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Posted in: Waseda University student arrested for sex trafficking of minor to acquaintance See in context

Education at a prestigious private university doesn't equal common sense or morals. So much for all the money their parents invested in these dudes.

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

Moronic prudes.

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Posted in: Restored Chaplin films to be released in cinemas worldwide See in context

A genius who through his character showed grace and compassion and could make people laugh in times of hardship. Don't forget that the US government labeled him a communist, and so he remained in exile in Switzerland. His films and message are timeless and still relevant, a true humanitarian, and anti-fascist.

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Posted in: Wary Japan firms looking out for signs of risk in Myanmar chaos See in context

Over 50 dead since the coup began, what other evidence does the Japanese government and companies need to know that the military is not pro-democratic? It's very easy, I'm sure that the contracts that these companies signed were with the democratically elected government that was ousted and jailed so the contract is no longer valid with the military junta. Don't be spineless and divest now.

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Posted in: Biden, Democrats prevail as Senate OKs $1.9 tril virus relief bill See in context

For those GOP trump devotees criticizing the bill, please refuse your checks. None of you were crying about trump's tax cuts for the rich and you are now crying fiscal responsibility? Gimmee a break.

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Posted in: 10 years after Fukushima disaster, Japan's nuclear industry stalled See in context

Thanks Zichi, your insight was very helpful when all this was going down real time 10 years ago. Hope to see more posts as we look back on 3/11.

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Posted in: The most stylish Buddha in Japan gets a fashionable upgrade during sakura season See in context

Looks more like a Borg if you ask me.

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Posted in: The man who saves forgotten cats in Fukushima's nuclear zone See in context

I think there's some thing that needs to be cleared up. These are not feral cats, they were abandoned by the owners or so goes this article. If this is the case then by the logic that many pet owners delcare that their pets are like their children or family, he is basically taking care of an abandoned family member. I don't think the "crazy cat woman" or in this case man, stereotype holds under this situation. Would we say the same if they were orphaned and abandoned children? He needs to be supported and funded, and I'm sure the vet is helping him with the TNR.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

It's too bad that increased wealth doesn't increase one's compassion and common sense.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

With fans, Japan receives the gate revenue and the additional perks from tourists, the IOC will receive revenue from the TV rights. Without fans, Japan loses their revenue, IOC keeps TV revenue. IOC doesn't care which way the dice rolls, they will make a profit either way. Let's face it, we don't need the Olympics as bad as Bach and others would have us believe. The Olympics is an outdated form of entertainment much like the old barnstorming days or the big top tents of the Ringling Bros, and B&B. It's a part of history some will argue, but remember, these guys wanted to eliminate wrestling which has been with the Olympics since antiquity. So much for historical significance.

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Posted in: Gov't to hold ceremony marking 10 years since quake-tsunami disaster See in context

This was an event that killed over 15,000 and is burned into the national psyche, but Kato and the LDP are thinking of ending memorials after this year. Too embarrassing for the LDP, and an affront to all those who perished and those who are still struggling in the aftermath.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing protected Nara deer See in context

Typical coward. He didn't go after the buck that "hit" his car, but went after the doe. Real man.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

The cost of Japan losing face, that's the real crime. They smuggled Ghosn out from under their noses.

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Posted in: Decades-long challenge to scrap Fukushima plant by 2051 in a bind See in context

Yup, Fukushima is a long way from being safe, unlike what Abe promised for the Olympics. One of the problems after 3/11 was the difference in power frequency in the electrical grid between eastern and western Japan. Does anyone know if there have been upgrades or additional frequency converter stations built to meet any future emergency? I wonder what the energy contingency plan is for the Olympics?

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Posted in: PR chief at center of scandal involving Suga's son hospitalized after resigning See in context

The grilling of public officials is on TV but nada on the firm that Suga's son belongs to. Both industry and government should be held accountable and Tohokushinsha company should be banned from all government related work.

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Posted in: Republican calls grow for U.S. to boycott 2022 Olympics in China See in context

Boycott for the way they are treating the Muslim Uighurs? How did trump treat Muslims in the U.S. GOP? Or maybe the way the PRC treated the Hong Kong protestors? Well, scenes from trump's Lafayette Square police riot look pretty similar. And we're supposed to take this from Haley who disparaged dear leader only to grovel back to him? Great two-faced principles. To avoid embarrassing yourselves over the hypocrisy, how about just saying let's rid ourselves of the Olympics altogether? I would go for that.

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Posted in: Governors urge central gov't to deliver vaccine rollout plan See in context

The vaccines are in country, some have already received them, and yet the governors have not seen a concrete roll out plan from the LDP. This in a nutshell explains why so many are questioning getting inoculated. And we're supposed to cheer on the Olympics under LDP leadership?

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Posted in: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation See in context

Better these toys than real animals who are disposed of when it becomes too bothersome.

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Posted in: Survey shows many seniors undecided about vaccination See in context

No leadership and no education. Leaders of other countries took the initiative to show their country that it was safe, and had their vaccinations. Not so for the LDP geezers. There has also been a lack of transparency and a history of suspect immunizations and court rulings that only reinforces the population's suspicions. If Suga, Kato and the health minister showed the population that it was safe, and received the vaccination first, I think a lot of the issues would dissipate.

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Posted in: U.S. implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist Khashoggi's killing See in context

@burning bush, I have three questions for you since you believe that the Saudis are trusted allies. Firstly, do you believe 9/11 was a direct attack on the U.S.? Secondly, do you know that the majority of the terrorists were Saudis? Lastly, do trusted allies attack each other like what happened on 9/11?

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

So they can discharge weapons in self-defense or in escape scenarios is what I'm reading. These LDP lawmakers had better get their rules of engagement squared away and ensure that the chain of command does not hinder the combatant commander's on the ground assessment and decision. Chinese vessels have rammed JCG vessels before, does this warrant firing weapons? Fire where, the hull and below the water line or the bridge?

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Posted in: About 1,000 Olympics volunteers have quit this month: organizers See in context

They should run a survey on how many want refunds for venue tickets.

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Posted in: Decision could be made over foreign spectators for Tokyo Olympics by May, says Bach See in context

The 10th anniversary of 3/11 will be coming up shortly and the world will no doubt be having documentaries and in-depth coverage of what took place and where Japan is now on the road to recovery. I'm sure many people will take in this information and use it to help them decide whether coming to the Olympics is really worth the risk. Maybe history and common sense will decide and not Bach.

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese Paralympic groups worried about Games, polls show See in context

If you're worried, then be more vocal to the JOC and organizing committee or forever hold your peace. The powers that be don't care what ordinary citizens say, it's you the athletes and sports organizations that have to speak up forcefully.

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Posted in: The Japanese way of disciplining children See in context

I think to be more accurate the author could have added the generational differences as well. Raising children is perhaps the most important thing a society can do but yet we often neglect this to our own detriment.

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Posted in: Suga refuses to move into official residence despite criticism See in context

Haha! Sounds like Ted Cruz; I can work from afar! Right. In a time of disaster, when the power goes out and the streets are littered with debris, just how are you going to get to work Mr. PM? Do you have full secure comm lines and a back up emergency generator to conduct all business if a shelter in place is required? Besides, since when does the wife dictate what's best for the nation?

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Posted in: Disaster-prone Japan to step up efforts to help evacuees with pets See in context

Good start, but don't procrastinate which the local governments seem to be doing. Disasters don't wait to happen.

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Posted in: Pandemic puts pressure on gov't to open up rice stockpile to charities See in context

This crisis to use an overly used phrase, is of epic proportions. And even then, the government still abides by rules and laws that couldn't even foresee a crisis like the one we are currently facing. Their inability to meet this emergency head on and to make decisive decisions is seriously lacking and exposes Japan's crisis management failure. It's like arriving at a mass casualty accident and asking the injured how they feel and asking them to fill out the paperwork. With all the taxes we pay and being squandered by the politicians it's absolutely infuriating.

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Posted in: Suga says G-7 leaders gave unanimous support for holding Olympics this summer See in context

So? They don't live here do they? They don't pay taxes here do they?

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Posted in: Senior bureaucrats ousted amid scandal over dinners with Suga's son See in context

Akimoto is a liar just like Sagawa from Abe's Moritomo scandal. Nothing will come of this "transfer," it's just a way to show that the ministry "takes this seriously." Need to oust LDP.

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