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It's really sad that Japanese people have to drink in order to release their anger and frustration with that be the company they work for or their home life situation.

I would recommend they find a more suitable outlet such as exercising or focusing on a new interest or hobby.

It seems a cop out, and a destructive one at that, when an individual needs to drink all the time in order to make themselves feel adequate.

I also believe this to be the reason behind an increase in domestic violence due to its effect on one's mental stability.

Alcohol in itself is debilitating and takes its toll on the body in many ways. Japanese on the whole have low self esteem and turn to alcohol as a crutch for all their problems.

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I totally agree. These old men with their archaic mentality need to be weeded out of the system for there to be change.

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Posted in: Ghosn case haunts Japan a year after brazen escape See in context

Ghosn is a free man and was absolutely right in fleeing an oppressive legal system.

Don't waste your time on this Japan. You'll never have him arrested. He did no wrong.

Move on.

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Wishful thinking. It's premature to even think about having defeated this pandemic.

Furthermore, good luck in getting organizers to support this endeavor. Case loads are still rising across the world and many countries are reluctant to participate in activities that draw large crowds and require people to assimilate in one given location.

The Japan Olympics in my opinion, should be pushed back a few years.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

As an individual who actually experienced being incarcerated in Japan, all I need say is that their system is tyrannical and ruthlessly unforgiving. You are basically from the start assumed guilty, stripped of all your rights and denied counsel. It forever changed my perception of the Japanese people.

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You're right about the older generation having worked so hard to raise Japan from the ashes of WW2.

I lived and worked in Japan for almost 20 years between 1978 and 1998. It was a great time for Japan. Probably its best. It will never be like that again.

With a steadily declining birth rate and a growing elderly population, Japan will need to outsource its jobs, come to the realization that immigration will be necessary to sustain its work force, become less insular and figure out how it will pay its growing 60 and over population benefits so necessary to their survival.

On the other hand, the younger generation really needs to start thinking seriously about their future or risk severe consequences.

It's true that the Japanese people are intensely focused on commercialism and are over materlistic. Is it not enough that they have hundreds of their own festivals occurring throughout Japan every year and yet they still feel the need to literally copy our holidays as well.

And yes, with the pandemic raging on and other countries around the world limiting large gatherings and celebrations, you would think that the Japanese would consider being more mindful of the situation. In my opinion, however, the younger generation is selfish and only has their own self interests at heart.

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Japanese should probably reconsider traveling to Hawaii right now for several reasons. I live and work here so I should know.

First of all, the governor here is only interested in filling his own coffers which means his sucking up to the tourism authority by attempting to siphon in more Japanese tourists which he considers to be "money magnets".

Secondly, major hotels have not reopened due to low occupancy, and tour options are few and far between.

Many activities have been canceled (e.g. Honolulu Marathon) and transportation options (e.g. rental cars, tour buses, trolleys) are also limited or non existent at this time. The Bus has also reduced its hours and routes.

Restaurants and retail stores have either closed or cut back their hours of operation due to the ongoing pandemic situation. All bars and nightclubs are closed in accordance with the governor's COVID-19 mandate.

Additionally, although promoted as a safe destination, Japanese should not be fooled by what Hawaii promoters tell them. The crime rate has risen and homelessness is now rampant.

Furthermore, wearing of masks has been mandated and failing to do so may result in exuberant fines and jail time if convicted. Hawaii has some of the most strictest restrictions in the nation.

Japanese planning to visit Hawaii now who remember how it was before COVID-19 changed everything should be forewarned that they are in for a rude awakening upon arrival.

Pass it on. It's not that we don't want you to visit, it's just be aware of what's in store for you if you decide to do so.

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

It's high time that Japan recognize the rights and privileges of the LGBTQ community and work to integrate them into society.

I find it strange that Japan not having a strong affiliation with Christianity is so abhorrent to the concept of homosexuality. Two of its most prominent religions, Shintoism and Buddhism condone it. In fact, Japan's medieval history is filled with Daimyos and Shoguns who openly practiced it.

Why then do they feel that their society must suppress it. Can they not come to the realization that homosexuality has always existed within all societies and therefore rather than segregate and incriminate those of us who are homosexual, we should be accepting and respectful of their differences.

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I will never subject myself to be vaccinated.

All of us are responsible for taking care of our own bodies and therefore having an unknown substance injected into them is frightening.

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Posted in: Hiroshima court recognizes atomic bomb 'black rain' victims See in context

A little too late for compensation don't you think? All the victims are basically on their deathbed already.

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

What goes around comes around. I say don't let Japanese enter other countries as well and thus face the same discrimination they so easily dish out.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

@Serrano. What are you thinking!? This is serious!

It goes to show that the US military and the its government are not taking proper precautions and further discredits the credibility of the United States as a nation capable of containing this virus.

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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

I agree with doggar. These places encourage people to drink more and, as a result, alcoholism becomes more prevalent.

When people become inebriated they tend to let go of their inhibitions which causes them to act foolishly without restraint.

I avoid such places like the plague (no pun intended) because I don't want to be surrounded by people acting stupid and getting out of control.

Let them fail. I don't care.

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Posted in: NHK removes video on U.S. protests after online outrage about depiction of African Americans See in context


"A homogeneous society with no discrimination."

Can you run that by me again?

I lived in the country for 18 years and would have to disagree.

Although Japanese may not be discrimative of their own people, they are on the other hand highly xenophobic and racist in many ways when it comes to their treatment of outsiders.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

First of all, I would like to give a big thumbs up to Aretemis Rogers' comments.

Secondly, it doesn't matter what form racism takes, it comes down to the fact that any form of discrimination against anyone for any reason is unacceptable and we all need to learn to be more accepting of each other and our differences.

If it takes all of us to go out into the streets to make this point clear then I say we do so.

I believe the Japanese people who have joined in and are in support of this movement are aware of the xenophobic inconsistencies within society and want to see change.

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As a young adult living in Tokyo, I was astonished having seen sexual material such as manga portraying Japanese women being sexually exploited by their male counterparts being sold explicitly on magazine racks in book stores and convenience stores.

Nudity in itself, if an actual photograph, was wrapped in celluloid, however, manga was available for anyone, and with no age restrictions having been implemented, even a child was given the opportunity to view this material freely.

It is no wonder that sexual harassment is tolerated by their society and that any objection to it is met with a foreboding apprehension.

A retaliatory response from the victim is therefore considered to be by the perpetrator worthy of only refutation.

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Posted in: U.S. arrests ex-Green Beret, son on charges of smuggling Ghosn out of Japan See in context

I totally agree with Ricky Kaminski13. Let it go! Japanese need to worry more about their economy and the way in which Abe is managing things. Ghosn is long gone and extraditing these individuals now in the middle of a COVID crisis and rehashing this drama is a waste of time.

For Japanese having been outwitted by Ghosn, this is all about retribution and, in my opinion, will not end well for them.

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Posted in: 2 love hotels reprimanded for denying room to gay couple See in context

When I lived and worked in Japan in the 80's, I oftentimes frequented love hotels with my Japanese gay lovers and I experienced no resistance whatsoever from the staff. That was then so you would think that now it would be unimaginable.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill allowing delayed pension payout See in context

Good luck in being able to reach the age of 75 and still be able to work. Most of us won't make it unless we live highly regimented lifestyles.

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

Japanese need to learn to respect one another. It is uncivilized as a society to treat others less fortunate than themselves in this way.

Furthermore, Japanese are extremely xenophobic as well, and in order to gain acceptance from the international community this needs to stop.

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Cash? What a joke.

Before the emergence of the internet and smart phones, I lived in Japan from 1978 until 1998. At the time, I believed Japan was a technologically advanced society more so than any other country in the world at the time. In fact, I idolized the fact that I lived and worked within such a society.

Had I decided not to return to the United States in 1998, I would have been blown away by the fact that they (the Japanese) rather than having advanced and kept up with the times have remained "stuck in the groove" as I like to describe it.

[Kurisupisu] states losing passwords, hacking, power failures among the detriments of going cashless, but seriously and in my opinion, there are more annoyances of relying on it than avoiding it.

I mean seriously, do you really want to have to sort through paper receipts everytime you need to check how much your spending, stand in long lines at stores waiting for people fumbling with coins and paper when you could easily zip out with mobile pay in seconds? And yes, cash is filthy although [PTownsend] would beg to differ.

We're in a pandemic and people are actually going to a bank? Ever heard of online banking? I live here in Hawaii and most of our branches are closed due to a lockdown. It's not an inconvenience because everything can be done online efficiently, and most of our elderly population, believe it or not are extremely tech savvy.

Not to be rude, but in essence, I would recommend that older Japanese change their ways and embrace technology, the reason being that using modern methods keeps the brain's synapses active and is said to prevent Alzheimers disease so common amongst their population's elderly.

[Taro] states that 70 year olds don't know how to use smart phones and why should they. How old are you Taro?

It's their fault they never got on board when they had the chance. Just to let you know, I just turned 60 this year and when smart phones first came out ten years ago, I was already 50. Do you think I let that deter me?

I stay young, look young and think young. You're welcome to check out my Facebook or Instagram pages if you don't believe it. boytripper/facebook.com and instagram.com/flavaboyfan The pictures are of me and not doctored. I've always remained young because I never let things pass me by. Furthermore, I hang with the younger crowd and they accept me.

It's important for all of us to embrace technology for what it is so as not to be left behind in the dust unknowing and unaware.

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It's pathetic. They really need to get on board with the rest of the world. This isn't the 19th century anymore. Forget about the stupid antiquated customs they so desperately cling to. Faxes in offices!? What a joke. Resistance to emails!? And their propensity to rely on cash instead of mobile pay which is so much more efficient is another thing that blows my mind.

They're not only an aging society unwilling to adopt new things, but without keeping up with technological advancements, they will eventually will be unable to compete with the rest of the world and left behind in the dust.

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Japan's economy will inevitably come crashing down as a result of this. With its debt twice the size of its economy, it should be a reminder to all Japanese citizens that the good times are over. Luxury items and multiple vacations to Hawaii each year will become but a distant memory for all of them. The aftermath of COVID-19 will forever be a wound that never heals.

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@Mr. Noidall

Your explicit negativity does not help the situation. Maybe you don't need to work or you work from home, but a lot of people rely on a job in order to sustain their livelihoods. Furthermore, convenience stores are essential services along with their employees if you weren't informed.

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To JeffLee,

Have you ever heard of MOBILE PAY or do 7 Elevens in Japan not have this technological advancement?

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I use mobile pay (Samsung Pay) for all my purchases everywhere I go including 7 Eleven.

Even before COVID-19, I have always used mobile pay. Cash and coins are filthy and you don't know where they've been.

Mobile pay is so easy, faster and much more convenient. An app allows you to directly link your purchases to your financial institution's checking account and it keeps a record of each purchase.

There are no receipts and you avoid handling dirty money. One swipe of your phone and your done and out the door.

I suggest, not only to you, but everyone to utilize this method for making all your purchases.

Technology has offered us a clean and safe way to go to any store and purchase items vital to our livelihoods. I see no reason for not taking advantage of this.

Get on board JeffLee and welcome to the 21st century.

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Reckless says, "I think in a few months this will pass and the preparations for the Olympics will pull things up."

What planet are you from Reckless? Do you really think this thing is going away anytime soon? There is no cure and a vaccine could take more than a year to be approved.

By the time this is all over the Olympics will be just an afterthought. Every worldwide economy will be reeling and the last thing on people's minds will be the Olympics.

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RESIDENT EVIL anyone? Remember the opening scene at Shibuya crossing?

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Why is Japan still focusing on this event when the focus should be on COVID-19 and saving lives? The Olympics should be put on the back burner for now.

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There's an obvious reason for North Korea having reported no cases of COVID-19. It's quite possible they've had them but have taken measures to exterminate anyone showing symptoms of the virus. It could also be they are covering it up somehow in order to avoid being in the spotlight. We will probably never know.

These missile launches, on the other hand, are, in my opinion, a prelude to worse things to come. Kim is taking advantage of a vulnerable and volatile time as an opportunity to assert his power.

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Posted in: 58 infected with coronavirus at welfare facility in Chiba See in context

Japan's inability to handle a crisis is due to their complacency and nonchalant stance on everything. They will pay the price for not having acted sooner.

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