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Posted in: 86% fear COVID rebound if Tokyo Olympics held: poll See in context

Foregone conclusion. The researchers and the docs have already said that there will be one because of the delta variant and the lack of vaccinations. The question is the severity and how much stress it will place on the hospitals. Thank you to the games.

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Posted in: Turkey deports Japanese man for eating cats See in context

This news broke about two days ago and the on-site TV broadcast showed how the neighbors were outraged. The Turkish authorities reported that the Japanese man said in fluent Turkish that Japan has a culture of eating cats; has, not the past tense had. This guy will be deported back to Japan but the police here had better put his sorry butt into a hospital and then track his butt everywhere he goes. Quoting from a famous artist, "There's a killer on the road, his head is squirming like a toad..."

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Posted in: Toshiba chairman says he may leave once problems fixed: report See in context

Or after he receives his summer bonus...

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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

This pandemic has highlighted the existing disparities and corruption in society, which is perhaps the only thing positive we can say about this scourge. The corrupt olympics is the pinnacle of the "business as usual" mentality that doesn't want to learn what this pandemic has taught us in such stark terms. Good luck Japan, you made your bed...

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Posted in: No time to waste, warns Japanese climate activist See in context

@happyhere, one of the major problems in Japan is that western Japan operates at 60Hz and eastern Japan 50Hz so that's why you can't just "send" the power elsewhere. After 3/11, the government talked about "researching" how to resolve this problem. The obvious choice would be to unify into one system but I believe one study showed that the infrastructure cost would be too expensive, which then leads to the next obvious alternative; increasing the number of converter stations. Toshiba in April announced the start of one of new converter stations. Is this enough? I'm not sure, but if there are any electrical engineers out there who are familiar with Japan's energy infrastructure, I'm all ears.

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Posted in: Mizuho's corporate culture to blame for serial system failures, probe finds See in context

Duh...this is Japan, and not specific to Mizuho. This mentality permeates the government as well, that's why we're in this mess with the games. Risk assessment, risk management, decisive action are all words from outer space, it's not in the vocab.

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

NEJM wrote quite the critique of the playbook, I wonder if the IOC has taken the advice of the medical community? The Lancet also came out with an article regarding the Olympics, I wonder if the IOC has taken the advice of the medical community? Japan's medical community has also questioned the wisdom of having the games or at least asked for stricter regulations. There are already models showing a surge in cases in August even without the Olympics because of the variant, the games will only exacerbate the numbers and once again threaten the hospital capacity. Strap in for the ride.

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

Trying to pin it on the opposition? Experts were saying that the half-measured clinical trials made no sense. LDP always says that they will confer with the experts, why didn't they throw this back in the face of the opposition at that time? Sorry, poor excuse Kono, doesn't fly. It was the LDPs poor leadership in a time of crisis, nothing more, nothing less.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympics protest See in context

Luv it! Ha ha!

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Posted in: Sex, social distancing and dining in the Olympic village See in context

This is asinine, just like Abenomask. Now we can call these SugaCon? Handing out condoms is not going to increase AIDS awareness, it's going to tell the athletes, no sex, wink, wink....

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Posted in: NBCUniversal CEO says Tokyo Olympics could be most profitable ever for company See in context

Pretty callous comment considering the real concerns of the host nation's populace and medical community. Let's all watch how Japan deals with this block party; voyeurism on a global scale...

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs propose Brisbane as host of 2032 Summer Games See in context

Prospective cities would do themselves a favor and see what's playing out in Tokyo. The Olympics has lost its intended ideals and goals and is nothing more than a money making machine for the likes of Bach.

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic sponsors hire consultants to assess potential brand damage: report See in context

If you're contemplating now, don't bother, it means you're all in. Should have dropped out a long time ago when it would have made a difference. Any consultant will tell you it's beyond the point of no return now; strap in and enjoy the ride idiots.

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Posted in: Toshiba colluded with ministry to undermine shareholders, probe finds See in context

Every time I hear Toshiba I'm reminded of their CoCom violation. Not good for their brand when it's always related to some corruption scandal.

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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

All of his security detail should be fired. Given the political climate, they should have been ready for this.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

A phone app or ankle monitor? Bring two phones, one decoy and one legit phone. Sign a pledge? Will you accept digital signature? No? Only hard copy wet ink? Sorry, my lawyer said I don't have to sign this under duress. The idiocy of these folks...

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Posted in: Reserve your own spot on an uninhabited Japanese island for an unforgettable camping experience See in context

Have trash, will travel. There goes the pristine natural attraction...

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Posted in: Talk of Trump 2024 run builds as legal pressure intensifies See in context

Sounds like another scam to pay for his legal bills. Impeached twice, hotels and casinos bankrupt six times, lost the House, the Senate and the WH, and the hits just keep on coming. Big time loser with a groveling entourage, pretty disgusting.....and dangerous.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Great, turning it from a public viewing super spreader event to a mid-summer wait in line heat stroke venue. And the hits just keep on coming...

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Posted in: Protected passengers See in context

Excuse me, where is the restroom?

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Posted in: Commercial facilities in Tokyo to reopen under extended emergency See in context

Zoroto, yes. And how many Japanese are vaccinated? You can't compare UK numbers with Japan.

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Posted in: Who's an astronaut as private spaceflight picks up speed? See in context

Agree with Desert T. If these folks are not operating the spacecraft then they are basically passengers. I'd hate to put that Zozoclown owner in the same category as Jonny Kim. Call 'em space pax.

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Posted in: Commercial facilities in Tokyo to reopen under extended emergency See in context

My biggest concern is the spread of the new variant from India. NHK showed a map of Japan and the number of known cases of this variant last week. It looked exactly like the map when the UK variant gained foothold here, and just like the UK variant, the cause now is mostly community transmission and not imported. This government is trying to fight the current UK variant using last year's playbook minus Abenomask and Go to. Everything else is the same. They are playing with fire with the new India variant.

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Posted in: Suga dodges questions on whether Olympics can be held under state of emergency See in context

Jax, it's called, to err on the side of caution, and I doubt anyone wants it to be a doomsday tragedy. Given this government's track record it doesn't give me any comfort in knowing that they're going full steam ahead on this. They've already had disastrous policies that border on insanity and farce. To refresh your memory, Diamond Princess, Abenomask, and Go to. Also, go read the article in the New England Journal of Medicine and see what the IOC's playbook is all about.

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Posted in: Advocacy groups ask gov't to rethink harsher anti-cannabis law See in context

I've done more than my share of inhaling and I can tell you that the drunkards in Japan are more of a nuisance than any of my comrades in cannabis ever have been. Japan has more important things to tend to than to criminalize whaky tabaky.

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Posted in: India to vaccinate entire Olympic contingent See in context

And the rest of your population, they'll take a back seat to your contingent? Sounds like what many countries are doing, prioritizing a certain group who ironically don't contribute anything concrete in the fight against this scourge.

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Posted in: IOC tries to reassure Olympic athletes over virus liability waiver See in context

Please read the article in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the IOC's playbook. You'll find an easily readable chart that compares best practices for protecting public health versus the playbook's protocols. Needless to say, the IOC is seriously lacking in the necessary rigor to ensure the safety of the games.

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Posted in: Pot-shots politically driven; Tokyo Games to go ahead: Pound See in context

He and others like him would do themselves a service by reading the article from the New England Journal of Medicine before spewing their ignorant a..comments. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2108567?query=featured_home

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Posted in: Kelly gets support from ex-boss Ghosn See in context

Saikawa has always been culpable but his name always comes out as an afterthought.

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