movement. If you don't think requiring a medical procedure to be allowed to leave a country is a violation of your rights, then you would have been fine living behind the Berlin Wall as well. Same thing, only one doesn't require walls - just the cooperation of neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods seriously injured in California car crash See in context

Never understand why these uber-rich celebrities don't hire full-time drivers 

Because they like to drive. Because they prefer the privacy and freedom of being alone in the car. Especially for very famous people, driving is one of the few ways they can get out without being mobbed and feel like an ordinary person.

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Posted in: French film giant Gerard Depardieu charged with rape See in context

e.g. urinating on a plane because he couldn't be bothered getting up to go to the toilet

Not quite accurate. He was refused permission to use the toilet because they were preparing for take-off. He had prostate problems and simply couldn't wait.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

Pretty hard to stop a dedicated suicidal individual.

I never saw the point either. Suicide rails are expensive, and it's not as though there aren't dozens of other high places to jump from. Never heard anyone say "If I can't jump from that particular bridge, the I guess I'll have to not commit suicide."

I think only a small fraction of jumping suicides are spur of the moment decisions, in which case the rails would help. In this case, the driver simply refusing to stop illegally might have saved the guy.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

The Golden Gate bridge has suicide rails on it. 

The Golden Gate Bridge allows pedestrians to walk across it, so it makes sense.

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Posted in: What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect? See in context

Just about everything. The past is racist and must be erased.

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Posted in: Supreme Court won't halt turnover of Trump's tax records See in context

He was delegitimized on Jan 6th - just ask McConnell or Liz Cheney...

Yeah, that's why you all just can't stop talking about him. One would hardly know there is a guy called Biden the way everyone keeps prattling on about Trump.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

There are no signs about not stopping. There's a sort of hard shoulder and emergency phones for those who break down.

This is posted numerous times along the bridge: 駐車止禁止 Check it out on Google if you want.

Of course there are emergency phones. They are for emergencies, when people have no choice but to stop. Nobody stops on that stretch of road unless they are forced to. So I would expect any taxi driver to refuse to stop until they had cleared the bridge. That's why I find it odd that this driver did stop. Maybe the passenger was acting violently or erratically, and the driver was happy to let him leave. But in a normal situation, no driver would stop for a passenger on that bridge.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

Stopping anywhere - as long as you turn on your emergency blinkers - is acceptable across Japan.

A lot of drivers think that way. But I would expect a taxi driver to know better. There are large signs on that bridge clearly saying that stopping is forbidden.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

I can't understand why the driver would stop on that bridge - there is no place to stop legally there that I know of.

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Posted in: What do you think of cryptocurrency? See in context

Sigh... it's never easy to educate a fearful mob. Don't worry - it's technology, not witchcraft.

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Posted in: Japanese citizen injured in Paris acid attack See in context

One has to be deliberately ignoring what's going on in the world to actively dismiss racism as a cause.

Of course. Which is why I didn't dismiss it as a cause. Dismissing it as a cause is almost as bad as suggesting it as a cause with zero evidence, as this article did.

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Posted in: What do you think of cryptocurrency? See in context

As compared to 100,000 VISA transactions that takes 149 kWh, you get.... 1 bitcoin transaction at 657.6 kWh

How is this even remotely practical?

Early 1900s - Airplanes will never be practical. The can't carry much weight, and can only manage to fly a few hundred meters at a time.

Late 1800s - Automobiles are not practical, and will never replace horses. They burn too much gas, there is no infrastructure of roads and gas stations, and they are slower than horses.

1950- TV is not practical - Too expensive, very few programs, and people prefer movies and live shows.

1980s- Mobile phones are not practical. Nobody wants to lug around an expensive device the size of a shoebox that weighs several pounds.

1990 - Home computers are not practical. Except for the word processor function, nobody will need one. And it takes hours to download the simplest file.

Cryptocurrency - see above.

Technology progresses and adopts - it never comes out of the box perfectly.

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Posted in: Japanese citizen injured in Paris acid attack See in context

While the situation renders factors such as the perpetrator’s motive unknown, it is still important to take a step back and acknowledge this incident within an international context.

Translation: We have no idea what the motive was or who the attackers were, but before anybody comes up with evidence to the contrary, we would like to twist this into a tale of racist discrimination. Which, coincidentally, is what our organization is built to focus on. By the time the facts come out, the crime will be forgotten, but the vague memory of an "anti-Asian attack" will linger in the subconscious and bring support to our cause.

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