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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

 I'm not sure why you are berating "Japan" (he wasn't a government employee), about an actual reality of the situation. I have to pay more for our senior developers, because I'm competing with a larger market. It's just how business works.

Ok.My wording should have been Nissan instead of Japan.And my point is not the problem with the paying him more.But the way they went about it.They should have done it above board. One reasoning was Japanese bigwigs don't get the type of big money that western execs get, so having it out there publicly would've been a bad look.So they said.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

The so-called low pay defense is straight out of a comic-book.Basically insinuating that in order to keep him,the company needed to cook the books to do so.Twas not their doing,but business international standards.Oh please Japan. No-one believes that BS reasoning.

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of husband See in context

but denied intent to kill. 

I guess she wanted to shake him up with a stab wound then.Fortunately no kids witnessed.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

go to your favourite pap and mam owned business and support them as without you they may be wiped away for good.

People don't care about anything or anyone unless it affects them.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

The S.of E. was one in name only anyway.But the governors are like little kids asking for permission to do something,that being the head men in charge should be showing leadership and doing themselves.

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Medvedev for 9th Australian Open title, 18th Slam See in context

So it depends on the US Open who ends up with the most Slams.

 Now it's either Fed or Nadal.But I give the edge to Nadal because he beat Fed on grass in a Wimbledon final. Fed has never beaten him on clay in the French Open final.

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Posted in: Suga refuses to move into official residence despite criticism See in context

A former PM was murdered there back in 1931 by riight wing military leaders.The feeling is the spot is haunted.But only the last two PM's can't seem to live there though!

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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

 Is that worse than getting Wuhan Coronavirus? 

Oh please! Other countries have gone on and made their own mutant/variant that's stronger than the original.Still calling it purely the "China Virus" is highly suspect in character.China hasn't had the outrageous death count of a good few western countries.So how's that explained? What seems popular is that westerners aren't particularly clean.Are you ok with being considered like that by Asians,Japanese etc?

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

Steffi Graf for me. Still the greatest in women’s tennis.

"Madame" Forehand was an ATG too.Though I feel the stabbing of Seles(another of my favorites) aided her and ruined Monica. Naomi still has a ways to be in that conversation and good luck to her.

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

...but I still prefer Serena.

Never thought I'd ever agree with you on something.She's my favorite female all-time player.

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

And then checked again and it's back on.Glad I changed though.

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

NHK the jokesters, cut the match at the end of the 4th game.Must be drinking some of that haterade going around.Went online and watched in English and with the post match interviews.Much better and both girls were gracious and humble.A budding rivalry on tap there.

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Posted in: Calmer Osaka looking to be role model on court, says coach See in context

The haters who dumped on her about firing her coach,have had to eat humble pie.Not known to on this site,but Naomi has proven she didn't need him.And the thumbs down are weak as per usual.

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Posted in: Hashimoto will not give Mori any official Tokyo Olympics role See in context

Hashimoto had better wake up and apologize if she thinks she'll be running things.Mori is still pulling the strings behind the scenes.Her role is to stay in her lane and not talk too much,as women are apt to do,according to Mori and Nikai recently.

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Posted in: Britain's Captain Tom Moore received online abuse in weeks before death See in context

He had pneumonia for several weeks before he caught covid, therefore he could not have the vaccine. 

There you go! Thank you.

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Posted in: Britain's Captain Tom Moore received online abuse in weeks before death See in context

Why would he pass from Covid-19 when he was in the age group to get a shot? He didn't want or it doesn't work? Something is most definitely amiss.

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Posted in: Olympic minister Hashimoto reported to be top pick to replace Mori See in context

Who'd want the job now? She's already a govt minister, so would have to give that up to be chief for only a few months.And with the Games being held very much up in the air, taking it up is a poisoned chalice of an offer.

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Posted in: UK performers say post-Brexit visa rules spell disaster See in context

You can bet that these same actors talking about "cultural damage" are the same people who supported Brexit.Consequences and repercussions.Live with it.

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Posted in: China fires back at U.S. allegations of lack of transparency over WHO virus probe See in context

China has no credibility worldwide of any kind, to be firing back on anything.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman says he was stressed out See in context

More JT click baiting.The man groped her from behind,but didn't use the word grope.Instead "sexed up" the story with a more eye-catching headline. And yes we know he'll be charged for it,NOT groping.

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Posted in: Melbourne enters snap 5-day lockdown over virus; spectators barred from Australian Open See in context

Killing the virus by lockdown every case approach it seems.Unsustainable and morale sapping.Messaged my good mate in Melbourne last night and he said "just sick of it bro."

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Posted in: Activists call for more reform by Tokyo Olympics organizers See in context

Mori was able to raise both middle fingers to everyone, by naming his successor who's older than him. And he remains honorary chairman.Even the prime minister had no say,because he apparently wanted a woman.

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Posted in: Rioters acted on Trump's orders, Democrats say in trial See in context

We know that Americans don't have the stomach to put an ex-president in prison even if he were found guilty.He won't be,because for the obvious reasons,including when you hold yourself up as the bastion of democracy,an attempted insurrection cannot get in the way of that.The trial is just purely for show and will end with nothing concluded.The only good thing is the dropkick is not on Twitter inciting like he would be if he could.

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Posted in: Mori's sexist remarks show slow progress in narrowing Japan gender gap See in context

Breaking News: Mori is going to QUIT!!!

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥1.14 tril from reserve funds for virus subsidies See in context

Reserve funds? From where? Japan is broke AF. The only so-called saving grace is that it's mostly domestic debt.But it's still debt,worse of the G-7 countries.And with the money to be lost from a non Olympics being held,gonna be saddled with banana republic type numbers.

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Posted in: No hugs or high-fives, but 150,000 condoms will be given out at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Probably have to show your vaccine passport because you can get some.Hooking up will never be the same at the Olympics.

I recommend the BIG BOY XL...

I second that.Mega BB. Took a few boxes back home as prezzies 2 Xmases ago and gave to cousins and sister's partner.Watching their faces drop was priceless.Even Mom had a laugh about it.The slogan I loved was:"If it's not on,it's not on!"

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Posted in: EU approves first shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Japan See in context

It's plausible that they're trying to sell these vaccines before everybody finds out how ineffective they are. 

I've been thinking of Britain's Captain Tom Moore who died the other day of Covid aged 100.Didn't he get a shot and still died? Keeping that on the real down low in order to avoid people waking up to reality.

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Posted in: UK calls for reset with EU and 'refinement' of Brexit deal See in context

I appreciate that you are honest about your Anglophobia instead of couching it in high-minded language like some posters here.

I'm pretty honest anyway,and it's not couching.Just speaking facts.Read up and learn.

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Posted in: Ohtani, Angels agree on 2-year, $8.5 million contract See in context

Cricket has a guy who can bat and bowl,so I don't see why Ohtani can't do both.But clearly he needs his elbow to get fully healed.It takes 2 years to get back properly from TJ surgery.They got him at a bargain for 2 years.

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