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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

Ahh the fear mongering has begun!

How about some more info huh?

Does the recipient have a history of hives? How bad was it? Did they die? Did they recover? How soon after the immunization did the hives occur?

How about some reporting for a change?

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Posted in: Japan begins vaccination drive, but why so late? See in context


Interesting headline. Is Japan the only country that is "late"? Lets see:

Australia will start next week:

The vaccine is not a priority because Australia has handled covid pretty well comparatively.

And we don't have an Olympics in 5 months.

Furthermore, Australia hopes to have everyone who wants to be vaccinated immunised by the end of October.

That's 16.5million people in 8 months.

Not bad for a "late" country.

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Posted in: Kono says supply will determine vaccination progress See in context


Do we really pay tax at 8% on our food for theses incompetents?

Worse. 10%

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Posted in: Virus vaccination drill conducted in Kawasaki See in context

Maybe Japan should do a mock Olympics too.

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Posted in: Japan to start random PCR testing to ascertain extent of infections See in context

Just like in Hiroshima with their 800,000 tests?

Oh, after nearly 2 weeks they're still considering...

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Posted in: Australia reports no local virus cases nationwide for 5 days See in context

Maybe they lie a little bit to Alone the Australien Open quarantine and also the published numbers on some counting websites draw another picture, but feel free to go ahead.

The article is about local transmissions.

And what websites?

Victoria's website says 0.

NSW says 0, too.

Even the Australian Department of Health website reports 0 local cases.

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Posted in: Beijing launches mass virus tests See in context

I remember that Hiroshima was going to do 800,000 PCR tests, we decorated all our headlines last week.

What happened to that?

I'm sure they're still considering it.

But they better get a move on if they want to test everyone by their goal of March.

No need to rush these things though...


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Posted in: Minister fends off criticism that decision to suspend travel subsidy campaign came too late See in context

"We will speed up (the process of) considering the matter," he said.

No rush. Take your time.

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